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Title: XP and Levelling Times in Tribes Ascend
Post by: VegasKill on Sat 14.04.2012 12:16:47
http://www.reddit.com/r/Tribes/ (http://www.reddit.com/r/Tribes/)

Here is the XP amount needed for each rank.  The current maximum rank is 50.

    Rank 6 is 17,000XP, takes 8 hours of playtime
    Rank 19 is 250,000XP, takes 135 hours or 5 and a half days.
    Rank 20 is 285,000XP
    Rank 23 is 400,000XP, takes 190 hours or 8 days
    Rank 24 is 470,000XP
    Rank 40 is roughly 3,500,000XP, takes 1666 hours or 69 and a half days.

VIP status means you acquire 30% more XP every game (you acquire lifetime VIP status instantly when you buy any item or booster in-game)