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Title: New good Warfare server
Post by: Nightmare85 on Fri 23.01.2009 00:10:25

I'll just write the post from the Epic Forums:
I have to say I enjoyed it!

Every Thursdays 8pm till late open but server is up all the time - except for uploading of new maps

we have a 20 community slot server up ATM which gives a great ping. All map are on a very fast redirect (limited by your isp bandwidth) and only a few servers are feed by this redirect so its very quick.

We have lots of maps on the server but have limited it too ones which play well and download quick.

maps on list ATM

# WAR-BeachFront
# WAR-CarPark_SE
# WAR-Dawn_Revisited?LinkSetup=Orb
# WAR-Downtown
# WAR-Dreamus-RC4
# WAR-Floodgate
# WAR-Flare
# WAR-InfectionForest_V3
# WAR-Intense
# WAR-Spambox
# WAR-Torlan
# WAR-Valley

You are able to vote for a new map after 2mins delay from the start off the game

The server is setup to have four bots skill level 4 and with Titan team fix mutator running the teams are always balanced.

server rules - have fun:D - all skill levels welcome

«ne» public Teamspeak - join the party :D

If you want a map to play that isn't on are rota just give me shout - will be more than happy to sort it for you :)

End of quote

The ping was around 100 on some maps... good for Warfare!
I have around 130 - 200 on some EU Epic servers...
And the maps are very funny as well.
Only high end gamers were on the server, was a good fight!


Title: Re: New good Warfare server
Post by: aka_sova on Fri 23.01.2009 11:07:20
ok i'll check this one :))