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Title: N+
Post by: Nightmare85 on Sat 16.05.2009 15:43:13
This game rocks  xxxw00t.gif
It's an Xbox 360 game but there is also a pc version - called N - available.
(Download link (http://www.4players.de/4players.php/download_info/PC-CDROM/Download/47458.html) - 1,3 MB.)

The principle is simple:
You are a ninja and you must activate one or some switchers to open the exit door.
There are a lot of enemies which you must avoid and of course it's not always easy.
The game supports a co-op mode up to 4 players.
I played it with 1 friend and it made very much fun.
Funnily, the time will quickly die away ;)

The coolest thing is the level editor.
We created 3 episodes and it's very impressive how easy it works.
Okay, the game itself is not that complicated, so the editor's principle is easy as well.

I only can say:
Give it a try, I guess most of you will not have regrets about it ;)


Title: Re: N+
Post by: aka_sova on Sat 16.05.2009 17:49:29
Unless you have some friends to play with it's not that funny :(

Title: Re: N+
Post by: m4rt1ni on Sun 17.05.2009 23:31:29
Also available on PSP  8)

Title: Re: N+
Post by: Nightmare85 on Mon 18.05.2009 02:37:11
I tried the pc version several times, but it's a bit worse than the Xbox 360 version in my opinion.
The "jump cubes" (I hope you know what I mean) aren't great because if you jump too early it will not be a real jump.
And the movement seems worse too.

I'm not sure if the levels are all the same on all platforms.