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Title: which is ur favourite level??
Post by: Atomrolf on Sun 24.08.2008 22:09:50
hey darkies,

I just wanna ask u which vctf-map u like :D and hate >:D?
let's make a ranking from 1-10 points, where 1 is the worst cry2 and 10 the best Grinn1 level.
actually my list looks like that:

suspense:      3 points
necro:           9 points
containment:  5 points
sandstorm:     6 points
kargo:           8 points
corruption:     6 points

so my favourite map is necropolis, but kargo is almost as good as necro (and even better when I'm driving the tank  ;D)
I don't like suspense that much, cause I played it tooo often in the demo (and I detest this "suspense only" shit... ;))

so what's ur "map-taste" ??

Pitch-dark greetz to @ll members.

Title: Re: which is ur favourite level??
Post by: VegasKill on Sun 24.08.2008 23:49:53
suspense:      2 points
necro:          10 points (...it should be 11  ;) )
containment:  8 points
sandstorm:     6 points
kargo:           6 points (would be more if there was no Goliath!)
corruption:     8 points

Title: Re: which is ur favourite level??
Post by: Wojci on Mon 25.08.2008 17:02:03
Hi Dark

Title: Re: which is ur favourite level??
Post by: darkredfox on Mon 25.08.2008 20:08:58
Oops, i think i'm the first suspense-lover.  :o I play this map every time, when i go online. Not only, and necro is rocking, but on some maps i need support of a good team 2 love it. U know, midskilled.  ;D

Suspense                     9 Points          Like a friend, i see every day
Corruption                    7 Points          Love 2 be JUGGERNAUT  >:D
Containment                 5 Points          Lil bit boring
Necropolis                    9 Points          With a good team fast and funny, without  :(
Kargo                          6 Points          Without teambalance its possibly depressing
Sandstorm                   5 Points          Need more exercises 4 play it (Have exercised today, now 7 pts  tongue1)

Title: Re: which is ur favourite level??
Post by: K_G_ on Mon 25.08.2008 21:44:11
I Make 1 Too=D

I'm a Necro Lover! Necro = Dark!=P

Suspense = 7 ( I dunnot like it that much, cause ppl vote that one always, and there are too many suspense-only servers. I played too much suspense!)
Corruption = 4 ( Almost Equal Teams Never wins in this map. This is always a never ending game in corruption. Field is too long)
Containment = 5 ( Lil bit boring )
Necro = 10 ( Greatest Map Ever )
Kargo = 8 ( Tank Capturing is Cool )
Sandstorm = 9.9 ( I just love this map too! )

So my favourit mapes are Sand and Necro!

Title: Re: which is ur favourite level??
Post by: Bloody.Bender on Tue 26.08.2008 14:49:28
I love you all.

Here's my "maplist":

Su(ck)spense = 3 "SUCKS!"
Corruption = 6 "Not bad but sometimes you play this Map for 4 hours -.-"
Containment = 8 " Nice Map, yeah thats all"
Necropolis = 10 "ROCKS!!! But sometimes the Game ends to(o) fast" W00t1  W00t1  W00t1
Kargo(liath) = 5 " The Team with the Tank and with a good Player in the Tank wins..."
Sandstorm = 7 " Too much spawnkillers and flagcampers but its the map where you can score so easylie."

My English sucks!  lol2


Title: Re: which is ur favourite level??
Post by: aka_sova on Fri 12.09.2008 11:54:19
Suspense: 6/10 //became very annoying after i played a lot of this map. There are 5 servers "suspense only", omg, why?
Necropolis: 8/10 //I like this map :))
Sandstorm: 7/10 //not enough vehicles and stuff for everyone. Going on hover to the enemy base is stupid. Not always fury takes you, and u just stand and do nothing.
Corruprion: 3/10 //omg, it's very hard to take the flag out, so the game may long for hour even.
Containment: 5/10 //As a corruption, game may long a lot of time.
Kargo: 8/10 //When i started playing UT3 and was noob, i hated kargo, cuz tank always killed me! Now it's my favorite map along with Necro.


Title: Re: which is ur favourite level??
Post by: Unsho on Sat 04.10.2008 02:45:35
yea, I'm that 1 containment vote  ::)

suspense: 6 (too big map <.<)
necropolis: 6 (i think its too small to be a vctf map)
kargo: 9 (yay, the not-necris vehicles) <.<
sandstorm: 8
corruption: 7 (8 if I'm on the not-necris side)
containment: 10 (i realy like this map for some reason)