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101  Unreal Tournament 3 / Maps / Re: New Map on: Tue 05.01.2010 06:34:59
Heyyyy BastardBrain, good you ask! I could really need help with my map, it's such a huge project (for me as editor nooby, at least), I totally underestimated the work.

map's look:
The idea was to make a beautiful and big map in the alps. I want an own skydome with alp chains in it, some mountains which enclosure the whole map. It shall look like the best day you ever spend skiing in the mountains (if you ever did^^), bright clear sky, awesome panorama, unique Swiss village look with châlets and stuff and a bubble lift (Gondelbahn for the Germans^^) which takes you up to the mountain.

map's gameplay:
Players should be able to easily acces the flag base (in the other valley), I want few battle in the valley and a lot going on the mountain. You should pick the flag there, get easily on the bubble lift which takes you up. Then you should be able to board down the snowy mountain, hiding behind some trees and rocks or jump on a sled which takes you down the valley straight and fast and you can shoot from it, but risk beeing snipered.
I also want players to be able to set off an avalanche somewhere, somehow!

If your interested, and think you got (or might get) enough experience with kismet, 3d modelling/importing and maybe even cascade (partical editor) let me know, pm me, send me an msn message or simply join the Fick teamspeak (address: plusq.game-server.cc, port:9987, TS3!) one time.

We can also start newly anything else or restart it together, but I've done already some shit for this map and would be really glad to finish it before UT4  tongue
102  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: UT3 Global Stats script by WGH on: Sun 03.01.2010 09:33:53
lol, sova hater, ability to read more than a "roflmao" rather defines level of YOUR education. Just dont comment it if you aint reading it anyway.

Same for you Splitter,
respect my opinion on free religion and get the fuck out of a ut3 forum if you aint playing ut3 anymore, tell me who got too much time!?  xxxras.gif
And Splitter, how come that you wrote your name with an "I" instead of an "l" if it's not to hide your stats?
103  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: UT3 Global Stats script by WGH on: Sat 02.01.2010 10:05:21
stats hater letter!

in the beginning, stats where a pretty decent reference on a player's level, although I questioned the ability to let even non-friends see the entire stats of everyone ever since.

But nowadays they mean shit, and some players seem to forget the life of the game and it's teamplay due to their stats.
People want to clean their stats up (but fool down in terms of good teamplay and intelligent playing), they create new accounts over and over again, the more kills with the less games played gets the highest ranking.
The exaggeratedly raped new trend of only playing loveless spam maps increases your stats, dont play old teamsport maps with bigger ideas in it, stay all in one room so you forced to get a weapon award when occassionally clicking the weapon fire key from time to time. The more primitive the map, the better for your stats, and THAT'S what your weakend ego needs to feel good at something!!
Whenever there is a tank in such a map, CAMP IT, you can't get better kill/death ratios and awards than with overdimensionalised vehicles for a map which basically consists of 1 room!

Some easy rules to become a stat whore  which you all know of course, just to show the absurdity of the modern ut3 stats.

Mister dont give a damn about his kill death ratio but fucking stayed with his frst account since he got UT3,

DeineLtan  xxxshifty.gif
104  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Fri 01.01.2010 22:39:22
edit: I have one wish though Tongue put in the stinger behind glass again - that thing was hilarious XD

LOL, at least one guy liked my stinger noob teaser and understood it!  xxxlaugh.gif

in this map, when you go to get the stinger, an avalanche will probably break down and you'll get raped by it^^

You know, I love rap and if the beat is cool, I can play ut3 to it perfectly, like to this French psycho techno beat

(reminds Prime of AtariCombat  tongue)

I just want to put for finishing touch some local authentic (and also for me nice sounding music in). But you're right with gameplay and pickups, that comes first of course, but is much more work, so I started now with the easier detail shit, music!  xxxlaugh.gif
105  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Fri 01.01.2010 18:16:39
Yeah I can imagine that many drug addicted guys were listening to grauzone :D

But its still better than swiss rap. That sounds like some drunken germans would try to rap.

 msn006.gif ok, I see. I dont have your voice for Swiss music in the Swiss map  xxxlaugh.gif
But what you think of the map idea in general?
(I leave your rock ass now in peace with my music, if the hot chick doesnt even work tongue)
106  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Fri 01.01.2010 18:06:12

God swiss rap sounds so homosexual...

LOL, your Eisbär is gay and for drug abusing ravers  xxxlaugh.gif
Swiss rap is appreciated by some German rap kingz  tongue

you need a swiss cuty to see it's not that gay, and dont tell me it's the language that sounds gay xxxlaugh.gif

107  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Fri 01.01.2010 17:55:58
LOL, fish and a bicycle! What are you refering to, M4rtini? Swiss Rap & unreal or Swiss skiing mountains and vCTF dont suit together? You think this map idea is damned to fail?

LOL, Vegaskill, not only that you found a fish on a bicycle, you also really tried to undestand it, cool!  xxxlaugh.gif
"bügle" means to work hard, like to "struggle" in some Swiss German like in Bern, the capital. Must be in the second song, because they're from Bern, first one is a Basler crew and the third are some Zurich guys with a cool critism on our general mentality, the last say "chrüpple" for the same word, struggling! (I only wrote that because you sounded interested, Vegas  embarrassed).

This map isn't addressed to anyone special, it should deliver a cool new gameplay to vCTF fans and a map which separates from others and which is made with a lot of love and on the second hand represent a bit my country, it's own culture and beautiful looks of the alps. It won't be finished anyway so fast cause it takes a lot of editor skill to get all that stuff sorted out so it's becoming beautiful on one hand but fun to play and everything working like I want it on the other hand. So I just want some feedback on the whole map idea and what you think if this sound would go along or definitely would be too local focused.
108  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Fri 01.01.2010 15:29:23
I'm just looking for sound for my new Swiss alps map what I'm working on, will be cool i hope, boarding down a skiing mountain in the alps, a bubble lift which brings you up, some cheesy châlets and stuff, alpine panorama skydome and some other features like sleds will be in.

Would it be cool or at least authentic if I only put in real Swiss rap or you think that's stupid and not even the Germans understand it? :D

Tell me what u think, I wanna make this map for the ut3 community so everyone can enjoy a new gameplay fun in vCTF. Tell me what you expect of it if you do have any wishes!
109  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Fri 01.01.2010 15:16:07
Don't wanna start new thread. Let's continue here, but a bit other topic for a while :p

DeineLtan, do you read the news? What do you think about it? Do you still think religion has nothing to do with it? Your own Basel, my friend, you could be this man...

huh? My own Basel? I could be the man? Say whuuuuut?  Crazysmile1
110  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Tue 22.12.2009 17:09:45
"Du hast UNS gerade noch gefehlt!"

Theodor Herzl was founder of your jewish NATION! Before they were only a folk spread around the world.

back to topic!
111  Guests Area / Software & Driver / Re: Teamspeak 3 out now:P on: Tue 22.12.2009 17:02:30
There is no more R or U! That's what I'm telling you!
112  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Mon 21.12.2009 19:59:54
Actually jews are a folk, a people. They exist in most nations. Israeli are a nation. Sure some Israeli think they're the only jews^^  xxxras.gif
113  Guests Area / Software & Driver / Re: Teamspeak 3 out now:P on: Mon 21.12.2009 19:50:56
and guess what, the mumble client can't either connect on ventrilo servers!  xxxlaugh.gif

TS3 speak quality is alot better, but most of the other cool features dont work yet, beside it's a whole new way of registering (Unique IDs instead of pw) and setting the server up! You don't miss a lot when you still wait for the final release!
114  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Surviv3 [0] vs Dark [23], 20th December on: Mon 21.12.2009 19:45:54
great screen shots! You think you could have spent your time better doing something else? Darks, you fish with close-meshed nets!  xxxlaugh.gif
115  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UE3 - Unreal Editor Tutorials! on: Fri 18.12.2009 18:36:31
Yeah, show them how to use it!

And who's your mapper _Darkies_? Wanna stay in Necropolis and Sandstorm for the rest of UT3?  tongue
116  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Fri 18.12.2009 18:34:03
Meh, there are more than enough spam maps, sry not interested

That's exactly WHY you have to play it! I am also AGAINST this rape of vCTF maps, so I made a map which leads more to a real vCTF map, but got the spam-like style that there is almost everywhere a fight where you go. We have to get the AnarchyHalls, Shoebox and FeelGood players back to real vCTF maps. And I thought that's best done when finding an mixture inbetween both!

Help me educate players flavour! (And certainly check it out before deniying, bitch ass  tongue)
117  Guests Area / Videos / UE3 - Unreal Editor Tutorials! on: Fri 18.12.2009 08:49:29
Unreal Tournament 3 Bonus DVD

Editor Tutorials!

I wanna see more maps!!!  Smiley
118  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Fri 18.12.2009 08:35:56
Yeah, Beethoven ftw!

Check out this and other music on my new dedicated semi-spam map
(VCTF-Fick-Spam_beta) exclusively on the Fick public server (open plusq.game-server.cc:7777 in game console console)! Come and have fun playing!
119  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Fri 18.12.2009 08:19:25
No, I have the adminlogin, I play it sometimes!

I first played it with like a fantasy game, made all kind of shit with different religions, pretty bloody, then I made different nations and made lots of war like in strategy games. Nowadays I play it like SIMS, divided the whole world into rich and poor and gave privileges and freedom to a small amount of them, let the others work for them and starve and suffer diseases. I also created lots of cool cruel diseases which decrease population and make it even funnier. Recently I'm also playing with the world engine, making some funny experiments to the world map environment. But my trade level is better than in every Anno or AoE serie!
This post was removed by a moderator (Spam and flame war - post hidden by Vegas)
120  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: L1ghtmyf1re on: Wed 16.12.2009 01:56:50
LOL, and you'll always be a Fickor because we German speaking guys can't say the TH right  tongue

Haven't been playing that much recently. Finished my little own map. When I did then on DoS or Hedsteem, MTV's fake jolt is unpatched and the same fucking 6 maps (I know they even only play 3) is a bit boring if you already walked always to the other flag. For you it must be still fun, I guess, because you didnt see the whole map yet.  xxxlaugh.gif
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