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121  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Re: Want a Friendly / Training War? on: Wed 16.12.2009 01:49:23
One thing is sure, they don't get demotivated so easily!  xxxlaugh.gif Tell me the results then later to compare!  xxxlaugh.gif
This post was removed by a moderator (Spam and flame war - post hidden by Vegas)
122  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: L1ghtmyf1re on: Wed 16.12.2009 01:36:47
I suck and die all the time on bunny trails, there you have yor bunny hopper.  xxxras.gif

He just can't stand that this Ltan guy scores and kills him with rockets while he's wasting so much time on his sniper aim (bot), camping every fucking map for months. ^^
You simply missed the gametype thigor, try Warfare once, there they need guys like you.
And dont always call me Dein when you even know that it only means "Your", claim at least to be smart a bit! :D

And l1ght, you're right, it was late and rattlesnake also rocked that day, but I say I'd beat you in a hammer duel, challenge me once if you dare.  xxxshifty.gif

And fcb, one bitch slap for bitching around on forums and not coming on ts today  tongue No, it's ok, I was learning anyway. Gonna be a cool guessing game the exam tomorrow  xxxlaugh.gif
123  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: L1ghtmyf1re on: Tue 15.12.2009 22:56:32
Well, try hammering against me once, fcb, we never did!

Worked pretty well for me against l1ght last time  xxxlaugh.gif

when Wojci & l1ght lost against Rattlesnake and me!!!  yiiiiha.gif

(Sorry, HAD to post this!)
124  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Tue 15.12.2009 22:36:35
Hey man, I never thought anyone really can!

You came around like: 'pump this fuel into the air, can't hurt' which I still deny.

what you really showed me, is that there is a huge discussion and people on both sides are strongly suspected to manipulate statistics and gamble with public opinions. But I noticed this early and said that in my first posts, that's why we have such a long thread here about it, I liked your controverse opinion as a stimulus to think, watch and read about this topic more. If you just also respect my opinion and keep it on a non-personal, rational level it's really cool and I dont have to pollute the air by getting a flight to Tel-Aviv to beaten you up.  msn012.gif

Post all your sick ideas, even when I'm not thinking just like you after reading them, you got a good chance to make me make my mind up on some stuff I didnt think that much yet. Appreciated. cha_43.gif
125  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Cod3N4m3 on: Tue 15.12.2009 20:54:38
Hey, they dissed my clan name, and I even made it hidden content so its no spam.
Censor these kiddies or thigor if you need to censor anyone, I dont see their content. My post had a hidden message!  xxxshifty.gif
126  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Cod3N4m3 on: Tue 15.12.2009 17:58:14
Kiddy hater clan  xxxlaugh.gif

127  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Tue 15.12.2009 17:47:51
Something for my muslim friend Sova, to bad you can't understand French, this guy speaks wise words. He's the same critical with our western world as with the muslim extremists.
Also funny that he's one of few rappers which dont swear at all. Peaceful Islam, it EXISTS!  xxxlaugh.gif

Maybe some BkRt's see this and understand him. He's beside his intelligent content an awesome good rapper.
128  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Tue 15.12.2009 17:32:12
ok, Bender, misunderstood your, concerning the removal. No hard feelings.

I aint arguing with Sova anymore, due to mentioned reasons. And I didn't ever wanted to convince him of my "ideals", people which are too stupid to understand that burning fuels is no good idea on the long hand can't be helped anyway.

But since foxxy also entered the discussion, I wrote some things again.

Actually, I watched looots of YouTube videos since this dispute and read some articles, I came to the result: I can't make a clear opinion whether and how climate will be changing, actually no one can, we're depending on the statements of some scientists and men in public positions, we can't be sure at all.

So, I keep my own opinion against OPEC and the pollution of the environment, for renewable energies, I do what I can to go on responsable with power, but won't exaggerate it and keep beeing critical towards other public opinions.

129  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Mon 14.12.2009 16:31:15
Oh is that what i wrote? I think not.
If you start to censore my posts, that was my last one. Have fun... blablabla.gif
130  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Mon 14.12.2009 03:31:50
aka_sova      This post was removed by a moderator (/unecesarry..) Huh?

Did you remove my post for others or your own bitchy answer on it?  xxxlaugh.gif
131  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Fri 11.12.2009 23:15:59
Pretty good attitude of M4rtini, as I think.

I am also critical to both sides, and I know also the best scientists change their theories like others underwear. I dont want to write another roman to sort out all stuff, foxx.

Fact is, sova is a disrespectful and bad discussion partner, though I respect his comedian a lot, that guy is hillarious and wise, RIP!
Earth climate is changing (all the time) and mankind has to be prepared for either version and would do better to get around more respecting nature in all ways.

I'm neither against technology nor against globalisation (which made this huge technical progress possible). I like technology and science, know of the lies of modern media and am just against raping the nature and fuel monopoles and stupid developement. Therefor I am PRO renewable energies and AGAINST burning fuels, maybe you overread it, foxx, but I wrote just to sova before, oil should be used very wisely for medecin and lacquiers and things its needed for, not to burn it in motors or heating ovens.
132  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Fri 11.12.2009 04:55:53
I think you totally didn't get my arguments, foxx.

Did I once say CO2 is the proven causer of global warming or anything like this?
I said get off your "who caused this by doing what"-discussion and prepare to face consequences of changing. And there is indeed a changing of the global climate, if you deny this, you're total ignorant. Our glaciers here in Switzerland are decreasing and mountains become instable, Mister Ice Age!

And yes, I believe more the thousands of meteorologists, biologists, physicians and astrologers from the most famous universities with the best equipment than any Internet or TV conspiracy theorist. Yeah, economical ressource management is such a huge business due to its bad efficency and high cost level, exactly! The innocent brave oil companies getting ripped here, aren't they?

And Ötzi is from the Copper Age, before you ask, dinosaurs and humans never lived to the same time :-D. When our precious oil what you recommend to burn mindless was still fauna and flora, the homo sapiens sapiens didnt even exist on this planet, and wouldnt have survived either!

To your ice ages in midd age, I repeat:
No one can already explain these huge and long-resistend ice periods, if it was only about solar activity, there wouldn't be such a discussion.

And that's where the CO2 comes in,
it is in fact a proven greenhouse gas. And its indeed the only thing which went up together with the global temperatures, scientists came up with this theory BECAUSE the solar activity can't explain these increases anylonger by itself. Of course solar activity is the biggest power to earth, did I ever doubt this? Greenhouse gases are only revealing their influence by holding more of the solar energy in the atmosphere!

And if you still think its ok to pollute the air with fuel engines, monopolized all over the world, I take you once to the workers in the coal mines in Bolivia, where their average life expectance is 21, and have to work for a slave salary for the mineral companies, diyng of cancer when they reach adulthood.

Also to you I can say, watch the video, try to answer my arguments first and ESPECIALLY! read first close what my opinion is and arguments are! And THEN tell my why its so bad to fight against this earth raping fuel burning monopole and so bad to invest and change to renewable energies.

And where's my ignorance or disrespect for your holy opinion? I named you lots of concrete arguments and scientists which give out facts, internationally, academical mesured and accepted facts of clima developement, this clown sova isn't posting shit but comedians and unprovable or completely wrong researched/manipulated TV emissions and is calling me a donkey and you're pretending I can't accept other opinions because you (cant) disprove them???

Religious ideology? What a joke, you guys are Scientologists telling an agnostic he's gridlocked! :-/
133  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Cod3N4m3 on: Wed 09.12.2009 19:53:57
the name only represents what it's best in humans life.

as for the leader, he's nice if you know him good enough.

thx honey  msn012.gif 043.gif
134  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Wed 09.12.2009 15:50:33
ok THAT'S again something interesting you post. Can you give me the source where you got this from and who examined this influences? And is the arctic AIR temperature linked to the melting of the ice and warming of the oceans?

But very interesting discussion and I appreciate it of you to bring this into dialogue and make people think again on their own opinion, the medial influence and the world we're living in and we're leaving to our children one day.

No, no, I'm just fooling you all the time and never take your opinion as a serious statement to think about. I didn't show you and your opinion any respect, did I? I only discuss to argue with you and post my shit.

You make me angry, bonehead, I better stop here. Go on post your unfunded and gridlocked opinion for others and ignore respectfull and honest spoken critics. Turn everything into ridicule which isn't your word!  argh.gif  finger
135  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Wed 09.12.2009 15:14:56
Thanks for the proof of your inability to discuss. No, dont bother any arguments, you dont need to defend your position in a discussion, nor to amplify others thoughts. Think the way you want it to be and disfame others. That's cool, people will surely think you're smarter than a donkey.

And yeah, oil and gas is gonna run out so soon. They know exactly how much we got left, thats why they dont have to bore for it. Lets believe the oil companies version, legitimate the immense price increases. And on holiday seasons, the oil gets even less, so they have to raise the prices again! No, that's probably not because of a huge economical monopole, that's because they can say how much is left! And they say, lets burn it through our engines, make plastic bags which get burned after 1 use from the mall home. If you were a rich oil company CEO, and you'd know oil is running out soon. Would you transform your capital on newer energies and safe the precious last for necessary things like medecin, lacquer or plastic or would you buy all other energy technology plans, leave them untouched under your desk and tell the world we have soo few oil, but you can burn it if you pay a lot?
But I'm sure in your world it all makes sense, must be the bad environmentalists conspiring again.

you're a joke, pretending to be serious. Not worth a true discussion as I see.
136  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Wed 09.12.2009 12:44:28
I don't see here any argument! Don't u have anymore? I understand, everything leaded to this.

What about Greenshouse effect, joao, i would suggest to you to read some not-governmental supported sites, like this one. I need to run to the market now, to buy some Lebensmittel, i'll come back soon xD

DeineLtan, it seems like you always try to oppose my opinion, without any connection to what i say...

The opposite is the case, my dear! And I have to say, I had the same idea like you.

You're the one who refuses to watch the counter statement and who didnt reply to one of my many arguments:

- CO2, binded by prehistorical plants from a life-hostile era, released again now by humans

- The fact that because there's this risk, we cant afford its consequences.

- We aren't astronomers, and even they can only make up theories about ice ages. Doesnt legit the risk.

- Other heavy pollution gases, toxic at the same time decreasing CO2-binding plants.

And I don't want to write out all the anti arguments of the movie, just watch it, a donkey will understand my opinion is funded and your's IS NOT.
If you wanna discuss, go in on my arguments also, than we can go on with your counter statements.
137  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Wed 09.12.2009 12:27:38
Because i couldn't find another videos i searched for. But later i did, and posted them here. But i think you didn't even open them.

No, i don't think we should continue to emit more and more shit into the air. But at least everyone needs to know the truth, but not what government wants you to think. Global warming has already become a business, a lot of money are funded into those doubtful projects like (influence of global warming on mouses) just to make people believe this swindle even more. We are trying to prove something, that is primordially false! That's how our science goes forward, huh?

I watched your video. Neither me or you can say something about the influence of the alignment of the sun towards the earth which goes over seasons and why february has only 28 days. So we can't say if these videos are wrong or right. The facts your other 'opinion-programme' claims are just wrong, and your graph about sun activity and it's influence on artctic air temperatures is misleading and not impartial.

But as I know,
people can only believe what they want to believe, good most people see it different these times and I dont have to worry and make any more effort to convince you of the facts and bring you away from your dangerous optimism.
138  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Wed 09.12.2009 11:57:09
Did he bring some super-arguments, that cancel all i wrote and showed? Please show them to me.

Now more and more TV programs are being created after documents from Great Britain Climat Change center have been revealed (hacked and published), revealing, that they have changed temperature measures by themselves to make publics believe global warming is true, and also a lot of other things, which you can freely download from internet. (i'm too lazy to search for link now).

And TV show is not argument here, because we all know, that TV is mass media and it is their biggest tool to make publics believe global warming is true. If you look at those TV shows about global warming, u see no scientist there, that opposes to the fact of Global Warming - they simple don't invite them!

Soooo untrue! Just watch the debate, dont be too convenient. There are almost the same opponents as the pro side, which isn't at all represantive to the true composition. But of course, all scientists are paid or afraid to tell the truth, aight?

Yes, fcb said the most important fact which blows all your arguments away: we cant take the risk!

Btw, if TV shows are no argument, why do you argument with this Britain TV programm, a wrong funded emission of a broadcaster which often provokes with false stories?

And even when we suppose there is no risk,
do you think its good to have this fuel pumped into the air? CO2 is one thing, there are hell more emissions and toxic COx radical gases going out. When you spend a day in downtown Manhatten, your shower water is dark at the beginning. Lung cancers are way more often in heavily urbanized regions than in villages, even taken out the more amount of smokers. Really, your theory isnt sustainable if you see all facts.
139  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Cod3N4m3 on: Wed 09.12.2009 11:41:17
Wonder why you dont like all the other Fick members. You haven't even talked to all of us.
And I can't remember having trouble with one of you guys either, except you kicked me once without any reason from one second to another from your ts, which I accepted although never understood.

Now my big fantasy lets me think of you as an immature hater-teeny clan.  xxxras.gif

Have fun, challenge us one day! We make you to even cooler "fallen angels", devil style!  msn012.gif
140  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Wed 09.12.2009 11:11:31
ok, I have seen now both sides and I come to the opinion that it's totally right and urgent to change to renewable energies and lower our emissions.
I totally agree with fcb; even when there's a risk we're wrong about our influence on the global warming, we can't ignore it.

And we have to get off that 'who's responsable by doing what' discussion so much and put focus on how much will it be sooner and later and how to handle it the best. Because global warming is happening, no one can doubt this, and we have to prepare for this changing.

But even when you want to get on with the responsability question, more facts speak indeed for a disequilibration caused by humans, and the actual swindle seems to be this movie. There are enough real conspiracies in our world, speak to me about 9/11 or the repression of clean energy if you like these discussions (yet some other threads, I know :D), this one here is pretty sure NONE.

I found a nice TV discussion just about your movie which reveals some "inconvenient UNtruths" in your movie. Watch them and listen carefull to the specialists in the debate (Takes some time but a founded opinion to have takes always work, doesn't it?). That has to change your opinion if you're weighing the given information rationally.

And your comedian is funny and partially right; we dont kill our planet. But we do kill ourselves by changing the conditions of our planet. One very striking fact is also mentioned in this video above:
There have been times when it was warmer and more CO2 in the atmosphere, prehistorical times. And volcans did indeed put much more CO2 in the air than we (in these times, NOT nowadays!). These are all facts written down in thousands of years old rock layers. They tell us it was a life-hostile time in human mesurements. Plants could only live in these times, prehistorical plants which took most of the CO2 out of the atmosphere, binding it into themselves. These plants are the oil we burn today and release their carbonite into the air again. You dont have to be a genious to assess if that's a wise step for beeings like us, who need this atmosphere that we're still living in.
It's dangerous and ignorant to deny this. We aint gonna kill this planet, but we may have an influence how long we're living on it.
Once more, my prefered way is co-existence instead of denial and domination.

And cutting off the 3rd world's economical power is a whole other issue and has been begon since colonialisation and goes on till nowadays. Of course we gotta make sure the same possibilities and chances for everybody, but you cannot change this from one day to another. I got some ideas on shifting ressources and establish a fair global economical competition which would not decompose itself that fast and heavy as we have it today, but that would be more than just one new thread and we're still on a egoshooter clan forum ;-)

But very interesting discussion and I appreciate it of you to bring this into dialogue and make people think again on their own opinion, the medial influence and the world we're living in and we're leaving to our children one day.
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