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161  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Fick server remote restart shell needed on: Thu 19.11.2009 22:21:02
True, fcb,
i also have to mention this once, thx vegas for your help all the time and respect for your knowledge, its really appreciated clapping.gif

and fcb, you think you make the demo and I have to work to make it look good? no way, you gotta learn that shit aswell with the rypelcam, you're younger and have not such a big amount of school duties like me at the university. I'll give you my demos to work out!  tongue

No, seriously, will take some time untill I can start dedicating myself properly to this, I saw it takes more time than I would have imagined.
162  Guests Area / Flash Games / Re: Reaction Time! on: Thu 19.11.2009 22:13:52
Mordspass you got it!  Smiley
No, after I did it some times, i also get an average of 0,21.

You're just jealous that we have the best indoor weed here   msn012.gif
And you're still all aim botters and wallhackers!  tongue
163  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: new cpu problems on: Tue 17.11.2009 17:01:42
 xxxlaugh.gif "taakbeheer"

Hey, you also have GTAIV, whats your Live account name? Add "FickDeineLtan"  Smiley
164  Guests Area / Flash Games / Re: Reaction Time! on: Tue 17.11.2009 16:51:34
ok M4rtini, you aint aim botting  tongue
165  Guests Area / Flash Games / Re: Reaction Time! on: Tue 17.11.2009 16:44:59

hard to get faster than that.
Show me Darkies, wanna see a Splitter and a Bender doing it, must be Kindergarden for you, when you can sniper me in boot jumps so easily!  tongue
166  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Fick server remote restart shell needed on: Tue 17.11.2009 14:54:20
In the readme you can read what you have to  change in the different .ini's.

thx Bender, but I know these. I just wondered whether Vegas has his own input.ini where he made things a bit more comfortable to use. I think it will take some time untill the first "Flick" movie comes out, cant spend hours for that. Its really a bad ass work, mostly, like mentioned, because there is no rewind function. Also because you have to study a demo so intense and from each players point of view to really get the best actions in focus.

Next question:

Is there a way to change the UT Game folder to another drive? Because my C:/ is almost full and the custom maps take so much space. So, can I move it somehow and are there any disadvantages if I would?

thx, Ltan
167  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Fick server remote restart shell needed on: Tue 17.11.2009 03:35:36
Yo Vegas!
I finally installed the RypelCam.
Have you got different UTGame.ini and Input.ini for it? Would you send me them so I dont have to delete all the occupied bindings?

thx, Ltan  Smiley
168  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Mon 16.11.2009 13:59:15
better Swiss German than Saxonian German :-D
And we got plenty different dialects, this was from Glarus, they speak different like we in Basel, ofc.
And it wasnt even gangsta-rap, just a disstrack  tongue

And FCB, you know I'm just kidding, I really would like to get from my bad Spanish to Portuguese.
I just said metrosexual because you put that gender thing on languages   Smiley
If I had to use a descriptive adjectiv for Portueguese, I would say "drunk" because you got so funny vocals which I can only produce when totally dizzy  xxxlaugh.gif
169  Guests Area / Hobbies / Re: Support Petition for free access to scientific transactions! on: Sun 15.11.2009 16:40:51
woooord, Vegas! I thought you're very young. Your words release wisdom.   msn009.gif
170  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Sun 15.11.2009 16:34:11
I speak Swiss German, only brute ass cool words come out of my mouth!  tongue

171  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Sun 15.11.2009 16:30:05
...you speak Portuguese, only metrosexual words come out!  xxxlaugh.gif
172  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Sun 15.11.2009 01:11:06
You made France masculin again, fcb! :-)))
173  Guests Area / Hobbies / Re: Support Petition for free access to scientific transactions! on: Sun 15.11.2009 01:07:17
First of all,
I really think its cool and ok if Sova makes such threads which go beyond a game. Why not discussing on a easy and fair way about this topic? If you dont want, just dont post a comment Bloody or Vegas, I think open eyes in our world is needed and people should talk more about such stuff and make themselves an opinion. Thats rather more important than posting your music or decorated windows  xxxlaugh.gif

And giving results of studies for free sounds nice, release them nicely summarized in journal-like style for free would be unpaid work. And I dont know what juristical rights should be granted to the companies which financed such studies, so not everything can be free to all, of course (Piraten Partei ideology, i know, a bit economic-hostile if you ask me).

And btw, heyyyy EisWiesel is still alive!!!  msn008.gif  Smiley
174  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: GTA IV on: Sun 15.11.2009 00:52:25
Sounds cool. I just installed the new patch, makes all the old hacks not work anymore, which is good, because people abused their possibilities.

Maybe we can play once together online, you can add me on your XBox Live friendslist if you want. Player name is just "FickDeineLtan".

I also like it, but i dont concern it as a real serious shooter like unreal, its more like funnny fooling around game, and I am a bit disappointed because they took some freedom out in comparison with the good old GTA San Andreas. But its fun for a short while!
175  Guests Area / Hobbies / Re: Support Petition for free access to scientific transactions! on: Wed 11.11.2009 20:44:06
I dont know about your scientific papers, but normally a magazine must pay salaries to their editors who have a big time working on summarizing scientific results and making them easy to read to the public. If you are from the certain area of study and looking for a special study or as matters stand in this department, you can easily find the study yourself on the internet, just need some time and capability of understanding the study. So, paying for the work the editors do is for sure legit. A cook also gets more money for his meals than the ingredients of it would cost.

Or did I get something wrong?
176  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: GTA IV on: Tue 10.11.2009 19:10:26
cool, I see, I find some old school GTA gamers :-)

yeah, GTA 4 aint that bad, but for a freelance gangsta like me not free enough, compared with San Andreas where you could keep the city in the hands of your gang, tuning cars, pump your muscles, run around in hood wear and seeing video sequences by real rappers like The Game. ahh, I miss these days. Damn I modded this game, only real Mercedes Mc Larens and Veyrons running down the street. Gotta look what I can do with number IV now. :-)
177  Guests Area / Other Games / GTA IV on: Tue 10.11.2009 12:49:57
Everyone I know who's playing games waited for no game as long as for the newest GTA. I am surprised this game isnt even mentioned here!  msn008.gif So for those guys who also wanna talk about that, I just start...

I have been a GTA fan since ever! Played that first ugly bird-perspective pixel criminality in the old days, hidden from my mother's eyes :-))) played every fucking version for a short or longer while (except for that stupid London extension). But GTA 3, ViCE City and then finally, coolest game EVA 4 ME San Andreas raised my hype then totally!

I really was fucking keen on how the 4 will be. I was and still am impressed by the grafics GTA IV can create, but the rest was rather disappointment. You now got way more the feeling beeing limited to a already fixed story. You cant really change your destiny. You cant even style yourself the way you want. No cool different shops with stylez from Punk to HipHop or bigwig like in the good old SanAndreas days.

And the online community is a joke aswell. 90% teenies with no real playing ambitious, 98% hackers which spend hours on glitching around (which is sometimes fun, i gotta admit, but cmon, all day?)

Nevertheless of my disappointment, I still play this for fun online from time to time to enyoy not having to concentrate.

And it's still GTA, Cmon, has this name no special value to you?  msn008.gif

178  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Tue 10.11.2009 11:45:10
Oh man, all kinds of sounds, only HipHop came off a bit too badly. I couldnt hear the vids of M4rtini (it was him right with the local rap, dont make me reread all pages to find out) due to copyright restrictions.

Mordspass, its not that Frauenarzt made a ridiculous bad video or is a wannabe gangster, its just that HIS RAP SUCKS!  Smiley

start with some more mainstream us rap:
("I'm soo hood that Ludacris should've been on the original version!" xD)

go on with the proud of france:
(wicked beat, hope also smth for you electro/house heads)

(les bKrTS ne vous fâchez pas, ils n'auraient pas aimé FF, Lunatic ou K'1FryMafia ;-))

now some real German psycho rap, but... FUCKING WELL RAPPED!

and last but not least, some real Basel Rap, no one will understand here, I guess, but local patriotism must be! :-P
(FCB stands for FC Basel, Macht am Rhein, not for joão ;-))
179  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / No teamplay on public servers on: Tue 10.11.2009 11:18:51
No, I know you Darkies like the "dark side of the force" in game, i just also manta exploit from now on, I have fun with it :-) !
And with a shock rifle for sure, also your magical "one-shot-is-enough-for-125HP-with-shield-Flak-shots-on-any-distance" ( msn002.gif), but with rockets we'll see, your dodging has the same distance and I specialized on guessing peoples next place to be.  xxxshifty.gif
180  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / No teamplay on public servers on: Tue 10.11.2009 11:07:16
And Wojci, I aint mad at you at all, just a bit desillusioned, because I know you prefer unpatched because of these reasons and thought you want people not to exploit the old weaknesses. And there really is the way not getting shootable by a avril while hurricaning, look that the avril strikes your manta under one of the propellars on the side. But manta exploit is really not a bad thing if its clear for all, I actually wouldnt even have fixed this. I just thought, its a dont for you.
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