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181  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / No teamplay on public servers on: Tue 10.11.2009 11:00:47
Ah, I had the impression I brought the flag completely alone to the shield belt where Wojci killed me with his manta exploit. Funny, never saw you having the flag or protecting the carrier. Think what u want man, stupid people always see their selfish behavior as justified. What's your point at all? Think really you deserved the boots more than me or any other in our team in this match? lmao
182  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / No teamplay on public servers on: Tue 10.11.2009 10:46:37
whatever man. Ask Wojci, he saw me lots of times (and stopped me :-/) getting the flag. I never spawn kill, I saved the way of the only succeeding flag carrier of this game by killing people with the manta in the exit area of the containment base. I tried to explain you the advantages of team play, so your B-button orders are still obeyed, I know I wasnt and wont be unfair at all. And I dont give a damn about my reputation towards you. I only care about nice people.
183  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / No teamplay on public servers on: Tue 10.11.2009 10:25:46
I already waited more than 10 seconds, you came way later and pushed me away. That's just lame, man. I dont steal vehicles nor boots, like you or this asshole Sc00rpy. Also mordspass had this attitude when i played once with him. Whats wrong with u guys? This is a game, a social game, even when its about murder and stuff. I am loyal to my team, to who ever I get in it. And then beeing about the 5th place is a good sign for your failure. If a good player asks me to have the boots I even let him have em, you got the biggest mouth with your B-button in game when anything is not pleasing you of your team. I didnt understand you really, when I said "I dont understand Russian, I said so because it didnt sound english to me and i want to keep team chat in english. I just laugh at your behavior, expecting help from others when you act like this, I make some notes in my psychology booklets and go on. No video game is worth getting seriously pissed about some internet nerds I dont even know. Even when my words get unheard and a bitchy reply comes back, I go on playing fair with people who do the same. And Wojci looking forward for the next manta-map on a unpatched server, then you see the why-is-my-avril-not-working-on-that-manta-tornado-flight! Patches come out for a reason, although they invent apparently more new glitches then they fix. Anyways. :-P
184  Guests Area / Music / Re: Festivals summer 2009 on: Tue 10.11.2009 08:23:05
This friday, KIZ live @ Volkshaus in Basel!  Grin
185  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / No teamplay on public servers on: Tue 10.11.2009 08:18:38
As u wish, aka sova! :-D

You're fucking lame unfair team mate. You spent your energy stealing boots I was waiting for, refused to team play at every time and ended up with a smaller score than me. => no team play -> worse playing -> less scoring. I dont ask for healing friendly vehicles, that would be team play lesson 2, just do not sabotage at the own team just to be faster equiped than others. You can say what u want, but the bKrTs show a way better fairplay on public matches. Merci les mecs. Wojci had fun manta exploiting to return the flag.

ok, everything thing's out. Go ahead ban me :-P
186  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Something makes me think he is not a member of the Dark Clan!! on: Sun 08.11.2009 18:33:48
You aint definitely chillin' on a couch infront of a 42" LCD, keybord on the lap, mouse on a bad mouse pad on a cardboard box,  like me, thigor. So I dont give a tiny shit if you were a hundred times better than me, I'm just having fun playing, and I'm in the worst case mediocre.

Dell is grossly overprized btw  xxxras.gif
187  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: New Server! on: Sun 08.11.2009 18:13:07
Corruption is cool, because it requires teamwork or hell good fragging, its rocket and shock friendly because you cant snipe through the whole map, only in midfield, FUCKING ASS SNIPERS, sorry, my tourette again.

But the best is, its rare, a gourmet map, not so overplayed like the Dark maps or Suspense or these nooby spammer maps.

Corruption is a really classy map which only can be fucked up by some tank/hellbender campers. Its almost every time fun, and you got different styles of playing it, not like in Necropolis, the other all time classy map, where you always do the same attacking though.
188  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Something makes me think he is not a member of the Dark Clan!! on: Thu 05.11.2009 03:21:30
As long as my rockets still snatch you, I'm happy with it, thigor. I wont spent hundreds on high-end mousepads and precision gamer mouses and sit close on a desk infront of a screen, just to be able to snipe with enforcers. Thats to nerdy 4 me. I'm happy with my rockets on my couch. Guessing where you bunny hop is enough to kill you.  xxxras.gif

And I respect darkredfoxx a lot, he doesnt take it so serious like you guys. It was a joke (you already ruined), because you're always posing with your "darkness."  finger
189  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: New Server! on: Thu 05.11.2009 03:13:46
Thigor suppressed that arena of death when he was in team with FaB'O'BeeP (or anything like this) and got his ass torn up against me and another one.  xxxras.gif

Anyway, I would like a bit more diversity in the UT3 community. But who am I talking to? I write on the _Dark_Forum, the clan which only votes Necro, Kargo and Sandstorm  xxxlaugh.gif  finger
190  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: New Server! on: Wed 04.11.2009 06:13:48
Ping over 100 is not worth getting owned in my eyes  embarrassed

And all the good old spam maps are on the map list,
they really lack on every custom map server, dont they? wasted

- 5 Suspense only servers,
- dFb & hedsteem with shit ping,
- 2 or 3 custom servers with the same spam maps, the only played ones btw,
- rest is empty or laggy, buggy, unpatched jolt.co.uk

How versatile and varied the UT3 community is...   msn002.gif
191  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Something makes me think he is not a member of the Dark Clan!! on: Wed 04.11.2009 06:02:14
omg, you dont understand any joke, do you?  xxxlaugh.gif

of course i know its darkredfoxx, i talk a lot with him, he's really cool, but WEAKER THAN ME, to be precise!  xxxlaugh.gif

and BlackHeaven is an allusion on BlackSky, damnit!

I love to explain my jokes   finger

192  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Cod3N4m3 on: Wed 04.11.2009 05:57:01
Actually, only noobs on this match.
So we cant show off anyway with this screeny.  xxxras.gif

Find 5-6 Ficks, set a date with FaB & deamonicknight and we can have another noob clan war  xxxlaugh.gif
193  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Something makes me think he is not a member of the Dark Clan!! on: Tue 03.11.2009 01:58:26
Yeah, i see some more players but couldnt make a screenshot of it. One was called anything like redfox or something and the other one, BlackHeaven I think...

194  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Cod3N4m3 on: Tue 03.11.2009 01:53:37
Look who's second in this game and didnt use invulnerability juggernaut once  xxxw00t.gif  xxxras.gif
195  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Coreper - searching for a clan! on: Tue 03.11.2009 01:49:57

ok, have fun with them!

I only spoke yet to one of them, he's nice.
But about seeing who you meet more in the game, we'll see. The Ficks are way more often playing with the DArks, thigor, and the other good players.

And I will not show any mercy!  xxxras.gif

As I always said, you're free to fix a date... I dont organize when I dunno when you're all here.
And also against the Darks if you want, our image suffers more from your forum posts than on any clan war!  finger  xxxw00t.gif
196  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Mon 02.11.2009 04:43:53
Damn, so many ppl wrote here. Some I really appreciate, dont make me call you by name, I'm sure I would forget someone really cool! Some left aswell, I noticed, bb Splitter (Tell me the story once, darkies). :-)

If i could sleep i wouldnt have to write here,
but so I decided to spam your thread with my story! :-P

Most you guys know already a lot...

23yrs old, Basel, yeah, home of the real FCB, we play Championsleague, bitches! :-),
Fick Clan Leader.

(btw, if you wanna know how to say joão correctly, close your nose with 2 fingers, and say: "shuo-a-o" with a very short spoken -a- in the middle ;-) )

I played UT99 yeaaars before, I guess in 99 :-D,
at that time i was such a PC noob, I DIDNT KNOW YOU CAN PLAY THIS ONLINE! :-O
I didnt have Internet at that time and was on the streets smoking swiss weeds and behaving gangsta :-D

But you know, somehow I made my way to the university and am now becoming a Psychologist, be afraid! :-)

I got very few other games I like: GTA (allthough 4 sucked a bit) and Tekken5 (hell yeah!), Prototype, Assasins Creed, and lately, Batman Arkhanum asylum (dude, i got it 4free with my GTX 260 TOP, its cool, although so story-forced).

If you would see how I play UT3, you would say, in this case, he's pretty good! :-D
I'm liying on my couch, in front a 42" LCD TV, wireless keyboard on my lap, wireless mouse to my right on a carton! You guys playing so unconfortable, u think i would wanna play this for hours on a desk!?!? :-D

Thats why I'm more like PainSavour, the die-for-this-shit-player! Kamikaze ftw! I have a patent on returning the flag while suiciding myself doing it!

Favorite maps: Corruption (you knoooow!^^ but campers fuck off!), MegaStructure and all other beatiful custom maps which look like more than stupid Kargo!
Hated maps: Suspense (Fuck Suspense only servers!) and all these spam maps like Anarchy, Arena, Feelgood, Shoebox,... *puke*
Favorite weapons: Rockets + Avril, and then the rest all equal (but shit on nooby stinger!)
Gamestyle: VCTF only! Flag carrier 4 Life! Dont shoot ppl who dont shoot me, why should I, I want that damn flag!
Favorite vehicles: Scavenger (did I mention I got the record in Scav primary fire?^^), Viper, Scorpion & Manta, only fast and agile is cool!
Hated vehicles (when ennemy sits in, i normally dont take them): Fury (which ass made that sustain 2 Avril shots?) & Nemesis.

ok, thats enough of me. :-)

2 more questions:

Is mordspass still alive and the leader?
Is that cute Spanish fake girl still around, since she's 18 now... :-P

197  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Coreper - searching for a clan! on: Mon 02.11.2009 02:56:48
oh, and I forgot...

I'm 23 years old, male, from Basel, Switzerland,
playing hell lot of ut3,
i consider myself as really funny
when fcb is not pissing me off in forums! :-D

Motherlanguage: German
and understandable but not good speaking:
English, French & Spanish.

our ts-adress: plusq.game-server.cc
open for all, assholes getting kicked :-P

Cheers! :-)
198  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Binds and more on: Mon 02.11.2009 02:39:53
Yo, cool that you show us, maybe i can get some tipps, gotta check out if i can make some on my side mouse buttons, so far, they cant be used in game, didnt know its possible! oO

my binds:

WASD = mouvement
Q = hoverboard
E = exit/enter vehicle
F = Avril
C = crouch
Spacebar = jump
P = dropflag and teamsay "Take flag!"
X = throwweapon and teamsay "Take weapon!"
1-9 = weapons
NumPad 0, 3-9 = some tactic team commands, for example
                       "Return the flag!"
                       "Defend the flag!"
                       "Cover flag carrier!"
                       "Heal tank/DW!"
                       "Thank you! :-)"
                       "Remember: Dont lose our vehicles!" (soooo needed :-/)
                       "Taxi to the flag!"
                       "Taxi flag carrier home!"

but if i could have the Shock rifle and the rockets on the mouse buttons, that would rock even a lot more!

For the guys who have trouble making them, i recommend this site, you can easily find your wished command and a key for it (its German but the commands in English and it just gives you out the text to add to input.ini): http://jeppo.de/unreal/ut3_key_binder/index.html

one thing more I encountered,
when you accidentally wrote in a key bind which uses an already taken key, it doesnt work and mostly deletes the not working, new key in the input.ini after closing the game.
Thats why I always search for the new key i wanna have binded in the .ini (with Ctr.+F) and add if I found a line which uses this key already a ; in front. This semicolon deactivates the line!
199  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Coreper - searching for a clan! on: Mon 02.11.2009 02:14:20

If the bad clan leader can aswell raise his word once...

The facts of Fick:
-everything free, mic and about same play skills requested (Elo around 2500), international, democratic, clanbase but still fun.

This clan is founded by people who wanted to join me and friends I found in game. I'm doing the bachelor of Science in Psychology and have also some real life commitments. I never intended to create an ambitious, serious clan, its just a friend base, for funnier playing because its social.
We are indeed on clanbase, just not yet ladder playing. We can fight every clan match the members want, I dont have any image loss considerations (how can you dare, fcb? :-/), i just wanted to start from the weaker ones to the top.
We played against the BkRt-Juniors and the Surviv3 clan, both won, both not our real potential. Quite some members never showed up again, even Ninj4, one of the most basic members who did a lot of work on our custom chars, mutators and mapping. Thats why i dont make promises to other clans and fix a date.

joaofcb should know,
whenever a member of our clan wants to have a clan match and gets enough people of Fick together, he's free to organize a clan match! Enter the ladder on clanbase, I'm fine with it!
We're also hanging around together on ts when normally publicly playing, Heronimus_Prime even makes us an own map.
I cant accept you're saying I'm an coward and evading clan fights, you know exactly its up to you and your presence time here. Prime and me are almost everytime here.

So, join us on ts once and speak to us (rather to me, if fcb is telling you such bullshit :-D) if you're interested. We're not standing in competition with GiT. and the skills of ALL our members speak for themselves (I'm pretty the weakest one, I'm afraid^^)!

So its up to you, join our ts, write me here, on msn, clanbase, wherever.

(and fcb, you'll get virtual punches in your face :-P)
200  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Test Movie on: Mon 02.11.2009 01:37:57
Yeah, first of all, I'm Swiss, just SPEAKING German, as i said

second thing, fcb not so cheeky, you're JuniorFick now! :-P

and at last, eehhhm why am I a "newbie" here, and fcb is a doublekillmember???

cheers :-)
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