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81  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Sun 17.01.2010 12:46:14
German Boss Spitter!
82  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: They made it! Hedsteem came to europe for a try! on: Tue 12.01.2010 23:30:22
Damn, I haven't started this mess we have now here.

All I wanted is some more diversity in the european cummunity. More different vCTF. Sikeference starts insulting me, you all tell me how much you hate their mutators and I get accused of calling you noobs just because I say a real warrior adepts to different circumstances and everything gets personal.

I can't say whose fault this is, but it turned into a mess. And UTFLOL, that's about the lamest thing to wish Hitler would have killed our parents. I guess you don't have relatives who had to live in these days. And I don't wanna start with the Rothschildts and Rockefellers.

I cannot believe how much hatred there is. Get adult guys, it's a game. A dying game.
83  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Tue 12.01.2010 18:27:12
read and understood.

Will keep any personal opinion out of the forum as it doesnt concern ut3.
84  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: They made it! Hedsteem came to europe for a try! on: Tue 12.01.2010 17:02:32
I'll just pretend I didn't read the last paragraph, ok? I hope you didn't mean it seriously.

I mean everything like I say it. Why not? You flight to warfare instead of trying the only alternative in VCTF? I mean, hey, why shouldn't we do such a tournament once and try it out? At least it would be something different once. As I said, if you're really a good warrior, you adept to new circumstances and find it's advantages!

But forget it, they didn't want to spend money on a server no one wants. You're fine, you won, lack of diversity ftw! We're privileged if they still release maps for our community. You all didn't even try to enjoy it, sad.

Chapter closed.
85  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Tue 12.01.2010 16:25:49
1 last things to others, who don't really know much about religions, especially the Islam:

Check out some detached reports on some religions, and their roots and what some people made out of it.
Christianity, Judaism and Islam have some very same messages: Be a good man, respect the others, be benevolent and gracious
Everything else has economical, national or imperial intentions and is missinterpreted on purpose!

Good report about the Koran and Islam:

For German-speaking guys:
86  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: They made it! Hedsteem came to europe for a try! on: Tue 12.01.2010 16:13:13
Well, if you refuse the only try to bring new shit into gridlocked UT3, then we can all be spectating in stead of playing like Hatr3dsurg3 on DoS server, where the same 5 or 7 maps gets raped over and over.

All I would wish is more diversity, more custom stuff, even when it's only maps.

But see this, a real good warrior adepts to all kinds of circumstances. You can't just say they can own you because they made their shit to grant noobs to win over pros! LOL
Then you could just behave like these "noobs" and adept to it, also go with a tank and 5 scorps to defeat them for example, that's no argument!

You're very limitated when u tell me you can only be good with stock weapons.

And even if their mutators make it easier for people who don't aim like a V31O, wouldn't that be fair somehow? Or do you want that new or weaker players get owned totally and lose interest of UT3 soon?

I don't see the direction of your argumentation. I am very thankfull for H3D, I repeat, hardly any custom map which they didn't make! Even when I don't like all of their weapons or mutators, these guys keep this game beeing alive and changing and grant a diversity in it which totally lacks here!

Suspense or AnarchyHalls/FeelGoodInc/ArenaOfDeath, if it stays like this, I give UT3 max. 1 more year!
87  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Tue 12.01.2010 14:26:50
LOL, btw just tryed the fick's forum link without the "-ut3"  haha try it :D

LOL, kostenloses Ficken (free fucking)!  xxxlaugh.gif
That was clear this happens when we use our Clan name^^

I bet there will show up from time to time some registered users who aren't looking for a UT3 forum. Gonna be funny! xxxlaugh.gif

You mean this "...ça va" I guess (was in forum, suggestions for frag movie music):

88  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Tue 12.01.2010 14:11:36
Now I take out the Irony-mutator of your post and I bear you out.

It's always the bad stranger, the foreigner that people fear most. The Elite plays with these human fears and manipulates you over it. I stop this discussion here, because you're once more gridlocked, with the only truth:

We're all humans. We all want to live, have some fun and a safe life for our family. There are some mean people who like to harm and influence others, but they exist everywhere. There is no colour or religion to name them like you wish it to be, in your black-white-worldview!
89  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: They made it! Hedsteem came to europe for a try! on: Tue 12.01.2010 14:02:56
Sike, you said players that suck, like u Ltan, that's disrespectful. I don't care about rockets, I luv my rockets. Why duel map, I'm good in VCTF!? Fucking stop flaming, all of you, I'm not the one provocating!

And guys, I'm fucking sick of your ArenaofDeath, FeelGoodInc 4 life shit. You bore the fuck out of this game!

It's a personal opinion whether you like H3D stuff or not, but it is for fact that these guys are almost the only ones who distribute to this game new innovating stuff! Without them, there would hardly anyone still playing VCTF or UT3 at all! Almost every fucking custom map you play is by them!

I also like stock weapons, but you cant stay in these stock maps for ages! Damn, you guys play BBQ_Backyard with stock stuff and wonder why this map's too big! If you really played this once with H3D mutators, you'd have fun and a total new gameplay.

If you dont even dare to challenge the Hedsteemers on their euro server for a tournament, nevertheless if you like their stuff or not, you're gridlocked cowards and european ut3 community doesn't deserve their server. Seems like you wanna let this game die by deadness!

(& Bender, if I hadn't have to tell so much because people don't have any clue, my posts could also be shorter!)
90  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: They made it! Hedsteem came to europe for a try! on: Mon 11.01.2010 18:51:31
Playing duel on necro is like playing vctf on biohazard.

You won, father of all rocket spawners.  Grin

Necropolis is the best VCTF map of all stock maps and most customs aswell. We would of course forbid the usage of deemer and DW. If you dont duel there, you're just a coward and I dont wanna hear you calling me a player that sucks anymore. And it's called rocket spammer btw, at least insult grammatically correct. Has sova infected you or why do you start beeing disrespectful towards me? I was always respectfull with you.
91  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: They made it! Hedsteem came to europe for a try! on: Mon 11.01.2010 18:47:19
Sure, USA rocks, Europe sucks!

How do you know it? Have u seen ANY american on EU servers? I have seen around 2 guys with ping 200 from America, who sucked like hell.

Sure, why should I say so if I didn't experienced it? I'm also an European, even when not in the EU^^
Rumple is really good under high ping, aswell as plugh, which lives in England and plays always on their American servers. Look, they have way bigger distances between them (that's why there's a hedsteem west and a east) and so comes they often have pings over 120 or more. It's just a matter of beeing used to, OI don't say US players are better than European ones.
92  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Mon 11.01.2010 16:54:44
LOL, come on sova! I just found out now that "the news" was a link, and I read it without surprise. Do you think that's only happening once a year here? Do you think that's a muslim problem only because the victim described them as young Turkish guys? Can you imagine lots of immigrants have legal problems, no matter what their religion is? OMG you're really running into a ignorant direction. No real muslim would tolerate such a crime, and these young gangstas were surely not really "halal."

But I have to say, the more I read and watch about your climate topic, the more I tend to your opinion IN THIS CASE. You should watch the movie "endgame" once, if you haven't already. Easy to find on google videos.
93  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: They made it! Hedsteem came to europe for a try! on: Mon 11.01.2010 16:47:13
And for the others that think it's lame and the custom stuff is unbalanced:

What would you say to a scrim tournament on their euro server, some european teams against some hedsteem teams. They have a ping of about 150 or more on the european server, we all have under 100, so we would have the advantage of a better ping while they have the advantage of knowing how to play with their stuff.

I imagine this could be a very different but funny tournament, we, the Ficks, would be up for it. What about you? After that you can still say it sucks, but at least we would have tried.

(It's still my idea, but I'm sure hedsteem wouldn't hesitate to dispatch a team, since most of them can play under way higher ping than we're used to!)
94  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: They made it! Hedsteem came to europe for a try! on: Mon 11.01.2010 16:36:39
I prefer traditional vCTF maps and game-style.  Roll Eyes

I don't want stupid mutators and modifications like this snowball gun (and Bunny Trails and Chainsaw mod etc.).... these are toys for kids who are lame in the usage of the standard weapons or vehicles. Like u DeineLtan. Crazysmile1

I'll try this server and maybe i'll like it...maybe not as i said im conservative.

wow, that's a bit cheeky and disrespectfull of you sikeference. Last time I saw you on public servers you sucked like hell that I thought someone cracked your login. First win a 1on1 duel on Necropolis against me to speak like this, I see your post as a challenge.
95  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Sun 10.01.2010 13:18:07
Now with Spanish subtitles so fcb and Boomer can also follow  Smiley

my feelings towards ethnical differences, perfect spoken by Kéry James:

this guy is a poet, very few songs are so deep, beatiful and true like his ones:

and for those who are afraid of men with beards:  tongue

3 awesome songs with great message, tell me rap is only "I'm so cool with my grillz and bitches" again! xxxras.gif
96  Guests Area / Off Topic / They made it! Hedsteem came to europe for a try! on: Fri 08.01.2010 04:14:07
I was talking to the hedsteem guys (what you guys dont know, the best and almost the only mappers UT3 still has, they made even most of the spam maps you overplay since months), I explained them how the server environment in europe is and that there is no variation or even a free choice on what people can play.

They didnt wanted to first, but me and iki_xx spammed their forum that we want a european server because most of us have shitty pings on their American one, and we're bored of always the same gameplay.

And now they did! There it is, a hedsteem europe server, all custom, weapons, new vehicle variations, flag carrying in vehicles possible and even seasonal weapons like the snowball gun!

Who ever is also bored of Suspense or AnarchyHalls overkill all the time, show them europe got some players who appreciate their work and stand for diversity!

Dont prove my idea of the european community slowly dying by their own monotony!

Join hedsteem europe once and see what ut3 can also be:
or join by gametracker or server list in game
97  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Wed 06.01.2010 05:11:41
Really cool song for non-rap, darkskorpion. But the coolest rap videos has still this guy:

and this rap rooooocks shit:
98  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: New Server! on: Wed 06.01.2010 03:14:47
99  Unreal Tournament 3 / Maps / Re: New Map on: Tue 05.01.2010 14:04:37
DeineLtan, if you were really interested in making this map you would go to Epic forums, there are a lot of mappers who need ideas, not waiting till someone tells "Hey give me idea i make a map".  Smiley

Really? That would be awesome, I even were looking a bit there once but I totally got lost in their thousands of threads. Another thing was that I fear more people would come on the idea to steal the map idea and make it for themselves without asking me.

Bastardbrain has got the right to enter the project first if he's interested in it, since I know him a bit and because he asked here first. I also got already some help from rumple and some other master mappers of hedsteem.

Off topic: towards your climate debate, I just saw a horrifying movie called "endgame", you know this one?
100  Unreal Tournament 3 / Maps / Re: New Map on: Tue 05.01.2010 06:49:55

You're right, getting started with it is pretty annoying and complicated. But once you learned the basics, a simple DM or BTA map is easily done. I just didn't make none of these because, you know, my rocket bunny hop isn't made for these maps  msn012.gif. Maybe you know my VCTF-FickSpam_beta already (on DoS and Fick public server), I can easily guide you to be able to do such a map.

I hated to read these tutorials, although the Hourences tutorials are perfect to learn advanced stuff.
But start with videos, everyone likes videos, build exactly what they do and you're fine after max. 2 days imitating them!

Vegaskill has the links to all of them, I saw them here: http://www.ut3modding.com/index.php?page=31

Hope to see some _Dark_ maps soon!  Smiley
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