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1  Guests Area / Videos / Re: New Fragmovie "Baguette POWA" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on: Tue 09.06.2015 09:08:52
2  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Toxikk (vs UT3) on: Tue 17.02.2015 12:49:43

I see Vipers and Hellbenders using self-destruct.

I see weird fatty Mantas and Raptors using Goliath's Minigun.

I also see "rypelcam" scenes across vCTF-RocktForst.

I see UT3,9  Grin
3  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Thu 05.02.2015 01:42:45
Well i see Matzer and L1ght in-game, Sev and Bloody on facebook, and Vegas on this forum, DeadlyM4rk and M4rt1n1 commented on my video some time ago... and that's it :p
4  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Wed 04.02.2015 16:15:42
Nah, I'd love to see you guys play from spectator side. I am not _Dark_  Azn

Also, Blo0dy, one thing is to play UT3, other thing is to play a match for 1h-2h :p IT's a matter of effort and organize your time. Do it in memory of the good old teamspeak times :D M4rtin1 come back!
5  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Wed 04.02.2015 08:39:33
It's the wake up call _Darks_  tongue
6  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Wed 21.01.2015 19:33:51
The first video happens so much on other games for me.

LOLed hard on the second
7  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3: Countdown Fragmovie on: Sun 11.01.2015 16:06:34
I didn't really care if the music was old or well known (like Infected Mushroom), i simply thought the music fitted well on the movie i wanted to make: fast paced, first person view mostly, with few interruptions and good spots to sync with frags. Also, since it hadn't been used on a UT3 frag movie before, there were no reasons for me not using it  Wink

If i had done it much more focused on rypel cam scenes i'd choose another music.
8  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3: Countdown Fragmovie on: Sat 10.01.2015 02:01:34
Nope, i simply got in contact with Soker from T:V to give me some tips on editing. His movie is really awesome and was what actually kept me going with my movie, and also what made me play T:A for a while :p
9  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3: Countdown Fragmovie on: Fri 09.01.2015 18:41:17
Above people liking the video, i'm happy to make them feel nostalgy and eager to play again :p
Hope some old players reinstall it, even if it's only for a weekend!
10  Guests Area / Videos / UT3: Countdown Fragmovie on: Thu 08.01.2015 23:56:51
Hey everyone!

After quite some time i finally release my 2nd Fragmovie.
I lost countless demos and recorded files during the process so you might notice some bugs on some scenes and even different video qualities, but it's ok.

I tried to make this movie with several different frags, like air frags (all weapons i could!), vehicle headshots, long range headshots, flagruns, redeemer jumps, you name it... It is mainly focused on vCTF since it's one of the few game mods still active on UT3.

Anyways, i hope you enjoy it and feel the wait worthwhile!
Once again, i recommend you to download it for better quality: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fle52o0zbchwe2z/UT3+-+Countdown+Fragmovie.mp4

Video Settings:
Release: 8 of January 2015
Runtime: 7"08'
Resolution: 1280*720
Codec: MainConcept H.264
File Size: 314MB
Original file size: 73GB (uncompressed avi.)
FPS: 50

Blue Stahli - Ultra Numb
Nuttin' But Stringz - Broken Sorrow (cut)

11  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Unreal Tournament 4? :-O on: Sat 20.09.2014 15:39:48
I might download it aswell but i think, for now, i'm more looking forward to Toxikk than UT4
12  Guests Area / General / Re: Level designer looking for clan! on: Fri 08.08.2014 21:41:50
I am not from _Dark_ clan, but unfortunately there are roughly active clans on UT3. Anyway, i can also leave you this link from facebook where some _Dark_ players and othe rUT3 players gather around:

I'ts a closed group. If you have facebook, ask to join and we might help!

I'd also be interested in testing your level but i will be without computer untill 20th august.
13  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Dark Server Stats - Top 200 Players on: Tue 13.05.2014 12:09:35
More players have been gathering on the server. It depends on the day and hour.. This weekend we had like 10-11 players
14  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: It's Happening! Unreal Tournament 4! on: Thu 08.05.2014 08:58:58
Triple Stinger would be fun
15  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: UT3 4v4 TDM Cup on: Fri 28.03.2014 22:18:28
I saw Wolf and some other dudes playing a pug last week. Was fun to watch. I really appreciate Wolf's effort for reviving pugs and duel-DM-TDM again, even if it's only for a bit.
16  Guests Area / Videos / Re: The last fragmovie by Lucky-heart on: Fri 28.03.2014 22:16:23

Good film tho.
17  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Unreal Tournament 4? :-O on: Mon 24.03.2014 17:08:19
Lets make it so it goes to the White House  afrodd.gif
18  Guests Area / Videos / Re: The Contenders 2 on: Sat 01.03.2014 17:07:05
19  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Spam Board for all XD on: Wed 29.01.2014 23:20:37
If you had shit on your pants, then your car would have been smashed plus shit on  Grin
20  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: Arrange clan wars against Dark! on: Fri 10.01.2014 16:15:55
Lol  Grin

Since they rarely come here i may tell you: It's hard to even have 3 members of _dark_ posting on threads concerning they're own server, let alone to arrange matches! Most of them are busy, they play rarely, and the ones who do are the ones you see online, aka Matzer, L1ght and very rarely Markos and Sev.
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