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781  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Basher speed hacker..lol on: Tue 01.09.2009 13:19:18
many guys calle me aimbotter


calling other players aimbotters is noob

and wtf what noobs call YOU aimbotter fcb xDxD

LOL, calleD me aimbotter! because of that headshot i explaine din the last post! Tongue
everyone knows that i'm far from being an aimbotter Tongue
more quickly they would call you an aimbotter rather than me Tongue
782  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Basher speed hacker..lol on: Tue 01.09.2009 13:10:05
crooka is my clan mate, and i ensure you he is not aimbotting. yeah, he is really annoying in the fury...has for that crazy headshot. maybe luck? i've headshotted many flag carriers while they were grabbed in the fury and with the boost. so what? many guys called me aimbotter, i just said it was luck. same thing for enforcer or shock.

ah, right...i dont see crooka since first days of august...if he really does cheat, then it had to be somewhere in this month, due the holydays. thats all i have to say
783  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Flagrun´s on: Tue 01.09.2009 00:45:41
awsome flagruns in this thread Wink
my clan also has some good combined flagruns :)
maybe one day we'll show you guys ^^
we still have to practice a bit...but it is hard to have enough members online these days...
784  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Boom De Ya Da! on: Tue 01.09.2009 00:35:17
i really cried of so much laughing  laughanim2.gif laughanim2.gif
785  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Mon 31.08.2009 20:00:12
Welcome here, joao...oh, sorry, FCB  xxxlaugh.gif

(sorry, no pics allowed for you! )
msn004.gif msn004.gif msn004.gif
yes F C B!
no pics allowed, no cries allowed also. this is men forum sorry  msn011.gif

thanks foxxxxxxx
next time u call me joao, the only thing you'll see is a rocket between your eyes Cool

bloody...dreams do come true ^^

mordss, i can't remember that, but if you really did try to talk to me, then sorry if i ignored you Grin
786  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Thu 20.08.2009 22:46:41
hum...i should say Hi here, right?
HI! ^^

im joaoFCB but call me F C B, since no one knows how to say properly my shitty portuguese name Tongue. And NO! IT IS NOT football club bayern or futbol club barcelona! God bless Sporting CP.  Grin
UT3 nickname: joaofcb or joaoFCB
UT3 Clan: F!CK clan and proud of it ^^
Favourite Weapon: Shock, Flack, AVril and Rocket L.
" Vehicle: Manta, Viper, Fury
" Maps: Necro, Sandstorm, Kargo.
" Modes: DM, vCTF, Warfare
UT3 Skills: they say they don't exist, they say i don't have them...well, i guess my best skill is to hide my true UT3 skills  Cool

Real Life
my name is really joão. i'm 16, from 14th july, and i play ut3 online since...2005? maybe. i currently live in Lisbon, Portugal. I like to play ut3 ONLY, go out at night, hang out with friends to do...you know..."stuff"  Grin
has for the future, i'd like to travel around the world studying wild life, meeting lots of girls and stuff Cool
as for hobbies, i usually go to the gym, and sometimes i see my best friend rowing. (sorry, no pics allowed for you! )
some other dreams are to see my love, Sporting CP, beating tha hell out Bayern Munchen at the Champions league final. right B.B?  Grin
and also to do skydiving.

Finally, i'm here because Sova asked me and other guys to register here...and here i am ^^
Guess i will be able to do some "damage" here and it will be easier for the Dark clan contact the F!ck clan for future..."meetings", not to say carnage or training, cuz we would feel really depressed  Grin

ah! i forgot to tell you my UT3 dream.

jk man, i like you  Grin

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