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121  Guests Area / Hardware / Gaming hardware advice? on: Tue 19.05.2009 10:58:55
Gonna try the mx518 that CS advised on.

+1 vote on MX518.

and another big +1 vote for MX518 from me  Cool

122  Unreal Tournament 3 / Expansions, Mods and Mutators / Re: CBP3 - Community Bonus Pack 3 on: Mon 18.05.2009 22:47:56
sweet, downloading now
123  Guests Area / Hardware / Gaming hardware advice? on: Sun 17.05.2009 19:13:14


LOGITECH G15/2 (60€)

I have that one, it is really good.
I can change my complete button configuration by pressing a single button, so I have 2 different configurations for deathmatch and vctf: when I press a certain button the weapon switches to avril, when I press the same button in deathmatch, it changes to shock rifle.
Very helpful.
124  Guests Area / Sports / Re: Weightlifting on: Sun 17.05.2009 13:44:17
Iv been going gym for about 3 years :D... not sure whether you guys are into this type of thing but thought id throw it out there

nothing like a good work out after you've been to college... i find it helps to relax me and let out some stress by pumping some iron :D

Recently though iv just been doing 17KG dumbells at home every night because i hurt my back a few months ago doing bench press so im just getting back into it again :D... id like to be big, but you get some HUGE guys who weightlift who are abit over the top for my liking...

I have been doing weightlifting for about 5 years, but just recently quited and started focussing on combat sports solely (Kickboxing and Krav Maga).

Yes, a good work out it fun and really relaxing, but doesn't come close to beating the shit out of each other in a good sparing  xxxlaugh.gif
125  Guests Area / Sports / Re: Football on: Sun 17.05.2009 13:39:21
Manchester United FTW!!!

we will hopefully beat barca and take the UEFA cup home wo0o0o0o0o0o0o

Uefa Cup does not equal Championsleague Wink
126  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Quake Live on: Sun 17.05.2009 11:38:38
Just got this, pretty fun ^^

Good for a laptop game

I'm playing UT3 on my laptop  xxxras.gif
127  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Re: WA [0] vs _Dark_ [44], 10th of May 2009 on: Sun 17.05.2009 07:19:42

now your post will look full of information and vegas won't delete it :)


oh wait, I'm a moderator of this forum  msn002.gif
128  Unreal Tournament 3 / Maps / Re: Kargo - Necris from VCTF-42 on: Sat 16.05.2009 21:10:01
Yep, here it is - http://vctf-42.ideaura.com/

It's only in russian cuz actually all of them are russian...creators of this map are Lishtenbird and SweetFire.

loool then i dont need this page xD

I found an English forum where they discuss the map:

129  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Wed 13.05.2009 18:21:44
oh look what i ve found on my mobile phone mates... our first meeting together! hehe we were so drunk

repost fail.
130  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Wed 13.05.2009 17:00:47
Ni Nostradamus, nice to see that you have made it to our forum :)

I remember back in the day you used to be one of the best vctf-players arround, but you haven't been very active recently (at least I didn't see you very often).

I hope you will become an active participant of our forum adn good luck with your company!  :)
131  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Corrupt being disbanded on: Wed 13.05.2009 14:22:48
i will lock the topic for now, so everyone can calm down a bit  :)

PS: lol @ "cut the pocket money"
132  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Corrupt being disbanded on: Wed 13.05.2009 13:14:29
dude, you already should know that n00b is a word like Bitch;)
tyrwot and christallis are calling each other noobs. are they noobs no.
its fakkin logical isnt it? I know that u don't get it, wnt BELGEN ZIJN DOM.

Ochere, de kleine hollander gaat ook is spreken.
De eerste keer dat ik een hollander geen kankerbelg zie zeggen tegen mij.

Please use only English in this forum, both of you.
133  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Corrupt being disbanded on: Tue 12.05.2009 23:39:24
but _Dark_ removed it's Leader, his brother, and his friend. That isnt really an honourable thing to do, K_G_ got _Dark_ to where it was, _Dark_ would not be the "Feared" or w/e you want to call it clan of UT3 had he not started it.

EDIT: attention, long post about why K_G_ left the clan. Don't read if you don't care  xxxras.gif

Audiatur et altera pars. ("Also the other side must be heard", Latin Phrase)

If you are forming an opinion on that matter by just listening to K_G_'s side of view, you will hardly be able to get an adequate picture of what is/was going on.

First of all, to say that K_G_ got the clan to where it was is disregarding the contribution of all other members and not really close to truth.

K_G_ never bothered to create a website or forum or to take care of it in any way, that was mostly Vegaskills job, and I might add he is doing a brilliant job.
K_G_ never took any actions to rent a UT3 server or TS server either, this clan existed 2 months before I joined it, but was far away from having an own server untill I took care of things.
K_G_ never tried to organize any trainings for the clan and often didn't participate in them if there was any training going on.

All he wanted was the "glory" of being a clanleader, but he refused to do any of the work it involved.
Not only that, he also harmed the clan reputation with his childish ingame actions (like, insulting chrisaws girlfriend, which itself is already a classless and gutless act, but he was also stupid enough to get caught), _Dark_ members were even defending him in this forum because they thought it wasn't him who behaved like a prick with a fake account, without knowing what a classless jerk he was.

When the clan was at a low point after many of it's members had been inactive for a while and had lost it's number 1 position in the vctf-ladder to $$ after not doing any real training before the match, K_G_ did what a lazy, irresponsible clanleader would do: he said he is too "busy" for UT3 and doesn't want to be leader anymore and made me clanleader.

So, I started taking care of things, challenging other clans on clanbase, trying to get things going again.
1 week after the match against $$, we had a war against ULS. This time, we did some training before the match and discussed tactical details in the forum.
The war ended 12-0 for us.

A few days after the match, K_G_ contacted me on msn and told me in his special way that he thought that I wasn't doing a good job as a clanleader and that he wanted to be the leader again.
I, amazed that he told me that only after 1 week of me being the leader and after we had won a war 12-0, told him the very same thing ("I think you shouldn't be clanleader").
Then, K_G_ told me that he would kick me from the clan when he is leader again.

I had no idea why he threatened me of kicking me from the clan over such a minor issue and opened a thread in the dark only area in the forum.
I posted the conversation K_G_ and me had on msn and told them that K_G_ wanted to kick me from the clan. Then, I asked all members for their opinion on who the clanleader should be, and I promised that, if the people didn't want me as the leader, I would step back and give the position to whomever they wanted.
The result of that thread was disastrous for K_G_: not a single member of the clan supported him on that issue. In an immature panicky reactionand and due to his harmed pride, K_G_ said that he would leave the clan immediately.
After K_G_ had left the clan, his real life friend dnc-mafia started complaining in the forum that he was never playing in any clanwars and blaming me for it, although I had just been clanleader for a week and we had just played one single war with me in charge.
Obviously, K_G_ had manipulated him into doing so.
Then, he said that if he wouldn't play in the next clanwar, he would leave the clan.
Since I didn't accept this childish try to blackmail me and the clan, I told him I will not accept that, so he left the clan.
After K_G_ and dnc-mafia had lost their special privileges in the forum, I realized that suddenly Kunimitsus (K_G_s brother which is living in the same place like him) account was very acitve in the forum, and I knew that Kunimitsu had been inactive in the game before for quite some time and had never visited the forum frequently ever, so it was pretty obvious that K_G_ was using his brothers account to read in the restriced area of the forum, so I had no other choice but kicking Kuni from the clan as well, what was pretty hard for me to be honest because I never had any problems with Kuni and thought he was a really nice guy.

So this is the whole story of K_G_ and his friends being "removed" from the clan, probably he will tell you something different, but unlike him I can back up anything I just wrote with screenshots of previous conversations and forum entries.

After he had left the clan, K_G_ behaved like an idiot on public servers and kept stalking Dark members on servers and insulting them, even those who never had a problem with him, simply because they didn't want him back as the leader.
He tried to persuade other dark members to leave the clan as well, obviously with very limited success.

I don't hold any real grudges against K_G_ and wish him all the best with his new clan, I am graduating from University right now and planing a big trip for June, so I have got really more important things to do than arguing on the internet over a fucking computer game.
After all, this is supposed to be fun and as some other people already mentioned, the community of UT3 is too small to fall out over such bullshit.


PS: yes I know this post is fucking long, I didn't plan it that way. Thanks for reading it anyways  :)
134  Unreal Tournament 3 / Homepage / Re: New _Dark_ homepage on: Tue 12.05.2009 13:23:09
Greets is your opinion?^^

lol stupid
135  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Tue 12.05.2009 13:21:55
HAHAHAHAHA so much hate for basher-king:P

If we wanted to post some real hate, we could post things you said about Basher-King before you recruited him, same for Arcane  xxxlaugh.gif
136  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / WA [0] vs _Dark_ [44], 10th of May 2009 on: Sun 10.05.2009 17:56:11
gg WarAngels, was a funmatch,

screenshots speak for themselves:

137  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Re: Want a Friendly / Training War? on: Sun 10.05.2009 15:44:50
138  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Re: Want a Friendly / Training War? on: Sun 10.05.2009 15:28:27
I am back, university was closed  msn002.gif
I hoped that at least the computer lab would be opened at Sunday, but oh well...
I'm ready for the war.
139  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Re: Want a Friendly / Training War? on: Sun 10.05.2009 14:49:41
ok, since your clan seems to be too unprofessional to organize a clanwar, I will go to the library now and continue working on my thesis -.-

If there should be any war tonight, all darkies know how to configure the server, I guess.
140  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches - unofficial / Re: Want a Friendly / Training War? on: Sun 10.05.2009 13:59:28
i know what u think but we are a clan and not an one man army...i cant say u what 4 maps I would like to play because i am not sure what my comrades would like to play against u^^so we will decide it tomorrow....


what's up now guys, and at which time?  embarrassed
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