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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Sat 07.02.2015 14:01:21
Why don't you try to play with E.P.R.??  I can't speak for the others in the clan, but for the most part it's a somewhat active team.
Game dispute with foreigners is more interesting than the one with Epry.
2  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Thu 05.02.2015 20:08:27
csgo and dota for me...thats it  xxxlaugh.gif
Fuuuuuuuu, I even don't know what of these I hate more, csgo prolly
3  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Thu 05.02.2015 16:08:03
Can I have contacts of Sev and Bloody on facebook(and contacts of light, matzer if possible)? I just registered there(Asin Ninj). Where are european\american clans usually chatting? Russians are all over vkontakte.ru or Skype, but foreigners as I know use facebook and some programm I forgot the name like Steam?
4  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Thu 05.02.2015 09:40:43
Well i see Matzer and L1ght in-game, Sev and Bloody on facebook, and Vegas on this forum, DeadlyM4rk and M4rt1n1 commented on my video some time ago... and that's it :p
So at least 5 players are active, it is enough for 5 vs 5 Wink Try to convince them. Deadlym4rk and m4rtini - I don't know them, it seems, I saw m4rtini once in some old video clanwar and that's it.
5  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Wed 04.02.2015 17:27:45
Also, Blo0dy, one thing is to play UT3, other thing is to play a match for 1h-2h :p IT's a matter of effort and organize your time.
Yeah, and unfortunately, I have no contacts of Dark, PtE, Bk.rt etc... So I can't talk with each member separately, so I expect somebody of you, iFCB for instance, will gather a team of Dark or multiclan team, whatever. And then we will choose a time, hope Matzer will give us a server.
6  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Wed 04.02.2015 13:21:51
It's the wake up call _Darks_  tongue

I barely have any time left to play video games at all and if I have some, I put it in use to play Quake Live  embarrassed

I'm over and done with UT3. For good! You probably noticed already, though  xxxlaugh.gif
Yeees... bla-bla-bla... You left it coz there are no players to play with, and honestly, I don't like this game more either. But the clanwar isn't a bad idea. And quake? I mean it is stupid ='P
7  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Wed 04.02.2015 09:28:02
You need a patch to even play now don't ya? Cause gamespy is down or so... However, if we'd gather enough ppl I'd prolly take a try and play.
Yeah, gamespy went down, you need http://epicgames.com/community/2014/05/ut3-patch-allows-you-to-play-after-gamespy-shutdown/comment-page-1/
I'm not really sure there is anyone left from _Dark_ to play UT3. Embarrassed
But you are friendly with PtE, Fick and so on, I mean you can gather your multi foreign team, challenge is not only for Darks, but for skilled ppl ^^
P.$ I want to see iFCB too Wink On our side, presumably will be: Iska, Neversleep, Assasins, Gabry, Mezmerize and others (if they will be available at certain time).
It's the wake up call _Darks_  tongue
Hell, yes! This is THE WAKE UP CALL!
8  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Tue 03.02.2015 22:31:23
Hey guys, what do you think about taking a challenge from Terrorists? As I know, Matzer still keeps his vCTF server so we can play there. I suggest a standart proper vCTF clanwar with 2 maps and 1 extra map if it is draw. I know that there are no active clans in this sh** game but gather the strongest team you can to beat us! ^^ I think we can organize a team of 5 players. Almost nobody plays this game now but it would be funny to play versus players with brains ^ I'm waiting for your answer if it is possible.
9  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Wed 16.10.2013 16:54:49
With "Black Jack" and sluts ha?
You guys play vCTF on ut3prox server?
P.$ MTV interests if somebody still play UT, I think he wants organize a match on jolt.
10  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Tue 15.10.2013 18:09:16
Hello everyone, how is it going?
11  Unreal Tournament 3 / Homepage / Re: New _Dark_ homepage on: Sun 13.10.2013 16:05:34

You know, it's even worse. Lately there are like 3-4 persons who are cheating on jolt and they don't do a thing about it. Like this Joe_Merci for example, everyone knows he's using radar and I busted him many times, but the admins don't do anything about it. -.-
UT3 is... well let's say a ''dead'' game if you're gonna compare to 2007/2008 etc.. so people gonna use cheats now. And yeah, this generation has no teamplay at all. All egos for them selves going for the highest kills. Don't give no taxi, no cover. And yes, spam maps like everytime. Went to TL. ArenaJolt goes to Shoebox. Shoebox going to FeelGood then to this Anarchyhalls, then people can vote for Arena again it's just the same thing over and over again. Than for once it's going to be Sandstorm... and than they all leave, because they don't know how to play on that map! ZERO knowledge of the vehicles, what are they doing? Most of them don't even bother to take the avril, because they stupid. They just stand in that stupid tower with their sniper (and the most of them can't even aim for sh*t). And if they take a vehicle they just ruined it lol. So yeah... I really hope Dark VCTF server going to be good. I mean, let's all vote for Containment!!! It's a good map lol. Anyways, just felt like typing this.
Massive msg. I agree with everything above, although I don't care about cheaters with radar or speedhack. Only aimboters annoy much but I didn't see them long ago. And more- in most cases, you can not be compeletely sure about somebody's cheating.
Maybe we could gather on jolt together at evening and play 1-2 matches on normal maps? This game is dead, but hell this is the best shooter I ever played. New battlefields and other trash can't compete with ut, they are too stupid =p
12  Unreal Tournament 3 / Homepage / Re: New _Dark_ homepage on: Sun 29.09.2013 20:35:00
Who wants to vote for this map again? no one lol
Are you kidding? Everyone votes for this map, this map is up to 24\7 on jolt, when I enter vCTF server, this map is there. Ppl even have no idea how to jump with spacebar anymore.
No time to clean up that illogical mess but thanks for your feedback.
It's my pleasure.
13  Unreal Tournament 3 / Homepage / Re: New _Dark_ homepage on: Sat 28.09.2013 17:56:05
No offense, but this map doesn't make sense. It has  no teamplay and it's long to go to meet an enemy. There are 2 options - big map with good balance that allows capture the flag with teammate(taxi,etc). Or a small map that won't get you bored running from base to base. Further more, original sunny feelgooding is at least original and fun. You just copied the tower and pasted two islands-not interesting. Just my opinion.
P.$ I incorrectly expressed about "hating". I can't hate the whole clan for this :)
14  Unreal Tournament 3 / Homepage / Re: New _Dark_ homepage on: Sat 28.09.2013 14:19:50
Good day everyone, are you still alive? Btw joaoFCB I hate your clan becouse of fickgooding map =D It completely sux, becouse of such maps ut3 is not ut3, better let ppl move straightly and click a mouse on spambox than this.
15  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 fragmovie: THEORY OF ART by SNappy on: Tue 26.03.2013 20:53:45
Spoiler about my frag movie
it's still not ready, but it has lots of vCTF frags, some long distance airroxes and 2 air frags i have never seen before on any other movie  tongue
Will see :)
16  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 fragmovie: THEORY OF ART by SNappy on: Tue 26.03.2013 10:47:35
I saw all parts-it's quite of good editing but ut fragmovies are already dead, especially tdm\duel fragmovies. All frags are so boring and everybody saw them thousandfold. VCTF fragmovies are more interesting, extraordinary but they are getting bored too. I like only frag on me on penetrated) This double\triple and more spawn kills by headshots or rocket spam force to sleep. But quality of video is pretty good. In presentation "GToU hall of fame" used 3D vision.. hm, massive, unfortunatelly I haven't 3D glasses. Sorry for my english again.
17  Guests Area / General Discussion / Re: Tribes: Ascend on: Tue 06.03.2012 19:29:51
66000 xp? Shocked vegaspro
18  Guests Area / General Discussion / Re: Tribes: Ascend on: Wed 29.02.2012 17:48:47
Nothing. Just some funny quotes you and sava once's said. Your english back then was hilarioous  tongue
What a lol, I could not say this =D Maybe it was in your dream.
19  Guests Area / General Discussion / Re: Tribes: Ascend on: Wed 29.02.2012 17:13:19
My nick is AirSoldier(6 rank), this game was fun for me until engineer appeared, now there so much ####ing turrets that 10 stingers and tank on flag in UT is kindergarten. Btw bloody what do you wanted to say in your signature?
20  RypelCam / Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Rypel Cam on: Thu 27.10.2011 13:30:09
Actually, it's rendering while I'm writing this post. :)
But I ain't gonna leave my pc on over night to upload the tutorial, since it's in my bedroom and Telecom Italia's upload rate for flats is just pathetic. Tongue

About the camera looking blocked in one direction: the camera will work correctly as soon as there are 4 or more cam points. Just set some 'dummy' cam points before you want to set the actual camera path.
This bug is already fixed in the development build I used for the dumpframes tutorial video, and the fix will come with rcam 3.10.
Thanks very much. Sure upload this as comfortable as you need =) But what about rolling and timepath? Is it needs some "dummy" cam points too?
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