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1  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Mon 30.07.2012 22:48:45

2  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: dance on: Tue 03.07.2012 16:32:51
well, looong time ago i was dancing in competitions of latin american dances, and others.
I also teached a bit. My nich was born when i was an active dancer and just needed quick an name for
IRC. Well I own this name for a very long time now :)
3  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: dance on: Sun 10.06.2012 16:00:50
Yes, my son, I am your father,...
4  Guests Area / Hobbies / Re: The web designing topic on: Thu 07.06.2012 00:47:02

questions=? Maybe I can Help.
It´s a part of my profession :)

the dance
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