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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Trailer - UT3 - MasterPlayer Fragmovie: Unstoppable on: Tue 19.07.2011 13:36:46
the best fragmovie :)
2  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: MasterPlayer Fragmovie "Unstoppable" on: Tue 19.07.2011 13:36:05
the movie is amazing, thank my Lord for this work, you're a god to me and all my friends, Zaka DummeLoveNadis, darky, darling, we love you!!
3  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 - Jhon Out of Control - Frag movie on: Sat 30.10.2010 03:39:47
4  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 - Jhon Out of Control - Frag movie on: Mon 04.10.2010 07:20:36
jajajjaja thx!

I appreciate what you say!, and its true, i cut some parts of the original song, and I confess that if I knew very little video editing, I did not know anything about audio editing, just cut and paste, and adjust a few parameters but the video looks good, I think.

could put please my frag movi on the main portal as you did with my first one :$?

5  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 - Jhon Out of Control - Frag movie on: Sat 02.10.2010 00:46:16
I really liked it, man!  Smiley  Don't remember what was in your first movie, but effects and music here overdo everything that was before this  msn011.gif  gj!

THX ^^
6  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 - Jhon Out of Control - Frag movie on: Sun 26.09.2010 00:37:50
Hmm after watching it several times I must say that I liked your first fragmovie more. The editing is much better in this one for sure but the kills are average imho. Only 1 or 2 spectacular kills. In my opinions these headshots aren't worth it to be in a fragmovie.

i dont think so, in the frist one, all kills were rockets and headshots, but none outstanding. here i made a multikill in duel (2 headshots), 2 headshots to darlington (one of the best players in Argentina), a long bio-air, some really cools flak frags, some nices combo airs, among other things. More variety to my taste and quality.

7  Guests Area / Videos / UT3 - Jhon Out of Control - Frag movie on: Wed 22.09.2010 03:15:13

....Movie Info....

Created by: Jhon

Website: http://www.masterplayer.com.ar

Release: 21th Sep 2010

Length: 4 minutes 13 seconds

Filesize: 251 MB

Resolution: 1280x720

Frame Rate: 50FPS

Video Codec: x264

....Video Music....

Exaile: Out of Control (edited)

....About Movie....

After a year since I created my first frag movie, I present before you "Jhon Out of Control", a frag movie made of some of the best frags I have made this year, while a really frenetic song playing on the background matches the feeling we get from playing Unreal Tournament 3.

Most of the frags are taken from Duels, but also some from Deathmatchs,Betrayal and CTF modes. All of them were recorded in 2009 and 2010 into the servers of MasterPlayer.

The creation of the frag movie took me around two months of work.It is important to point out that I am not a professional editor. So everything you will see is made with effort and dedication.


Pasado 1 año despues de mi primer frag movie, presento Jhon Out of Control, una recompilacion con alguna de las mejores jugadas que he hecho, seguida por una musica que acompaña el frenesí de lo que es jugar Unreal Tournament 3.
Los frags en su gran mayoria son sacados de duelos, pero tambien hay algunos de DM, Betrayal, CTF. Todos fueron grabados en 2009/20010 en los servidores de MasterPlayer.
La edición me tomo alrededor de 2 meses de trabajo, cabe resaltar que no soy un editor experimentado asi que todo lo que ven esta hecho con mucho esfuerzo.

....Programs Used....

After Effects CS5
Fraps 3.2.3
Unreal Tournament 3
SoundBoouth CS5

....Thanks to...

Chatran, Darlington, Nariz, Nadis, Ermaks, Cristan M, Lord Dela, Richi, Moco, Deep.
Y a todo MasterPlayer, la comunidad Argentina de Unreal Tournament 3.


....Download HD 720@50fps....

MasterPlayer FTP:



8  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 frag movie "Jump the Gun" on: Wed 03.03.2010 03:36:04
Hey, someone know how to record with the drumpframes ? this video was made with this "tecnique", in rypelcam with F2 you can start this, but take me less than 1 screen per second, i dont know how to increase the number of screens per second, someone can helpme ?
9  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 frag movie "Jump the Gun" on: Tue 02.03.2010 22:10:04
its awesome the quality of this fragmovie, i cant get the same in my movies :S
10  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Masterplayer FragMovie on: Tue 02.03.2010 15:36:06
jajjajaja its all rigth! aka_sova just say hello in our comunity :D thx for that!

now, with the last fragmovie video, more players of our comunity are interesting to make fragsmovies, we are teaching to use sonyvegas, ripel cam, fraps, etc.

soon we will have more videos :D
11  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Masterplayer FragMovie on: Mon 01.03.2010 23:41:25
We are really thrilled that they like

:D thx for rate in yt!
12  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Masterplayer FragMovie on: Mon 01.03.2010 18:17:32
i understand, no problem :)
13  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Masterplayer FragMovie on: Mon 01.03.2010 17:57:53
u can post in english, we will understand you :)

We are from argentina, we speak spanish, but most understand english :)
14  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Masterplayer FragMovie on: Mon 01.03.2010 17:21:14
Here its the link to youtube:

and here the link to our forum, if u like, u can say hello to all masterplayer Tongue

15  Guests Area / Videos / Re: nice frag movie from jhon on: Mon 01.03.2010 16:05:18
wow i dont see this topic, I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah thought the same  msn012.gif Don't want to know how long they had to record to get all these kills.

The crosshair is like the one from the q3, i used to play it.

I spent 2 weeks to record all these frags for the fragmovie, on training times.

Now i have more than 50 dems, i have to make another movie Tongue
16  Guests Area / Videos / Masterplayer FragMovie on: Mon 01.03.2010 15:33:06
Hi everyone! in my comunity (argentina) we have made another fragmovie:

17  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Wed 17.02.2010 00:57:53
Is a pity that the ping on other countries is so high. I hope that some day this problem gets fixed.
18  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Tue 16.02.2010 19:53:45
HI!!!! i Jhon from argentina, i already been through here, but today I saw it was my frag movie on the web, i feel so proud :$ thx :D
19  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: VCTF settings on: Mon 28.12.2009 05:57:50
Thx for the reply; we had 3 score limit, but today we have change to no-limit.

true, if we play would have 250 ping, hopefully in the future this is resolved

i say goodbye from argentina, if u like u can say hello to my people in:

see u, and thx of lot
20  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / VCTF settings on: Mon 28.12.2009 01:47:12
Hello everyone, I'm from Argentina and we have 2 servers (they are the only ones in Argentina and one of the few in Latin America). I need to know which are the OFICIAL settings for VCTF: 15 min, 3 score ? or with out limit of score ?

We play most of all duels, but as we grow and much, we're starting to play much VCTF, if like in a not too distant future we could do some challenges.

Excuse my poor English.

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