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1  Guests Area / General / Re: Level designer looking for clan! on: Sun 10.08.2014 10:44:28
It is probably easier for you to gather 6(+) individuals by asking in the ingame chat of active servers or posting on the Epic forums. You're gonna have a hard time to find any active UT3 clans.

Thanks, those are some good ideas :)
I'm afraid uploadin a video is not going to cut it as i need playtest results with actual players.
2  Guests Area / General / Level designer looking for clan! on: Fri 08.08.2014 15:48:53
Hello Dark Clan!
I'm Nathan, a game design and development student from Holland.
For my Bachelor's project i'm making a level for UT3 in a timespan of roughly two months, and i'm looking for an active clan to help me in this.
I'd love to have some highly skilled players who i can ask questions and who can playtest the developing level a couple of times with me.

What i would request is a couple of playtests (2-4) with a moderate amount of players (6+) and some conversation with clan members.
Communication would be done trough the forums and a voip client of your choosing (like teamspeak or vent).
I don't have much to offer in return apart from the finished map and being credited in my paper.

Would [Dark Clan] feel up for this? Have other questions? Post em below :)
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