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1  RypelCam / Red Orchestra / Re: Hello All!!! on: Fri 10.10.2014 23:21:29
Hi ROPlayer,

I'm not familiar with the Unreal Engine 2 based RypelCam releases, but will take notice of your wish for updates. I can't test this myself at the current time, though looking at the first person weapon fix in the RO1/UT2K4 RypelCam, it seems to depend on the weapon model for the third person character, so you may first check if that one exists.

If you look for further occurrences of "bdrawweapons", you will find the exec function called "toggleweaponshow", which will toggle the value of bdrawweapons at runtime. Write the name of this function into the console to execute it.

Hi and thank you for your reply! I thought that Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 (standalone game NOT the free UT 2004 mod) was using Unreal engine 2.5?

I couldn't understand what you mean by check the model of the weapon? All weapons are working perfectly on the server and on the clients. They are the vanilla weapons.

I did some more tests: On map 1 first recorded demo: demo starts and players spawn immediately after that and they have helmets on and rifles/weapons are visible. On map 2, neither weapons nor hats are visible. on few other maps its the same. I then recorded demo on map 1 again, and this time weapons were visible but no hats?
(By the way class for helmets/hats is called ROHeadGear and extends RODummyAttachment

I am starting to think that it deepends whether you start recording demo BEFORE or AFTER players respawn?
Also I read something somewhere that I must have all the files listed in the serverpackages UNCOMPRESSED in my game folder (this means not cached uxx verion of the files). Otherwise demos wont work? and all the files for the mutators that were running at the time of the demo recording? Is that true?
Oh and I forgot! On one of the maps where no weapons/hats are visible, soldiers bend their bodies in an odd way. Like the skeleton gets stuck at some position and then the meshes gets stretched. On the map where weapons/hats are visible all is fine. All the maps I tested are vanilla maps that come with the game.

I will be so happy if an update was released for the Red Orchestra Ostfront RypeLcam that fixes some problems. I am not demanding for more stuff (recording stuff). The features the current version has are pretty good and should do the job for good video recording. Of course if they are polished somehow the release will be more useful than the current build.

Again, thank you again for your time! By the way I thought I would not find this tool on the internet but thanx to your forum and community I managed to download it! And another suggestion: if you could put manuals for all rypelcam versions in the respective download pages many users will download them :)

OH I ALMOST FORGOT: Watching demo on maps where hats/weapons don't show I saw there is problem with spawning: one team will spawn few seconds after the other for some reason. I saw this using the wireframe mode and looking across the map!

I just tried: typing toggleweaponshow in the console gives me "Unrecognised command" reply
2  RypelCam / Red Orchestra / Re: Hello All!!! on: Thu 09.10.2014 21:06:14
HI this is what I found in the code: WEAPONDRAW IS SET TO FALSE FOR SOME REASON. May be I should set it to true and recompile rypelcam???

But still, it shows weapons on some maps....no idea why!!!

//overlay.weaponCont = overlay.pc.GetEntryLevel().Game.LoadDataObject(class'weaponSaver', "ws", "weapondata");
   foreach overlay.ViewportOwner.Actor.AllActors(class'Actor', ta)
    ta.CullDistance = 0;
   foreach overlay.ViewportOwner.Actor.AllActors(class'HUD', other_hud)
   foreach overlay.viewportowner.actor.AllActors(class'demorecspectator', o_demo)
        overlay.serverdemo = true;
        overlay.bdrawweapons = false;
   //overlay.curweapon="Assault Rifle";
   cht = overlay.PC.spawn(class'CamHudTimer');

3  RypelCam / Red Orchestra / Hello All!!! on: Thu 09.10.2014 19:45:52
Hi guys I am using rypelCam for RO and I am starting to get used to it! It is working good but there are some problems. On few maps the soldiers weapons are not visible. On other maps they are visible with no problem. I am making ServerSide demos ONLY. If you have any idea please let me know what the problem may be. Is there any later or enhanced version of the Camera for RO? I wish it was updated to a later version with few bugs removed and few things added just like in the UT 2004 one.
Thank you very much in advance and I look forward hearing your  replies!
Your's sincere: ROPlayer.
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