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101  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Unreal Engine 4 released on: Fri 21.03.2014 20:35:59
There aren't that much of trademarks/copyrights.
In the UDK version, maybe, but UT3 stands under Midway's copyright. Moving their assets or code to UDK pretty clearly breaks the EULA. If someone would sue you or if noone gives a dime as long as you don't commercialize a game, that is an other topic.
But even with such permission, all the native code where noone knows what exactly Epic does there... you'd have to rewrite a lot yourself, don't know how meaningful that would be. By the way, what improvements for UT3 do you expect from UDK over the Engine of UT3?

And i doubt UE4 will work for Arena-FPS players. Have you checked the system specs? You won't get that much of performance on low end PCs.
You reffer to the recommended specs for the Editor, or to the minimum specs for running a game?
UE4 is supposed to scale well, like that elemental demo: high quality details on a PC and less particles and details on a (beta-PS4) console.
Even mobile phones will run UE4.
Epic also wants to rule the browser game segment with javascript-UE4 games, they can't expect high end machines playing casual games. ...and Epic will copy your facebook profile pic and gather data about your friends, no joke... and pass data about you to a set of trusted companies, but no need to tell which those are. Murica is proud of you. wasted

So, back to topic, the min specs will very between different games, which does not exclude arena FPS on UE4. ...And the Editor will be improved, Epic clearly states the current version is only for early adopters.

If games will run 60 FPS in 720p or 1080p on a Xbox 1 or PS4, that may already set the maximum of the graphics quality bar until the next console generation is there, I guess. Wink
102  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Unreal Engine 4 released on: Thu 20.03.2014 22:12:44
If I got more time, i would definetely try something real with the unreal engine.
How about 'real tournament'? Inspired by, but not cloned from UT. But use hexa-kill instad of monsterkill, or Epic is gonna sue you! Wink
103  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Unreal Engine 4 released on: Thu 20.03.2014 12:57:12
UT4 is officially not gonna happen.
That's a blast. There was supposed to be an AAA FPS title under development by Epic, alongside with an old-school arena FPS by Cliff Bleszinski, who left Epic before they sold out 50% to a Chinese company (even if not officially UT). Embarrassed

Kismet2, seems like drawing Code with MS Paint to me. Grin
Maybe it is worth a look, I'm not keen on learning C++, as you surely already noticed.  Wink

I'll wait and see if the editor ships with their Minecraft-like game Fortnite, I'm not going to subscribe/unsubscribe to Epic to download a Editor that is 'unpolished' and currently requires a 'beefy PC' to properly run.

...If you get the source, check if the DemoRecDriver is still there[!!!] Grin
104  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Unreal Engine 4 released on: Thu 20.03.2014 00:07:18
Came a bit sudden to me, but it seems like Unreal Engine 4 was released today.
Homepage: https://www.unrealengine.com/

Currently, there is a subscription fee of 19$ per month to use the engine. If you cancel that, you can keep the engine but no longer get updates for it.

In case you do anything commercial with it, you pay an additional 5% of revenues.

Unrealscript was removed. ...not happy about that. xxxthumbsdown.gif
But it is supposed to be possible to freely modify the engine with C++.

What do you guys think about the UE4? Or do you mostly just hope for a UT4? msn012.gif
105  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Spam Board for all XD on: Sun 02.03.2014 18:40:09
snow pics from today

Titanfall!  xxxw00t.gif
Meh, kinda COD, just with mechs, or not?
106  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Renegade X Open Beta Released on: Sat 01.03.2014 19:14:55
107  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: A new mouse on: Thu 27.02.2014 13:01:23
There are better and worse laser and led sensors. You could check some review or consumer ratings on the web to get an idea what kind of quality a mouse manufacturer offers.

In theory, laser sensors work on various kind of surfaces (even glass) and allow a higher resolution, thereby a faster mouse movement / higher dpi are possible without getting incorrect results. Thy should require no maintenance or become incorrect, but is seems to be possible, as Bloody wrote.
108  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Renegade X Open Beta Released on: Wed 26.02.2014 20:56:59
Awesome, looks great! Lots of respect to all you guys from Totem Arts for releasing your work for free without adding any microtransactions/pay 2 win to the game! Sounds like a real PC game, like there were nother in the past few years!

+1 download. afrodd.gif
109  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: A new mouse on: Wed 26.02.2014 20:37:37
And what mouse do you have Vegas?
CM Storm Inferno, works fine since a couple of years now. ...but without any sort of diablo click fests. Grin
110  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: A new mouse on: Wed 26.02.2014 12:55:40
Got a Logitech g500s for someone a few weeks ago. It has a 1000 usb polling rate and a sensor with 8200dpi resolution.
I didn't mess with the drivers or test the difference when adding the included weights, but overall, the haptic is top. For my taste, the middle mouse button triggers a bit easy (that is a matter of adaptation from my own mouse, I guess, since the g500s button is not really that weak you trigger it by mistake).

IMHO, it is good that the g500s looks more like an ordinary mouse than a gaming mouse, but that is purely a matter of taste.
111  RypelCam / Tutorials & Discussion / Re: Demospeed & dumpframe issues on: Mon 17.02.2014 19:33:31
I was just asking if you could somewhat keep the crosshair on when you turn off the hud in RC.
Also what does the option "First person movie mode" do?
You gave yourself the answer. "First person movie mode" allows to remove some hud elements without hiding the entire hud. The crosshair, messages for kills/sprees/weapon pickups and more stay visible, whereas the minimap, weapon bar etc. are removed. In case the hud is hidden, you can make it visible with 'h'.
112  RypelCam / Tutorials & Discussion / Re: Demospeed & dumpframe issues on: Mon 17.02.2014 13:19:20
I'm in the RypelCam developer team, but I'm not RypeL. Wink

Sometimes, in UT3 client demos, the physics of a player pawn change to 'falling' and are not restored to 'walking'.
You can tell you have this bug if a player moves like this:

"avoidphysicsbug" overwrites the physics to be rigid, keeping the first person view of that player somewhat functional, but the weapon and the arms are no longer turned correctly in front of the player, so they have to be hidden. The effect lasts until the player dies and should only be applied if you encounter this error, and the error repeats every time you play the demo.

I don't know what you mean with crosshair in UT99, maybe someone else can help out here?
There is an option in the UT3 menu to change between the regular crosshair and a simple version. Also, UTComp has crosshair options and allows you to create custom crosshairs.
113  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Sun 16.02.2014 22:52:12
franz ferdinand-bullet

114  RypelCam / Tutorials & Discussion / Re: Demospeed & dumpframe issues on: Sun 16.02.2014 11:29:24
First off I'm new to UT3 moviemaking scene

When I play a demo with rypelcam it starts at "1x" speed, but the actual speed is "hyper", around 5 times faster than it should be.
The game runs faster (or slower, depending on your PC performance and graphics settings) when you start it as 'benchmark'. 'Benchmrak' is important if you want to dump screenshots, since the Engine waits for all scripts and operations to complete before rendering a new frame. This means, it does not matter how powerful your PC is or how long it takes to save a screenshot to your hard disk drive, your screenshots will always generate a fluid movie with your configured FPS rate.

To run UT3 with 'benchmark', you can add -benchmark to the shortcut path of UT3.exe as a command line parameter (your shortcut probably already looks like this):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" -Benchmark

BENCHMARK: Run game at fixed-step in order to process each frame without skipping any frames.
This is useful in conjunction with DUMPMOVIE options.

FPS: set the frames per second for benchmarking.

Unfortunately, the -FPS command line parameter works in UDK but not in UT3. So the Engine plays the game as fast as possible at fixed 30 FPS of gameplay speed.

rypel doesnt allow me to dump with custom playback speed
RypelCam allows you to dump screenshots at your custom FPS rate by changing the demo playback speed in proportion to the dumpframes FPS you want to record at (playbackspeed = 30 / dumpframesFPS).
But you have to open the RypelCam menu in game (press R) and configure the Dumpframe FPS there, if you don't want to record at 30 FPS (Main Menu > Dumpframes > record screenshots at FPS).

If you set 120 FPS and start dumping screenshots, you should see the demo playback speed in the HUD dropping to 0.25 (30FPS/120FPS).

Also when I try to modify UTRypelCam.ini to accommodate my preferable settings (120 fps), when I load up the game Rypel always reverts to default values.
Good point, will be changed in a future RypelCam to load the settings from UTRypelCam.ini.

How do I make my demos play at regular speed?
You can start UT3 without -benchmark to run demos at the regular speed. To run UT3 without -benchmark, create a shortcut to UT3.exe, and leave it as is (or at least, do not add the -benchmark command line parameter :-) ):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe"

Just make sure you use -benchmark when you want to record screenshots, or your movie won't have a constant FPS rate.

On a side note - I cant set texture quality in settings to 5/5. When I reload the game it always reverts to 3/5 Sad
You have to be logged in to your profile for UT3 to save graphics settings. If you choose to play offline, changes made to this guest profile are volatile.
But this can be useful as well, if you don't want to have your profile settings modified. For example, if you find bloom and depth of field disturbing while playing, but you want to make a video with RypelCam with all the eye candies active. When you leave the guest account by logging in to your profile, the settings for bloom, depth of field and so on are discarded, you don't have to go in the graphics menu and disable them manually.

A helpful advice: To load the maximum graphics settings, you can as well use the RypelCam menu (press R): Main Menu > Graphics > Set High Quality Graphics.
If you are logged in to your profile, changes are permanent, otherwise the graphics reset when you restart the game or log in to your profile.

And how can I remove/mute those special weapon hit sounds? For instance, when you frag someone with Flak something like a bottle-open sound plays.
Hitsounds are not a RypelCam or UT3 feature. Sounds like they are added by mutators like UTComp, ATB or similar. If these mutators were active while the demo was recorded, they will be loaded for the demo playback as well. The UTComp menu can be opened with F5, and, I think, you can change some of the UTComp settings also during demo playback.

Lastly - could you modify RypelCam to accommodate higher dumpframe settings (above 120)
In theory, yes. In fact, when a future RypelCam loads the dumpframes settings from UTRypelCam.ini, you will be able to set any value you want in the .ini.
But since the FPS commandline parameter does not work in UT3, the gameplay speed is locked at 30FPS. In order to record, for example, at 300FPS, RypelCam would reduce the demo playback speed to 0.1 (30FPS/300FPS). Such low playback speed causes new problems. You can test it yourself, go below 0.1 playback speed during the demo playback (without even dumping screenshots), there will be lots of jitter in the player movements. The Unreal Engine 3 does a very, very bad job in interpolating the player movements in demos. It is unlikely that RypelCam can fix that.

and enable simultaneous sound recording?
No, unachievable with just unrealscript in RypelCam. Even in UDK, where Epic allows you to record directly to avi video, sound is not recorded.
115  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Spam Board for all XD on: Sat 08.02.2014 19:45:16
One more physiX video from my region falling apart due to this freaking weather this winter.
Note how civilized my fellow countrymen here tells his camcorder to start recording:
"Film, du Schwein!" - "record, you pig!" xxxlaugh.gif

116  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Thu 06.02.2014 20:51:08
tiesto-red lights
de hofnar-de nacht
julien blend-atom
milky chance-running
craig mack-flava in ya ear (benji boko rmx)

117  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Sat 01.02.2014 12:33:21

If you don't manage to see the strereogram video:
118  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Spam Board for all XD on: Thu 30.01.2014 12:59:35
If you had shit on your pants, then your car would have been smashed plus shit on  Grin
Win-win situation. smiley_x0.gif

Looks devastating, Vegas! Is that close to where you live?
Not really, about 50km apart. The high school I went to is located there in the background, so I'm familiar with the area.
119  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Spam Board for all XD on: Wed 29.01.2014 19:03:46
Gew├╝rztraminer 2014 will be round and balanced, but somewhat sandy in the outflow...  smiley_x0.gif
These amateurs get a huge publicity and are selling film rights. Next time the rolling stones are on tour I'll hit up DarklyBishop to make a proper drone movie of it. Grin

120  RypelCam / Red Orchestra 2 / Re: Red Orchestra 2 RypelCam > Download on: Thu 23.01.2014 20:23:07
RypeL created a new RO2 RypelCam which runs on the new Rising Storm multiplayer.
Download it here.

New commands:

- seekToFrame 'frame' 'speed' -> more reliable than the seekto command with timestamp. The Time in the demo often is way different in different viewings of the demo, the framecounter is always the same and accurate.
-'F'-Key: As close as i could get to a pause mode so far. The issues of the pause lies within RO2 and atm seems unlikely that i could fix it.
- DepthOfField 'enabled(true/false)' 'FocusDistance'
- WriteColladaFile true false -> creates C4D file in C:\...\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\User
- FOV changes in the campath should be working now (select a campoint with 'Num+'/'Num-' and the hit 'O' to switch into fov mode and then hit 'Num7'/'Num8' to change fov for that campoint. 
- Moving in pause mode works now

In timedpath mode you can also use the dynamic slowmo feature. For that i recommend recording the camera first with fraps or so with the RCam hud turned on so that you can see the framecounter. Then you can plan at what framecounts the game should speed up or slow down. Then you can make a "slowmo script" in the RORypelCam.ini by adding something like this to the end of the ini (example):

What this would do is it would start of with demospeed 1.0 (= normal) at frame 296 but then transition to speed 0.15 from frame 296 through frame 320. Then from frame 320 on it speeds up again to reach speed 2.0 at frame 360.
If you, for instance, wanted to keep the speed of 0.15 from frame 320 till 340 before speeding up again you would then do it like this:
So there always need to be as many of 'TimedilationframeTimedilation' as there are 'Timedilationframe'.
(If you want to deactivate the scripted slowmos again without deleting them from the ini altogether the easiest way is just changing the first Timedilationframe to something very high no demo would ever reach, like changing 296 to 29600000)

Rewind ... does work! Though i have only tested it briefly yet, not sure if there are sideeffects in RO2. In UDK it works decent but crashes when you rewind past a point where a vehicle or flag was destroyed/vanished. Not sure yet how stable it is in RO2. You need to do a change to the ROEngine.ini to make it work:
In the ROEngine.ini search for
and replace that with
You could potentially play arround with this numbers, but these are the UDK defaults. The command for rewinding is 'demorewind' wich with each press rewinds by like half a second. Keep an eye on the framecounter displayed in the RCam hud while rewinding to get an idea how far you rewinded and how far you need to rewind to get to your point of interest again, as the freecam will most likely jump into places/back in time away from the action aswell wich can make it a bit confusing. The freecam not staying in place like that is in the UDK version aswell and its a sideeffect of the rewind i cant do something against.
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