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1861  Guests Area / Screenshots / !!!Screenshots!!! Posting Tutorial on: Sun 24.08.2008 22:58:26

I'll give you all a short tutorial how you can post your screenshots:

First go to

1862  Guests Area / Screenshots / !!!Screenshots!!! on: Sat 23.08.2008 22:47:25
Upload your coolest screenshots to Imageshack and link the thumbnsils here!
heh -I know you don't take those ending-group-fotos without reason  Sarcasm

Place here also your best highscore screenshots, - lets see who rocks the most  Rock     cool thubs up
1863  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Say 'hi' here! on: Fri 15.08.2008 20:03:27

UT3 nick:  Vegaskill
Clan:  _Dark_

About me:  I'm a 23 years old guy from S├╝dtirol.

My Games:  I played UT04 before I changed to UT3 in February 2008.
I joined _Dark_ in July 2008 and hope for many nice matches with my clan mates.

You're invited to present yourself here too, it doesn't matter if you are a new member or just a guest of the forum! ...as long as you play UT3 or intend to do so in future!   :)
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