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21  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Wed 27.01.2016 22:13:04
Not worse than the original. Grin
22  Guests Area / Videos / UT4 frag movie by scientistpac - Reign Of Blood on: Wed 27.01.2016 22:10:31
UT4 fragday with Scientistpac! wink2.gif

-Reign Of Blood
23  Guests Area / Off Topic / x-mas '15 on: Thu 24.12.2015 17:59:32
Merry Christmas to all of you, frohe Weihnachten, hyvää joulua kaveri, veselé vánoce, joyeux Noël, feliz navidad and Hanukkah matata Pumba or whatever!  Santasmiley

24  Guests Area / News, Announcements & Information / December 10th, 2015: Tribes Ascend Version 1.1 - Out of the Blue Patch on: Thu 10.12.2015 20:58:46
T:A 1.1 - First update in two years! Came unexpected, huh? I wonder if the "It's M4rt1ni Time" fan club will be there again complaining about some first class sniper! smiley_x0.gif

Everything is unlocked by default, new maps and only 3 classes are left: Lights, Mediums, and Heavies.
Full patch notes: docs.google.com

Definitely gonna check this out. Cool
25  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Mon 30.11.2015 20:23:05

26  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: SOMA on: Wed 04.11.2015 17:38:59
A word of warning, this is WAY less scary than the creature-trailer suggests. The plot is great, though. afrodd.gif
27  Guests Area / Other Games / SOMA on: Thu 29.10.2015 19:08:06

28  RypelCam / Tactical Ops / Re: Tactical Ops Demo Manager 3 by UsAaR33 with extensions by {GkC}Poema: Commands on: Fri 18.09.2015 20:06:13
VirtualDub converts images to video with the default frame rate of 10fps. You can change this to any framerate you want in video>framerate.

other suggestions?
It is easier to handle and will give you audio for your movie aswell, if you use any screen capture software like AMD GVR, Shadowplay, Fraps or similar.
29  RypelCam / Tactical Ops / Re: Tactical Ops Demo Manager 3 by UsAaR33 with extensions by {GkC}Poema: Commands on: Wed 16.09.2015 21:03:17
I installed the demomanager right, but I can't see my demo's with the demomanager. They are not listed in demomanager. I don't get it, because the path is right and I am able to watch the demo through "demoplay".

I hope anyone could give me a solution! Smiley
What version of the game are you running? (full game / community mod / free UT99 mod)?

Any file with the extension "dem" should show up in the demo list, even if it is just a renamed text file. Probably there is something wrong with the path settings used in the demo manager. Try to set "C:\" as your demo path and copy a demo file there, than check again.

30  Guests Area / Videos / Re: D4 and Brutal Doom mod on: Sun 21.06.2015 17:43:11
Time to upgrade from Core Duo to Skylake in a few weeks. smiley_x0.gif
31  Guests Area / Videos / Re: D4 and Brutal Doom mod on: Sun 21.06.2015 15:31:22
Doom 4 comes with the brutal Doom mod preinstalled. xxxguns.gif
32  Guests Area / Videos / Re: New Fragmovie "Baguette POWA" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on: Wed 20.05.2015 17:41:16
Magic 360-tyrwot, with impact hammer secondary against darkwalker! xxxlaugh.gif afrodd.gif
33  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Toxikk (vs UT3) on: Mon 11.05.2015 12:10:55
Just making some publicity here, since Toxikk is on sale for a short period. Steam page: link

The game is still in the early access stage, but finally got a matchmaking system and some new maps and game modes. Usually not many people did play this game, since there was no map rotation and the weapons are not that unique as the arsenal offerend in the UT games. With the latest patch and the current promo, the playerbase grew considerably, and with the editor being published in the coming weeks, custom content will make the game more interesting and attract more people aswell. ...And RypelCam support is planned aswell, when the game is released.

34  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Official UT3 Polish Community Fragmovie on: Fri 17.04.2015 11:59:25
So... i made a NEW fragmovie...  xxxlaugh.gif xxxlaugh.gif xxxlaugh.gif

The editing is outstanding! The frags are great! So, how about making it public? msn012.gif
35  RypelCam / Tutorials & Discussion / Re: RCam discussion & Feature requests on: Fri 10.04.2015 11:40:33
VIP status, huh? I feel honored. Grin
I dont know how call this movie  Crazysmile1
Baguette POWA

(i used Rcam 3.17 i dont look if there was a new rcam ^^' )
It's the latest pubished RypelCam. Rattlesnake made a huge effort with hundreds of code submissions for a overworked RypelCam, but that one isn't quite ready to be published yet.
36  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Demos on: Thu 26.03.2015 12:42:06
Profile > Forum Profile Information > "I have my own pic: Specify your own avatar by URL."
37  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Demos on: Wed 25.03.2015 12:44:28
Says I'm missing a mutator called "Cam" to playback the Dark vs. P$ demos.
Typic Unreal Engine feature. Roll Eyes You'll need the same "Cam" files that were present while this demo was recorded. You may have a hard time to find them, cause according to the name it probably is a very early RypelCam (3.0.X).
38  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Demos on: Tue 24.03.2015 19:58:35
Clan wars _Dark_ vs P$: download (17mb)
Clan wars _Dark_ vs Corrupt: download (29mb)
Clan wars _Dark_ vs $$: download (54mb)

All dark vs bkrt demos should be on youtube, and older matches had no demo recording - that was the reason to record videos of clan wars in the first place. That's it, I think.
39  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Demos on: Tue 24.03.2015 18:44:16
T'as fais le tournoi toi? T'étais présent?
adepT is RaptorKC.

Can't tell about Jolt tournament rules, and if they were defined before the match was played.
Usually there is no overtime in vCTF clan wars. This was the case also in the cb rule set, which we adopted also for most of the friendly clan wars.

Just imagine maps like Corruption or Kargo, where 2 teams could play an hour of overtime without scoring once.


This post of MTV makes me think he kind of "forgot" to publish the game rules. http://www.joltut3.co.uk/board/index.php?threads/epic-fail-vs-tombo-kings-results-mixer.244/

I just wish i would have remembered to tell ppl that we play overtimes in the first match.
Btw, this was not a best of 3 matches........it was just three matches!

How did the server ads on Jolt server say: if something is wrong... "blame MTV". blablabla.gif
40  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Demos on: Mon 23.03.2015 19:48:11
Looks like Dark/Fick played vs PtE then vs BkRt.
If none of the players have the demo, you may ask DeineLtan, who was the server admin... that game was on the Fick clan server.
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