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41  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Demos on: Sun 22.03.2015 22:20:38
if you have any demos terro vs dark, waste ur 5 minutes and archive it for me please.
Wassup with those demo requests lately? Checked the old drive, there are a few clanbase demos ($$, bkrt, corrupt->adepT, will send them to you in the next days). And one single demo against terrorists:
Necro, from jan 2010 (17mb, mega.co.nz).

Tu as gagné une petite dédicace Mister Vega  msn012.gif  Grin
That is definitely gonna be the "Mr Vega fragmovie" soundtrack! Too bad I haven't ever done any proper frags that could justify such a fragmovie. Wink  xxxlaugh.gif
42  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Demos on: Fri 20.03.2015 12:47:00
Hi Devil.  Yes I know about all the Youtube videos, I've seen them all.  :>
The "Bordel" demos ain't on youtube but on youp*rn. Grin
43  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Demos on: Sun 08.03.2015 11:16:31
jolt mania championship matches???
mega.co.nz (90mb)

Black Knights of the Round Table vs _Dark_, Necro
Fick Clan vs _Dark_, Sandstorm
Prototype vs Terrorists Clan, Necro
Prototype vs Terrorists Clan, Kargo

Team Germany vs Team Poland

Plenty of tournament demos are hosted on MTV's Jolt UT3 Server: http://www.joltut3.co.uk/demos/archives/

Or some other clanwars
I should have some old demos from _Dark_ clan wars on an old hdd, can't bother to hook it up though. Wink
44  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Unreal Engine 4 released on: Tue 03.03.2015 12:45:44
... for free.
This is the end of the incredibly modding hostile Unreal subscription license. Sounds like this will stop the indie scene from preferring Unity over Unreal.
45  Guests Area / Other Games / Besiege on: Wed 18.02.2015 22:41:21
Some crazy constructions made with the alpha version of Besiege.
Not sure if this rather belongs into the jokes topic, but here is a compilation:

46  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Toxikk (vs UT3) on: Tue 17.02.2015 20:50:36
Good thing there is a second map and gamemode now. Made a quick game and it looks fine so far.

The viper alike vehicle is the "hoverboard" of this game. It can be spawned at any time, even when you hold the flag (called "cell" in this game). This will consume all the energy of your energy pack, which alternatively can be used for cloaking/making you semi-transparent. You won't have any weapons or selfdestruct mode, but you can make hit and runs - but you'll fall to the ground whenever you take any damage.
47  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: UT3 vCTF clanwar? on: Tue 03.02.2015 22:43:48
I'm not really sure there is anyone left from _Dark_ to play UT3. Embarrassed
48  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Toxikk (vs UT3) on: Sun 01.02.2015 23:20:19
There is no modding support yet, but since the game is mostly based on UDK, it was enough to decompile just a little code from the Toxikk game files to get RypelCam to work. Kinda not working correctly yet, since it would require to decompile more code from Toxikk, so no download for the Toxikk RypelCam for now.

Example video showing a simple camera path:
49  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: The way it used to be played and the way it is now on: Sun 01.02.2015 20:04:14
Ping from North America, twice in your team.  smiley-notok.gif Are there still no servers for UT3 over there, that they have to join EU servers?

* Fixed code to embed image
50  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Toxikk (vs UT3) on: Mon 26.01.2015 13:11:58
Once the SDK is released/accessible, a RypelCam adapted version for Toxxik could be created. Probably not by me as I don't plan to buy an access-code for Toxxik for the moment (still too much on my todo-list as you may know whistle).
Yeah, sorry for not being of help. But I can take on the port for Toxikk, it is just a simple task if the port is based on the RO2 RypelCam.

PS: UE4 doesn't prevent us/anyone from creating RypelCam4 msn012.gif
Just for saying, you could also implement RypelCam functions in CS:Go or Quake. But I'd say, it is up to Epic to finally implement a porper spectator with some camera tools. All games based on UE4 would benefit from that solution.

OT got dropped quite fast
But as you said, it might have been the reason for the start of the development of UT4.
I recall Epic being total d*ckheads about OT, saying you could make that game if you don't use UT assets and don't use the brand name. The hell, I'd rather go for an Open Tournament game on Unity or CryEngine, just to annoy a company for such statements. finger
51  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Toxikk (vs UT3) on: Sun 25.01.2015 13:21:36
So yeah, devs just didn't try demo recording when they said it didn't work (source on Toxikk forum). It seems to work for local games, so it is reasonable that it works on servers aswell. With unrealscript still in place in that engine version, there could be a Toxikk RypelCam, if the SDK is released.
52  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Toxikk (vs UT3) on: Sun 25.01.2015 10:25:46
AFAIK, it was planned as a rip-off isn't it?
Apparently that is the case.

The developers didn't know about UT4 when they started to work on Toxikk,so basing a game on any UT game is not that shameless. I just expected more of ut99 influence, since they promote the game as "frag like it is 1999".
I didn't expect them to mostly take just UT3 as reference, since that was supposed to be the "flop game" of the series, ignoring ut2003 even being a game on its own. If people like it, it shows that UT3 was not such a bad game at all. :)

An alternative based on UT3 running on a more modern engine isn't that bad, in case UT4 should flop despite being free. Who knows to what extent Epic is gonna make UT4 free anyway, maybe they'll keep it up with the 20 bucks a month for using the SDK - at least Toxikk is supposed to provide a free SDK for owners of the game.

PS. No demorec, at least that is what developers say. Maybe they didn't even test it yet. Roll Eyes Devs just call it a "nice to have" feature, where nth = fine if it works withouth further ado, otherwise there possibly will always be something else to do that has a higher priority. Could be a RypelCam candidate, otherwise.
53  Guests Area / Other Games / Toxikk (vs UT3) on: Sat 24.01.2015 13:11:15
i'm more looking forward to Toxikk than UT4
UT3 Toxikk is available for purchase on Steam, despite the game not being finished. The only deathmatch map, DM-Heatray Foundation, looks pretty dark - maybe because it is an urban environment at nighttime. The map is painted in a desaturated color scale of gray and brown. Colors are only to be found on neon lights. Oh, and there is an oversized hologram of a dancing lady on the roof.

Seriously, how much of a rip-off can a game be? Frag it like it's 1999 UT3!  xxxlaugh.gif

I'd advice anyone to stay with UT3 instead of the prepurchase version of Toxikk, maybe check out the final release when it's done. The developers don't realize the importance of first impressions. They should clearly have seen this in the history of UT3. Releasing an unfinished demo was fatal. Despite the game was patched and turned out pretty playable later on, the player base was gone.
54  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Sun 18.01.2015 19:18:46
Everyday life in GTA V:

55  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3: Countdown Fragmovie on: Fri 09.01.2015 20:29:14
Whoa, those air rox and shock hits -such Mojo Jojo! msn012.gif Great stuff!

Were you active in Tribes:V?
56  RypelCam / Red Orchestra 2 / Re: Red Orchestra 2 RypelCam > Download on: Sat 27.12.2014 20:53:40
The RO2 RypelCam 1.4 works after the latest RisingStorm update. Download it from the first post in this topic.
57  RypelCam / Tactical Ops / Re: Tactical Ops Demo Manager 3 by UsAaR33 with extensions by {GkC}Poema: Commands on: Thu 25.12.2014 16:24:17
The "Demo Manager" is a third party tool included with the UT99 and Tactical Ops RypelCam releases. When installed, the tool is listed in the game menu and offers a demo browser window to see recorded demos, and in addition, it is also active during the demo playback. This way, it can fix bugs that exist in the original demorecording and give you the possibility to enter additional console commands.
This topic is about said additional console commands, which happen to be the same for the Tactical Ops as for the UT99 Demo Manager (therefore the link to the UT99 Demo Manager topic, you can use any of those commands in Tactical Ops).

The Unreal Engine 1 RypelCam is supposed to be used with the included version of the Demo Manager 3, which has been vastly extended and improved compared to the original Demo Manager 3. There seem to be no instructions on the changes or the additional console commands, though.
I listed the available console commands from the source code of the Demo Manager, since they may be very useful if you work with demos in the UE1.

How to enter a console command:
Tabulator is the default key to open the console, than you can write your console command and execute it with the enter key. For example, the console command "ghost" allows you to fly through walls, or "setcamspeed 2" sets the speed of the spectator to twice its normal speed.
58  RypelCam / Tactical Ops / Tactical Ops Demo Manager 3 by UsAaR33 with extensions by {GkC}Poema: Commands on: Tue 16.12.2014 00:50:59
Follow this link: UT99 Demo Manager 3 by UsAaR33 with extensions by {GkC}Poema: Commands
59  RypelCam / Tactical Ops / Tactical Ops RypelCam: Instructions for use on: Tue 16.12.2014 00:43:52
Tactical Ops RypelCam - Instructions for use

    Start a demo:
To load an existing replay, open the game menu (Escape key), and select Mod > Demo Manager. If there are no demos listed, you may need to update the demo path on the 3rd tab of the Demo Manager window. Use the time setting "Time Based (?timebased)" and the "3rdPerson (Spectate)" option before starting a demo.

    Creating a camera path:
The left mouse button lets you spectate and switch players, the right mouse button detaches the camera and allows free movement via WASD keys. "Space" moves the camera up, "Control" down. You can pause the replay with the pause key or "F". You still can move around, but you can not turn with the mouse while the game is paused - use the arrow keys instead. Numpad5 allows to set so called cam points, which are represented with an an orange colored flag icon. Cam points contain data of the camera position, perspective and the time, when they were created.
With this information, RypelCam will construct a camera path that goes through all cam points, as soon as you set at least 4 cam points (minimum 4, maximum 50).

    Saving a camera path:
To save a camera path, the game needs to run in windowed mode. If it runs in fullscreen, use Numpad8 to switch to the windowed mode. Numpad4 opens a new editor window, which allows to interact with RypelCam. Under RypelCamProperties, doubleclick "save_all_to_ini".

    Playing a camera path:
The camera can take account of the time, when the cam points were created. This way, the speed of the camera will be dynamic and the camera will speed up and slow down all by itself. Restart the game and select "Demo3+LoadCam" to reload the demo.
The key "5" enables the timed camera path option, and the game will pause automatically, when the creation time of the first cam point is reached (on-screen text will say "Time till Camstart: x"). Hit "Numpad Slash" and "Numpad Multiply" to remove the icons of the camera path the on-screen text. "Numpad3" sets the camera as view target, and when the game is unpaused, the camera will start.

    Delete a cam point:
If in fullscreen, switch to windowed mode with Numpad8. Open the editor window with Numpad4, expand the section called "RypelCam_Insert_or_Remove_Flag". For "remove_Flag", enter the number of the flag you want to remove. Finally, confirm by double clicking on "remove_the_specified_Flag".

    Insert a cam point:
If in fullscreen, switch to windowed mode with Numpad8. Open the editor window with Numpad4, expand the section called "RypelCam_Insert_or_Remove_Flag". For "insert_after_flag", enter the number of the flag after which you want to insert a new cam point. Double click "I_want_to_insert_a_Flag", then you can place the new cam point with Numpad5.

    Playing a camera path with manual speed control:
If you don't enable the time-dependent camera option, you can manually control the speed of the camera and use the camera while the game is paused. "Delete" and "End" change the camera speed by the value of one unit, whereas "PageUp" and "PageDown" cause speed changes of 20% in respect to the current speed.

    Change position of a cam point:
Select a cam point with Numpad+ and Numpad-. Right click to detach the spectator camera. "2" toggles the option, to move the cam point in-plane with the mouse, "3" allows to move the cam point vertically. The more you move the mouse in a certain direction, the faster the flag will move in that direction.

    Change rotation of a cam point:
Select a cam point with Numpad+ and Numpad-, go into firstperson with Numpad0, then hit Numpad6. Choose a new rotation and confirm it with "1".

    Change various parameters of cam points:
If in fullscreen, switch to windowed mode with Numpad8. Open the editor window with Numpad4, expand the section called "RypelCam_Flags", which contains more parameters that you can change at will.

    Some useful keys and commands:
The key bind for M ("togglemovebv") toggles whether the behindview camera should be moveable with normal movement.
The key bind for R ("CurTime | TotalTime | CurFrame | TotalFrames") shows information about the time and frames of the currently playing demo.
The key bind for U ("ghost") enables the spectator to fly through walls.
The key bind for X("ViewRecorder") sets the view to the player who recorded the demo (will not work for demos recorded on a server)
The key bind for Y ("FindFlags") will change the view to flags, if there are any in the map (CTF game mode)
60  RypelCam / Tactical Ops / Tactical Ops RypelCam: Installation on: Tue 16.12.2014 00:40:44
RypelCam Unreal Engine 1 Edition - V1.2

created by RypeL

Included programs:

1.  RypelCam Unreal Engine 1 Edition - V1.2
Purpose: RypelCam is a tool that enhances the playback of game replays and allows movie makers to create camera paths and cinematic sequences

2.  Tactical Ops Demo Manager 3.0 by UsAaR33 with extensions by {GkC}Poema
Purpose: in-game browser of demos, automatic demo recording functionality, new demo recording driver with numerous fixes, additional functions during playback

3.  MovieUnreal2002 by Yoda with extensions by Argon
Purpose: Framegrabbing to create high-quality movies from game replays


1.  Extract all files of the .zip archives to the system folder of Tactical Ops (example: C:\TacticalOps\System)
2.  Open TacticalOps.ini (in the system directory)
3.  Find the line that says DemoRecordingDevice=Engine.DemoRecDriver
4.  Change it to: DemoRecordingDevice=udemo.uDemoDriver
5.  Backup User.ini, so you can restore the original key binds when you want to play
6.  Final step, in User.ini, add the key binds as listed below. Place them at the end of the section [Engine.Input], or replace the existing key binds. In case of key binds that share the same key, only the last entry in the list is valid. (it is possible to assignt multiple commands to a key bind, separated with "|")

Key binds:

1=summon Cam.saveMouseRotTrigger
2=summon Cam.mouseMoveTrigger
3=summon Cam.mouseMovezTrigger
4=summon Cam.timeDispTrigger
5=summon Cam.btimetrigger
NumPad1=viewclass CamControl
NumPad2=viewclass CamControl | behindview 0 | summon Cam.startTrigger
NumPad3=viewclass CamControl | behindview 0 | summon Cam.startTrigger2
NumPad4=editactor class=camcontrol
NumPad5=summon Cam.Knoten
NumPad6=summon Cam.mouseTrigger
GreyStar=summon Cam.textTrigger
GreySlash=summon Cam.drawkey
GreyMinus=summon Cam.ViewerTriggerDecrement
GreyPlus=summon Cam.ViewerTrigger
Up=moveRot 1024 0 0 0.1
Down=moveRot -1024 0 0 0.1
Left=moveRot 0 -1024 0 0.1
Right=moveRot 0 1024 0 0.1
PageUp=summon Cam.softlyquicker
PageDown=summon Cam.softlyslower
Delete=summon Cam.slower
End=summon Cam.faster
R=CurTime | TotalTime | CurFrame | TotalFrames
Aliases[26]=(Command="behindview 1 | set input NumPad0 FirstPerson",Alias=ThirdPerson)
Aliases[27]=(Command="behindview 0 | set input NumPad0 ThirdPerson",Alias=FirstPerson)
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