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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Hi from me to some members on: Tue 13.07.2010 22:23:34
i just wanted to say hello to Clan _Dark_.
I am german ut gamer since ut99 and I just recently started playing ut3 again after something like a 2 your break. I have come here to greet Blaxsky in particular. I've played with him since the first days of ut3 and he's still here. Yay! I've also met Wojci in the last couple of days: Nice guy!

As I see it the ut3 vctf scene is (still?) somewhat alive. One reason i quit playing was because my old clan DFP was a bit stiff, we rarely played any matches and there was little competition from how it felt to me. Clanbase was like the only place with an organisied ladder system but there were only 10 registered clans, half of them not playing a single game...

I'd also like to point out that your website very neat. I've been looking around and it got all the important things without being overloaded. Your videos are excellent, huge grats to VegasKill for those amazingly good edited videos.

But enough bootlicking for now , cya ingame :)
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