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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / d.0.c.13 wanna join ur great clan =) on: Sun 08.08.2010 19:55:49
so lets start. my nik is crmr dunno have u any notion about me but im an doc's13 official spokesman =)
im sure that almost each urs player have ever seen doc13 in the game..
if u want we have a lot of screenshots dated since half an year to  last few days i cant find a way 2 add it here but its not a problem to present it 2 u
about his person..his name is max hes 12 now smart boy its enough i think
dunno what else can i say...we cant speek english...at first time is it possible take part in any trains?
u can find me in icq 389394018 or in ut..mostly in fa2k bta server or phx bta serv
waiting 4 an reply! crmr
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