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1  Guests Area / Videos / Re: [Video] "Docks = Downtown?" on: Mon 27.09.2010 21:41:11
"I WANT U!!" [Part 2] has been disabled by youtube because Noobsac verbally insulted 'JPINATOR' who's a female moderator at iamgaming.net.  According to youtube the video promotes violence against women (lmao).

I re-uploaded it anyway:
2  Guests Area / Videos / [Video] "Docks = Downtown?" on: Mon 27.09.2010 09:30:37
"Docks = Downtown?" (Gameplay/Commentary by DickBird)

Additional Videos

"I WANT U!!" (Gameplay/Commentary by Noobsac) [Part 1]

"I WANT U!!" (Gameplay/Commentary by Noobsac) [Part 2]

3  Guests Area / Videos / [Video] Top Plays of the Week (Week #3) on: Sat 18.09.2010 00:18:28

4  Guests Area / Videos / [Video] Top Plays of the Week (Week #2) on: Thu 09.09.2010 01:30:41

This week I received alot more than 5 clips so I decided to extend it to top 10 instead. Enjoy.
5  Guests Area / Videos / Re: [Video] Top Plays of the Week on: Fri 03.09.2010 13:58:35
I think the flag run was good since she was being chased by the whole team. And she had 5 HP left.
6  Guests Area / Videos / Re: [Video] Top Plays of the Week on: Wed 01.09.2010 15:43:48
"gets headshot!"

Nice video though. Lets see if I can get some nice kills Tongue Do u have to record the videos on your own and send them to you?

If you're spectating another player then that's fine. Just as long as you don't claim to be the player in the video. The #1 clip, for example, was a 2nd-hand spectated video.
7  Guests Area / Videos / [Video] Top Plays of the Week on: Wed 01.09.2010 02:34:32

This is our first edition. Be sure to read the video description on how to submit your clips.
8  Guests Area / Videos / [Montage] Intensity on: Sat 28.08.2010 14:49:30

Check out our new montage, "Intensity" by Hyden.
9  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Hardest Victory.....Ever on: Thu 26.08.2010 07:45:54
I've already seen this video. It's not even a good joke  Roll Eyes

My palms were sweating from the intensity of the match. Glad I came out on top.
10  Guests Area / Videos / Hardest Victory.....Ever on: Thu 26.08.2010 05:23:22

Wow. This match was well fought from both sides. This was a pretty long and intense warfare match that most certainly will be remembered for the ages. After this match I feel like an accomplished UT3 player deserving of championship titles.
11  Guests Area / Videos / [Montage] Pompeii on: Tue 24.08.2010 11:13:10

Enjoy this new montage from daaBOMB. She's a skilled player and this is a montage from the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament.
12  Guests Area / Videos / Re: ·´¯`·­»Dementia«­·´¯` UT3 frag movie on: Sun 22.08.2010 02:37:06
Hey VegasKill can I re-upload this on unrealtheatre?
13  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / ~@ Unreal Tournament YouTube Community Channel @~ on: Sat 21.08.2010 21:26:46

During a conversation I had with SlightlySt00pid (gods of warfare) I proposed an idea to him about recruiting prominent and talented members of the Unreal Tournament 3 community to create a youtube channel. This youtube channel would be managed by a small group of people in the UT3 community and would be updated frequently. The channel would be similar to that of http://youtube.com/gearsopedia and will contain: montages, competitive matches, top plays of the week, commentary, etc. There could be content pertaining to older Unreal Tournament games, however, it is preferred that the focus of the channel be squarely on the most recent iteration of the series, "Unreal Tournament 3".

This youtube channel will be the community's last ditch effort at revitalizing interest for the game. Some players are even bothered by the fact that Epic Games has no updates scheduled for UT3. Personally I don't think it's a big deal since the game has mod support. The existence of mods adds to the game's replay value, customization, and extendability. There also exist mods that enhance gameplay such as the dodge jump and OnSlaught 2.0.

However I can't do this alone as this requires the collective effort of a team of talented individuals who possess a certain skillset. That is what's required to have this idea come into fruition. If you're one of the following then please contact me:

Producer -- A producer is a video editor who, given various gameplay clips, can put together a montage. This person is familiar with various video effects and can work his or her way around well known video editing applications such as Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas. This person may also be familiar with the rypelcam mod and can put together cinematic gameplay videos.

Director -- A director at Unreal Theatre is someone who simply records his own gameplay videos and adds commentary to them; record and commentate.

Commentator -- A commentator would be responsible for providing commentary for top plays of the week and other gameplay videos. Ideally this person would need a high quality microphone and be somewhat familar with the gameplay mechanics of UT3 (so he would know what the hell is going on in the game).

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/unrealtheatre
Email: unrealtheatre@gmail.com
AIM: illuminion
MSN: illuminion@live.com

Thank you for your time.
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