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1  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Teab4g(Chrisaw) behavior in game!!! on: Sat 11.12.2010 14:21:12
Ok , this is really pathetic lucky  xxxthumbsdown.gif all these "videos"... we know u spend ur life on ut3, 24/7, what about try to find an hobby in real life for spend better ur much free time..

Gabry I will open a small secret for you.
I am on my work all the day long, and after work walk with my friends and only after I come to play. :)
And here in video Chrisaw all day long on the server. FACT IS IN VIDEO!
Show me where i im 24/7 play!
My friend HAVE sent these 4 DEMOS! There I have seen as he talks with MTV
Go drink milk with cookies and go to sleep..
Thats all
NO comments!
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2  Guests Area / Videos / Teab4g(Chrisaw) behavior in game!!! on: Sat 11.12.2010 12:50:53

look at this video from beginning to end!
look it in HD ONLY!!!
And now Teab4g (Chrisaw) show to me where I offend players without the reason?
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3  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Fri 10.12.2010 18:27:43
Me as a moderator should remove that shit. But its just too funny xxxlaugh.gif

 xxxlaugh.gif  I only wanted that video have seen BASHER
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4  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Fri 10.12.2010 18:22:55
 xxxlaugh.gif did you like if some one TALK ABOUT YOU? NOW UNDERSTAND !! Huh?? IDIOT!!! use translate if you dont UNDERSTAND KID  msn012.gif

I never said that I am the best... lol
REMEMBER!!! I don't offend by the first!

I CAN show you DEMO where you scold players!! now relax..No time to talk with kids like YOU BOO BOO BOOMER...lol

I will give your advice. Don't climb there in what you do not understand! You don't know what happened and shout as the hysteric woman... Calm down and drink milk with cookies... Smiley
I forgive you this time...
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5  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Fri 10.12.2010 17:32:12
Lucky-hearth, you like to think that the whole world is against you, the fact is.. We Are.
I speak for myself, but i'm sure i'm not the only one, you think your the best, but you just suck, and even worse then that, you just seem to like MOAN everytime you lose or you are being pwned. grow up. Get a life.

 xxxlaugh.gif lol Poor boy is nervous ... I spit on you and your opinion. You're an idiot. You'll be delighted if behind will say that? You always join into spectator and insulting the players (You know very well)
And now calm down kid and type of culture ....  msn012.gif
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6  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Fri 10.12.2010 17:06:17

yes EPIC FAIL by Chrisaw  Smiley
he is ready to lick the ass of anyone to annoy me
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7  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Fri 10.12.2010 17:00:46
siting 24/7? lol SHOW ME FACTS!!  xxxlaugh.gif
No I dont sit from morning till evening as Teab4g(Chrisaw) ...
Thanks to my friend who told me about this conversation and I downloaded the demo... msn012.gif
small RAT Teab4g(Chrisaw)
This post was removed by a moderator (inappropriate video, btw not funny)
8  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Fri 10.12.2010 16:10:36
shame Teab4g(Chrisaw) terribly funny[/b]

9  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Tue 09.11.2010 08:05:04
FRAGMOVIE PART 2!!!  xxxlaugh.gif msn011.gif


10  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Wed 03.11.2010 08:04:40
Terrorists are so funny!  xxxlaugh.gif  I liked to mock at them... msn011.gif
Deadly i'm sure if you're saw a real black man - gangster you would be pee yourself in the pants   xxxlaugh.gif
11  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Thu 28.10.2010 14:12:17
I don't give a damn for you and on your opinion! Shut up!  xxxlaugh.gif
I have my own opinion. 
And negative comments let will put there where the sun doesn't shine.
Calm down KID  Smiley
You haven't understood an essence of my comment.
Here it also is called a "children's brain"
It is last comment I write. Further I don't give a damn who that will write here....BB ALL  Smiley
12  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Thu 28.10.2010 06:47:02
Now better translate!  msn012.gif

Hello to everybody I have got information about my FRAG MOVIE  to have  spread in this forum.  I read your comments about it and now I want to give your answer but to both of you thoroughly..
 This FRAG MOVIE hasn’t been created to show the SKILL, the main reason is to drive into rage the “TERRORISTS”.

Dark Hunter First of al HUD is turned off with a button “H” and it can also be turned off HUD in file INI. I knew that when the first version of “RUPEL CAM” appeared.
I didn’t turn off HUD purposely that all people could see how  “TERRORISTS” are caught as  flies  and it was a  proof of the fact that, they were my FRAGS not anybody else’s.
So, we all know that, ASSASIN and NEVERSLEEP idiots would have said immediately that,    the FRAGS hadn’t been made by me, it had been made by other players. I m sorry but your comment is a bit stupid. 
The second DARK I have already started since “UT-99” and UT ENGINE I have known since 1999. I had already created the level UT 99 from distance in 2000. So I can use actions much better than you expected. I know it in the programming level. I have already worked with 3D .graphics and animation for a long time and I work in video montage professionally.
Let’s go ahead…
Xirios,   I will explain you everything thoroughly.
First of all I am not a child! If you want to assure intellectual and multilateral promotion at my level we can do a test and see what the result is.
I am 30 years old and i still have great interest to create.  I speak 4 languages! I have graduated from two institutes!!! Not knowing me and even not knowing about my age you write about me as if we are familiars.

Remember: never speak after people even if you don’t know them.
You touch someone’s personality it is beyond doubt childish notion not being depend on what  age you are.

1.   "Why I delete the negative comments?
Answer: there were just three negative comments I had been written.
That was “Shit, “noob”(with unknown nickname and without video channel) I am sure it was the handwork of  clan  written  by  “Terrorists” and  Deadlysev “Average kills  and HJ” he is just haughty seventeen year old child, who envies. I will tell you why he behaves himself so.  I had very good relationship with him but I think he is a double faced person. When he displayed his video chronics “ASSASINS GLITCHING” I supported him in the forum. But then he began to make conflict with me as if I am a Russian and something else like that. But I don’t know why. Everybody knows that I am not Russian and I even don’t respect them much for their behavior.
That‘s why I deleted his comments at once.

Xirios I will explain you once more about it.
This FRAG MOVIE hasn’t been created to show SKILL, just to make angry clan Terrorists, and what I write in my comments to adults it’s my personal business not anybody’ else. .My SKILL you can see where my PING 50-70 and I have 200 in JOLT!!!
Try to do “HUMMER JUMP “with PING 200! And do HEADSHOTS with such LAGS.

2.   "Good movie, player can create a couple of years, not 2 weeks"
I answer: OMG are you joking?  Have I nothing to do but gather FRAGS for two years to create FRAGMOVIE.  I know very well what is the best FRAGMOVIE is. Don’t make me laugh! How old are you? I have sometimes   video montage projects which we spend a year .to prepare.
 Do you want to compare the professional work with such game? If you worked in this field you could have understood me.  I I don’t want to argue with you about it. I just say my mind.

Let’s speak about clan  TERRORISTS.  Why I don’t respect them ?  Because  somehow we arranged  CLAN –MATCH  like that NEVER and  ASSASIN started GLITCHING, SPAWN KILLING and ets..I tried to explain them not to do it but they didn’t listen, I got angry and called them NOOBS and IDIOTS, but they called my country and my nation and after that I became enemy to them. I understand that, they are children but every time when I go to the north they behave themselves as an idiot.
“ A man is  for and lives  the reason to defend his honor, and dignity all his life and to control the situation in any place and time.
Now I have communication with everyone. I can make friends but not with people who are haughty and insult others. I never do anything wrong to anyone first

Please be intelligent! Thanks and success to all of you.  Don’t hesitate to write in case of need.  See you on JOLT. 

P.S. Now I am working on a new FRAG MOVIE  which differs with style and conception  from the first one. I think you will like it!  Smiley

13  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Wed 27.10.2010 13:12:32
OMG! I didn't delete comments piballou he have removed them and have altered. I don't know that there happens  xxxlaugh.gif
only 3 negative comments have written
Piballou MY FRIEND  afrodd.gif all BKRT my friends.

If you such clever create itself fragmovie and make montage, and we will look!

IT "frag movie" also don't learn me that to me to write in INTRO!

If it is NOT pleasant to you, don't look. I did it not for you... RELAX!

Wait now I will make transfer better
14  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Wed 27.10.2010 11:50:49
I have only answered questions which to me have set.. If the head is hurts, don't read than...
Xirios has written too much!! I not so well know English, therefore so have explained..

Wait now I will make transfer better
15  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Wed 27.10.2010 10:57:04
Yes you are right! I agree with you. embarrassed
I liked to create fragmovie. All work I have made itself alone.
Next frag movie will be not only about terrorists. I promise...  msn012.gif afrodd.gif
16  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Wed 27.10.2010 10:23:54
I am not going to prove and argue with you! Let parents will teach you to culture.....
I have collected demos there where your clan steals viper, boots, glitching and etc....
I can send all of that DEMOS..
On it the end GABRY!!
17  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Wed 27.10.2010 09:36:30
 xxxlaugh.gif xxxlaugh.gif
I don't use google to translate.
Well here we see level of intelligency GABRY  afrodd.gif
I never offending players by the first . It YOU, Neversleep, Assasin steal vipers, boots it is eternal!!!
You haven't teamplay on public servers!! S.U. KID. You make laughing people as the clown...  xxxlaugh.gif xxxw00t.gif xxxras.gif

You have offended yesterday Moslems or forgotten?
I on pieces will break off you for these words!!!!. You are rotten person and bastard!!!

18  Guests Area / Videos / Re: lucky hearts ut3 vid !!! on: Wed 27.10.2010 08:56:18
Hi all I have received the notice that my FRAG MOVIE is placed on this forum and I have read your comments and I hasten to answer, but about all in stages.  Smiley
This FRAG MOVIE was created not to show SKILL, and to tease a clan "TERRORISTS".

DarkHunteR - In the first Dark "HUD" turn off button "H" and still it is possible to turn off in file INI HUD it I still knew when there was a first 3.0 version "RYPEL CAM". I SPECIALLY haven't off "HUD" that all saw that "TERRORISTS" perish as a fly and that there was a proof of that is mine FRAGS, instead of someone another. As all of us we know idiots ASSASIN and NEVERSLEEP they would tell at once that FRAGS not I did, other players. So your comment not much silly excuse.

In the second Dark I still with "UT 99" began also I "UT ENGINE" since 1999 I know and I am able to do even without RYPEL CAM. I in far 2000 created levels for UT99. So I am able to use ENGINE much better, than you think I know at programming level.
I am engaged 3D, animation already very much for a long time and professionally I know video making.

Xirios - For you I very in detail will explain all!
In the first I NOT the CHILD! If you want to be convinced of my level IQ in intellectual and in versatile development the test can we will pass and let's look?
To me of 30 years, and passion to games still remained in me. I speak in 4 languages!!! I have finished 2 institutes!!!
You at all don't know me and how many to me of years, and write about me as though a sign with me. I even don't know your NICKNAME in game never saw. Here it is your first CHILDREN'S mistake.

Remember: "Never speak behind backs of people with which you it is familiar". You become personal, and this obviously children's concept In not dependences how old are you.

1. "Why I delete negative comments?"
I answer: only 3 negative comments have written Me it was: "Shit" "noob" (From not clear nicknames without the video channel I AM assured it of hands clan "Terrorists" and Deadlysev has written: "Average kills and HJ" He it is simple 17 summer child which envies. Why he so conducts himself I will tell: I with it had normal relations, but he double-faced person. I have supported him at a forum when he has exposed a videoclip "ASSASINS GLITCHING" And then he has started to offend me during game and to say that type I RUSSIAN NOOB etc. I don't know why. All know that I AM NOT RUSSIAN and I not so respect that RUSSIANS for their behavior.

Therefore I have removed his comment.
And Xirios I once again explain to you: This FRAG MOVIE was created not to show SKILL, and to tease a clan "TERRORISTS". That I write to young children in comments it this my private affair doesn't concern you. Mine SKILL you can see there where mine PING 50-70, and on JOLT at me 200!!!

Try to make "H J" with PING 200!!! And to do HEADSHOTS with such LAGS!

2. "Good movie, player can create a couple of years, not 2 weeks"
I answer: OMG you kidding me? To me 2 years to collect FRAGS then to create FRAG MOVIE? I know what happen beautiful FRAGMOVIE don't make laugh me. How old are you? I have projects of video creating which we do for 1 year!!! You compare professional work with what that game? If you would work in this area would know, but I won't be and I do not want to argue with you. I only state opinion.

Now we will talk about clan TERRORISTS. Why I don't respect them? Because somehow we have CLAN MATCH and so NEVER and ASSASINS have begun GLITCHING, SPAWN KILLING and so on. I have tried to explain easy that didn't do it, but they didn't listen I has become angry and has called NOOBS and IDIOTS, and he has offended my country and my people!
Here then that they also became my enemies.I understand they children, but as I play each time the server start to offend and behave as idiots.
The man for this purpose also lives, that all life to protect the honor and advantage and to be able to supervise a situation in any place and in any time!

And now I address to all: "I am able to be on friendly terms and I want, but I do not recognize those who starts haughtily itself to conduct and to be offend. I never offend nobody by the first.
Be intelligent friends. Thanks to all and good luck. We will meet on JOLT.  msn012.gif

P.S. "Now I work over new FRAG MOVIE he stylistics and the concept differs from the first so I think to you it will be pleasant" tongue Smiley
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