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301  Guests Area / Screenshots / some of my pwnings on: Fri 19.12.2008 15:54:29
I'm not Vegas but I could answer it, too^^

Make a thumbnail of your screenshot.

You can use any tool to resize an image.
I used IrfanView and resized it from 950px × 594px to 320px × 200px.

Code is:
[url=link of full image][img]link of small image[/img][/url]

Other method:
You simply use the thumbnail function of an image hoster - for example ImageShack.
(My 2nd picture was created by it.)

302  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on: Fri 19.12.2008 15:26:49
I have this game now and it works perfectly :)
Who does play it?

You can add me :) :) (Nightmare85)

303  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Map bugs/glitches in official maps on: Thu 18.12.2008 17:13:41
ShangriLa seems pretty buggy to me, because it has too many clipping problems.
You can stand on many walls where you usually should fall.
Too lazy to sort it out^^

I guess you already know it.
There are even a lot of more!

You know the Sniper near the Shield Belt (the right side where also the Link Gun is).
If you jump on the door, you can look through the wall and can see enemies that are on the place of the Stinger or the Shield Belt.
The marked place:
As said: You pass it and after it you jump on it and no one can see you from the outside, but you can see all.

304  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Hardware on: Thu 18.12.2008 17:00:47
I now have the Logitech G9.
Seems pretty cool!
However, I have to adapt to it...
It was perfect in Windows^^
But when I was in UT3, it was a completely different feeling  Undecided

305  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: .ini tweaks on: Thu 18.12.2008 16:09:20
Did you also deactivate V-Sync in game and in driver?
(Driver should be enough).

306  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Mon 15.12.2008 19:18:54

That is from American Idol:
(Worst singer ever #1)

307  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Sun 14.12.2008 16:09:33
Mmmh, ok, but I'll let my post because I like it :D :D

308  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Sun 14.12.2008 15:33:02
What the hell?!
Where is bender's screenshot where sava said this with K_G_ = coward?!
My post seems pretty stupid without the post above it   Undecided

309  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Sun 14.12.2008 14:02:13
K_G_ you coward! loool :D :D
310  Guests Area / Music / Nightmare85`s Music on: Sun 14.12.2008 14:00:51
That are 2 nice bass testers:

My garderobe vibrates while I'm listening them Wink

311  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: What Graphics Card Do you guys have? on: Sun 07.12.2008 22:44:33
Do you think that you now have a little less mouse lag than before?
Because you play with V-Sync and you should feel a mouse lag especially in the main menu of UT3,
if the value is 3 (Bilder im Voraus berechnen).

312  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: What Graphics Card Do you guys have? on: Sun 07.12.2008 14:13:09
Let's hope the best^^

But I don't get why your Anisotrophic Filtering doesn't work...
At least UT3 should force it because maximum details in UT3 = 16x AF...

by the way:
I don't use any stat engine/fps commands.
I just did it to show the less fps and the high input lag, so don't wonder^^
Sometimes I just press F6 (stat net) to see my ping, nothing more.
Stat engine is too much for the screen :D

313  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: What Graphics Card Do you guys have? on: Sat 06.12.2008 23:37:02
Do you have the same forceware driver as me?
I hope you are not one of the victims with a GPU which has problems with AA and AF.
(Happened to some people - also with the GeForce 8800 series)
My old Radeon X1950 XT had big problems with AA.
It was always a big fight to activate it^^ (but the GPU won most times :( )

P.S. You could try it with the menu "Programmeinstellungen" instead of "Globale Einstellungen".
Just look if there is already a UT3 profile and change your values.
If not then create it (but I'm sure UT3.exe will be in the list).

314  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: What Graphics Card Do you guys have? on: Sat 06.12.2008 17:31:28
Hey Wojci,
I definitely see a difference between our screenshots.
It seems that your AF and AA don't work.
First I would say that you check this 2 things that I've highlighted:
(The 2nd thing with the 1 doesn't have anything to do, but you can make it to test the mouse reaction - reduces mouse lag when V-Sync is on - 0 lets your pc crash if you have WinXP)
The first thing should be set to "Überschreiben" instead of "Erweitern"

Here you can compare your screenshot with my screenshot.
I marked the differences which I see.
http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/2511/screenshot00147qt7.jpg - my image
http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/8860/ut3wojci2cf7.jpg - your image (updated)

BTW. Your 1st link does not work for me because rapidshare does not show the captcha.

315  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: .ini tweaks222 on: Sat 06.12.2008 14:50:28
ok i have max settings in Ut3 and by the nvidia settings i have aa set on 16xQ AA and AF on 16!!!
can i be a reason that my graphic card is 20% overclocked just like my CPU from 2,4Ghz to 3,2Ghz???

20% overclock is ok, but 300% FPS of my FPS?
Some tests that I saw with overclocked cards don't show big fps boosts.

What is your current forceware driver?
BTW we can compare our driver and graphics card here:

P.S: I also have overclocked my CPU from 3 GHZ to 3,2 GHZ.

316  Guests Area / Music / Nightmare85`s Music on: Fri 05.12.2008 23:52:21
I guess this song is very cool for discos.
I would like it.

There is music:
- which I only hear at home
- which I hear in cars
- which I like to hear at discos

But it is not because of the other people, it is because of the situation.

Do you like this one?

(Nelly Furtado - Do It)


You know this one? :D :D
(It is a little bit old, and no, it is not my favorite Wink )

317  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: .ini tweaks222 on: Fri 05.12.2008 23:18:11
Ok, I've checked it right now.
I get around 20 fps if I enable 16xQ AA.

There is a small (don't know if I should call it bug) issue with the forceware drivers.
You have to set it like I did ("Beliebige Anwendungseinstellungen überschreiben")
If you choose the other one, AA could simply not work and your fps may not change because it is still the same.

Setting for AA:

Screenshot with 16xQ AA

Screenshot without AA:

No offence Wink
I just can't believe it because I have the same GPU and the rest of my system is not bad, too.

P.S. That was Instant Action and I played without bots

318  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: My new UT3 bug list in Epic's Forum on: Fri 05.12.2008 22:52:35
Hmm, sorry, I don't know where the problem could be :(

I have updated my 2 threads (bug list and map glitches) Wink

1.6 bug list

Hi all,

My new thread version 1.6 is online :)
There aren't a lot of changes because I wanted to make smaller updates because this does not take very long.

- some small changes of the prevous changelogs
- changed bugs
-- #24: small title update
-- #42: fixed some text mistakes
-- #47: more explanation and 1 new screenshot
- added bugs
-- #51: Destroyed vehicles can fly towards to the player
-- #52: Impact Hammer Manta jump exploit
- updated intro text
- updated 1 link (the map glitches thread)
- updated credits (added links to every user in the list)

Thank you again for this great support.

Now I need 3 posts for the list :eek:

P.S. Bugs, which I haven't included now, I still can include in future versions of my thread Wink


1.8 map glitches


After a long time I finally took time to update this thread as well since it's a part of my other big thread.

That is the changelog of version 1.8:

- added maps:
-- #12: DM-Carbon Fire (1 glitch)
-- #13: DM-ShangriLa (3 glichtes)
-- #14: WAR-Market District (2 glitches)
-- #15: WAR-Dusk/WAR-Dusk Free Mine (1 glitch)
- added glitches to existing maps:
-- #02: (1 glitch)
-- #07: (1 glitch)
-- #08: (1 glitch)
-- #09: (1 glitch)
- updated intro and end text
- removed some text
- added main link to the UT3 bug list (pc version)

Thanks for supporting.

http://utforums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?t=627215 - bug list
http://utforums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?p=25486028 - map glitches

319  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: .ini tweaks222 on: Fri 05.12.2008 19:19:44
I have the same graphics card, too and I don't believe the game will still run smoothly.
I remember that I had fps problems when I activated 4x AA (when it worked).
The map was DM-Sanctuary.
I will check it today.

320  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: .ini tweaks222 on: Fri 05.12.2008 15:59:37
but i think then i cant play on maximum quality 1680x1050 with 16x AF and 16Qx AA!!!

Are you absolutely sure that your AA works?
Many people have problems to use AA in UT3.
I also did set 4x AA but I did not see any difference.

Have you really seen a difference between AA off and 16QX AA?
What is your gpu?
(I think you wrote it here, but you could write it again^^)

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