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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: Joining _DARK_ on: Wed 03.11.2010 18:42:12
vegas close plz....-_-

This post was removed by a moderator (abusive)
2  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: Joining _DARK_ on: Wed 03.11.2010 14:21:13
Holy crap secy, dude, i know its u zaryus, my skill is very very good this clan can see for themselves.  And i never ever rage quit gen-x dude, they put me on a fake team called team 2 that doesnt get to do anything, therefor i said i quit then paper kicked me out.  And i never applied for eX, and dude dont let me tell them what happened with u and utf.  Fine i will.... he got into utf, stayed in for like 2 months, then he raged out of them, so they hate u dude

hey pussy, nice to see you answering my posts, what makes you think im zaryus? is he one of the billions of peoples who hates you? or do you just feel envy of him? because thats what it seems, so if you are so "very very good at skill" why were you on gen-x 2? i dont really think that it was because your good, yes you raged at them, and therefore you start acting stupid and raging everyone and got banned from dfb server, poor guy.

Dude i feel sorry for you, and that guy zaryus at least he got into utf, you didnt even get there, not even DFB so funny....

yea you didnt really apply on éX but you asked ginger on game and her answer was so damn funny i haved to go to emergency room after my eyes exploted while laughing, so i dont remember her exact words, but seems everyone hates you on éX specially unreal.inc....

Round 2? Fight!?

That is all.
This post was removed by a moderator (abusive)
3  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: Joining _DARK_ on: Sat 30.10.2010 21:51:53
This guy You can know him as RaptorKc, XxPureDamagexX, and more, i play mostly on Euro servers but i have spec him on american servers as well, hes ok at skill, but a douche as a person, literally an ASSHOLE...

he was on gen-x and quit cause he raged at them, then he tried joining other clans like éX, dfb and utf and no one accept him...

hope dark dont make a mistake by accepting him, besides, ut3 is dead.

that is all
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