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101  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Public kills on: Thu 18.11.2010 21:48:03
I like the mid-air rocket at 0:41, after enemy air wall dodge. Pure reflex + low ping. + being at fire from minigun, what (for me) is very disturbing :) Combo at 0:55 also proves a lot of instinct + fast switch from rl to shock. Indeed nice movie, all pure action frags :)
102  Guests Area / Music / Re: Black Metal Ist Krieg - Nargaroth on: Thu 18.11.2010 00:52:21
Nice band, I heard some of their tracks before, pure black metal. But I prefer early 90' ties classics from Norway tbh :) And Bathory.
103  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Thu 18.11.2010 00:46:24
Hell I like music, provided it is metal. Slayer, Morbid Angel, Death, Vader, Behemoth, Mayhem are my favourite. It can be also any other kind of metal, it just need to have 2 guitars and drums :) I often go to concerts and festivals, sadly there are so few in Poland, but Brutal Assault in Chech Republic this year was cool.

Sometimes I am forced to listen techno music on parties in clubs, what to do if all your friends are going :) I find d'n'b quite nice after several drinks though :)

I see many clips here, this one is interesting, it is quite atmospheric, trippy, but the masterpiece is video itself.

104  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Public kills on: Wed 17.11.2010 21:32:38
Lol at the quakelive sounds. No idea what you are talking about.

That what happens when you don't learn polish language  Grin

Btw nice video Xirios, masz ladny glos :)
105  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Wed 17.11.2010 17:41:15
But I have to admit that I've never seen any other pole speaking english so good  Grin

Heh, thanks! :)
106  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Wed 17.11.2010 17:09:49
E tam, zrozumialem wszystko :) Yeah, I play mostly VCTF. But I like also WAR, DM/BTA and duel sometimes, but I am not very good at it, should improve map control and learn those respawn points Tongue
107  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Wed 17.11.2010 17:02:53
It must have been some weekend at late hours with lot of booze :) BTW I like your quote Sev :)
108  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Wed 17.11.2010 16:54:57
Long time no see Boomer, thanks for good words! Yeah, I miss fragging with RaW's too. What's up? Maybe we will meet some day on-line in UT3, it never get boring fenforcer.gif I am also still playing FEAR Combat and Texas Holdem Poker with old crew.

Hey,what's that hate-mongering is about here? What do you say DeadlySev? I just think they haven't seen our girls yet Grin Shame that so few girls play UT ^^
109  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: Klepacz on: Tue 16.11.2010 23:26:19
What have you been up to today?

I was killing you and Wojci on some VCTF server :)
and later on I watched Evil Dead 2 (how could I missed it before?) The part with dear was the best  laughanim3.gif

110  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: Klepacz on: Tue 16.11.2010 23:06:49
Hello! How are you?

Fine, just chilling :)

@dark: czesc :)
111  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Tue 16.11.2010 22:06:10
2 posts? :D

Yeah, but with different content :)
112  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Tue 16.11.2010 21:53:36

My name is Michael, as I posted already I live in Poland and have 23 years. I was playing with RaW's for some time (cheers here for Boomer) but know the clan is inactive. I started playing UT99 just after completing Unreal, and I still thinks that whole Unreal and Unreal Tournament series are one of the best FPS ever. Most time I spent on UT99 (under nick Khazad) and UT3 (Klepacz). I play Starcraft 2 recently also.

I am studying at university (last year now), love to party, read fantasy books, watch movies, liesten to extreme metal and watch football - premiership.

Thats all folks Tongue
113  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Klepacz on: Tue 16.11.2010 21:35:58
Hello Dark members,

My in-game nick is Klepacz (I tried to register on this forum with the same nick, but something went wrong), I was playing for the RaW clan, but we are now completely inactive. I am posting here, because I love UT3 still and I am looking for some decent games with decent players.

Are your clan still active? As UT3 has few players playing these days, I am wandering if you guys are still playing. If yes, I would like to ask: can I join Dark clan? I am 23 years old and live in Poland. I have already played with most of you in on-line games, especially with Wojci and darkredfoxxx. I have been playing UT3 for a long time but I know I can still learn some stuff from you and improve my teamwork.

So what do you think? Cheers!
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