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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: What do u want to improve in your gameplay?? on: Fri 02.10.2009 12:40:56

both short and long distance sniping :)
2  Unreal Tournament 3 / Maps / Re: VCTF "Hanging Gardens" by _N_ on: Sun 06.09.2009 15:49:52
Best looking map so far.
Reminds me of Mass Effect :)

Whenever i vote for this people tend to leave the server though. Seems a lot of people are lazy and cant wait for a download or download it elsewhere... Sad.

Lack people interested in custom stuff kills the game.
3  Guests Area / Movies / Re: DU war by USA on: Mon 03.08.2009 15:09:46
I dont hate the states. I dont like what their army is doing and supposingly other countries armies as well. I hate the finish army cause that's the only army where i've been.

But i think it's very bad of the army to not tell their soldiers that they are handling dangerous materials without protection. And even though a lot of people get sick they fail to see what they've done.

But when it comes to the war itself i think USA and other developed countries should have the money to buy the oil instead of declaring war and stealing it. I cant see any other reason why anybody would like to declare war those countries. They dont have anything we need except for oil...
4  Guests Area / Movies / Re: DU war by USA on: Sat 01.08.2009 10:14:10
I dont understand what is racist about armor piercing bullets...
I just think that it's stupid to make bullets out of toxic materials...
5  Guests Area / Movies / Re: DU war by USA on: Fri 31.07.2009 16:46:56
This is a new topic. This is about usa's weapons. Nothing racist.

This is just about how the government and the army of usa acts in wars.
And it's pretty obvious that they exchange DU for oil now.

well delete this if u cant take a serious topic and information that everybody should know about.
Your choice, it's all over the internet anyway...
6  Guests Area / Movies / Re: DU war by USA on: Fri 31.07.2009 16:19:45
Sorry for not knowing where to post it.

What's wrong with serious movies? It's just like UT3 redeemers but in real life....
7  Guests Area / Movies / DU war by USA on: Fri 31.07.2009 15:52:27
I posted a video and some links about this in the MSF forum a couple of months back.
Let's see what you think about this...

Reallife redeemers...

There are a lot of links about this topic.

Peronally i think USA is being an ass and idiots. They will make generations in the future suffer for their actions. How much is that oil worth...
8  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Having fun with Bombing run! on: Tue 21.07.2009 00:02:19
Br is one of the best gamemodes in unreal i cant believe they took that away.
Anyway br in ut3 isnt as cool as in ut2003 and 2004.

Ut2003 will always be my favourite ut game.
It had all the stuff i liked and very few things that i didnt like.
Ut99 was cool but not as cool as ut2003 and all later ut games have had things that i didnt like.
Ut2004 would still be good if there were as many active players in good servers there as in ut3.
9  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: What do u want to improve in your gameplay?? on: Sun 12.04.2009 20:47:28
My biggest weakness in UT3 is that i dont like the game since patch 2 and if you dont like it the motivation to try will be a lot less than usual. All new bugs and stuff really makes a bad player.

If it wasnt for that i would be okay the way i am. i dont hit combos as much as i want when i dodge or double jump at the same time but i guess that's it when it comes to gaming skills. I think i do ok.

In other games my weakest things is mastering of translocator speeds when there are many different translocators on many different servers.
10  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Runes of Magic on: Wed 08.04.2009 20:07:49
Looks good if you like any other mmorpg game.

the fighting in the game seems very bad though. i'd rather play ut3 on a rpg server.
I like rpg games better offline. games like mass effect and halflife has so far seem superior to me.
Of course if it was a mmo in starwars or stargate universe or something else scifi that i would like then maybe it would be nice but i wouldnt pay several times for the same game. so i guess i wont be playing much mmorpg games since most of them have monthly fees.
11  Guests Area / Music / Re: Festivals summer 2009 on: Thu 02.04.2009 16:14:00
Looks like i will be headbanging to in flames on my birthday if i'm still alive then :)

join me darkyl Tongue
12  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: The new patch 2.0 & Titan Pack on: Sat 14.03.2009 13:12:42
The more i play the more i dislike the changes in the last patch.
Yesterday i found out that Epic implemented a sound bug in sandstorm too.

I know other have had sound problems a long time and u would expect them to fix it but i have never had any problem with sandstorm until this patch.
Now my game is muted for 10 seconds every other minute and when the sound problem occurs my framerate drops to half of the usual frames and i get heavy lags.

...but hey at least they fixed the game so everybody have to stare at that ugly storm, yay.

Next time i'll be more careful before buying epic games.
13  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: The new patch 2.0 & Titan Pack on: Tue 10.03.2009 13:56:23
U dont have to play with titans if u dont like them... most servers in ut3 has no mutators and all and barely any server have some really fun mutators.
14  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: The new patch 2.0 & Titan Pack on: Mon 09.03.2009 20:36:56
I agree with you Sova!
Stranded might be unbalanced but i think it's the best vctf map in the titan pack.
I havent tried suspense necris yet so i cant say for sure but judging by the name i suppose it's crap.
rails is not too bad but there are too many vehicles. it's almost like a mini suspense with 2 small bridges instead of 1 big bridge. I guess its an ok map but i didnt fall in love with the map.
Stranded on the other hand have some new vehicles. it's looking nice. It's not too vehicle crouded and the map is not too big. Should be a fun map if the server is not too big.
15  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: The new patch 2.0 & Titan Pack on: Mon 09.03.2009 00:07:22
Imo the Titan Pack would be much better when they brought old gametypes back, like Double Domination, Assault and Bombing Run and not so fuck mutators and gametypes like Titan and Greed etc.....

Actually Greed IS an old gametype for UT2003 and UT2004 i posted the download link in our forum. i tried out the ut2003 version a long time ago but it didnt have many players as far as i know i remember. but why would they remake an impopular gamemode?
And why would they make the UI black... when it was read i kinda thought it was ment to look like blood stains but now i dont know what that black shit is suppose to look like.
Titan mutator was nice but it was not really what i was hoping for. Most of the stuff that i wanted wasnt fixed/added in this patch but a few things became worse.
For me this new patch makes me want to play something else...

i love mutators much more than the standard game. with mutators i can config the game i want it to be which is very good. if it wasnt for mutators i would probably stopped playing unreal a long time ago.

what about the new feature in the server browser:
the coloumn called players may say +6/12 and when you look what player that play on the server it doesnt say any name. so what does the player column say? i heared someone in the official ut3 forum say it's as usefull as an ashtray on a motorcycle or something like that. have u figured out what those numbers stand for and do they have anything to do with the numbers of players playing on the server?
16  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: The new patch 2.0 & Titan Pack on: Thu 05.03.2009 23:23:24
Still u can get from the server browser favourites menu i.e. to main menu/friends list/messages in 1 click and i dont like that.
and why double clicks in the main menu but not in the other menus? would it it be logical to have same everywhere? and why do we need double clicks at all in menus, its not windows u know...
and the friends and messages lists dont have any sorting yet, which is rediculous. what program that has some kind of tables/lists dont have sorting? i can only think of unreal...

and the black background is ugly, why colour change? was it something the community requested?

some small improvements but half the things i wanted is not implemented/improved/patched still.
17  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: The new patch 2.0 & Titan Pack on: Thu 05.03.2009 19:31:38
if you cant beat the other team then u can kick it! finger 
 laughanim2.gif laughanim2.gif laughanim2.gif laughanim2.gif
18  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Screenshots of R3gul4rs playing other maps than Suspense on: Fri 20.02.2009 16:07:53
Still its only sucky default maps but at least it not suspense...
19  Guests Area / Music / Festivals summer 2009 on: Wed 18.02.2009 18:40:06
Well its summer soon only a half meter snow left and -20 degrees but after that i'm sure it'll be summer :)

I started to take a look at some festivals for next summer a few days ago so i was just going to ask what are your plans for the summer? anything fun planned?

Right now i'm planning to go to ruisrock on (my birthday actually) and see In Flames, Disturbed and Slipknot.
I'm also thinking a little about Rockperry for one night cause Backyard Babies are playing there but except for them i dont like any of the band that much so i'm not sure yet.

At last years festivals i saw
Ruisrock: Nightwish, Him, Hanoi Rocks, Opeth, At the gates, the 69 eyes and more... (that was a birthday to remember)
Rockperry: Children of bodom and In flames.
20  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Burnout Paradise on: Tue 17.02.2009 20:31:56
Yes its fun for PC too as long as u dont meet a lot of vehicles and combine that with lags cause then u'll crash Tongue

The default controls are weird but ive been to lazy to try to change controls but i guess the default ones are useable even though it's not what i'd love to use.

The menus are weird for a pc game. for instance when you press "Esc" in the game you'll switch between menu pages with F1 and F2 buttons? How weird is that? and i thought UT3 UI sucked. How can games for PC become so retarded, Why dont they use arrow keys or something?

Well i dont know but it doesnt bother me much since the only use the menu for pressing the "Save & Quit" button.
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