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101  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Jo1t vCTF server, MTV on: Sat 30.01.2010 11:27:10
Yo, thats right! And Warzywko takes only 22pts in 15min - n00b too!  xxxshifty.gif
102  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Jo1t vCTF server, MTV on: Fri 29.01.2010 18:17:53
Fakk, nice lineup!  Cool Seems to me that DeadlySev work hard for his dark anointing.  Grin But its easy to be enjoyed from Darkness if you are the padawan of Lord Wojci.  xxxras.gif

btw: How many time you fragg your old pal myrb?
103  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: DeadlySev on: Thu 28.01.2010 17:23:27
Welcome as "light dark", deadlysev.  msn012.gif

btw: Do you know, what Severin means? Severus (lat.) = Serious (engl.) = (der) Ernste/Strenge (dt.)

Hmm, explain this! http://www.severin.de/  xxxlaugh.gif

greetz foxy
104  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Hardware on: Thu 28.01.2010 15:50:10
Thx for your advices, I have checked your favorites and my first result are:

Sennheiser PC350 and Logitech G35: Awesome but too expensive (would rather buy Beyerdynamics MX300  Cool)

Sennheiser PC151/161: The ear cushion is too small for me. I prefer bigger one. It's a pity, bc they have the best microphone ever as I read in some tests. But I notice too, that they haven't enough bass line.  smiley464.png

The Medusa has obviously many quality problems. Thats sucks bc it was my favourite after the Roccat Kave.

Koss SB45 looks great and it's exellent value for money. Its my insider tip atm.

I'm able to get some brands with discount in "my" market. Could buy the Medusa as Stereo for 20€. Or the Kave for 75€ (if it sucks - warranty!). Wherefrom are your informations about the technical problems, Vegas?
105  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Hardware on: Tue 26.01.2010 18:58:17
Thanks friends, I'll check this if I'm at home! Now I have only my cell phone... Grin 
106  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Problem with a hammerjump on sandstorm. on: Tue 26.01.2010 16:11:34

Remember me that I've seen such freak moves in Quake!? Nice for jumping out with killing some cheeky haunters!
107  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Hardware on: Tue 26.01.2010 16:08:21
Guys, I plan to buy a new headset cuz my old one is rubbish. Noise like athmospherics and hum - therefor I play only arena_of_death with full music. msn012.gif

I look for the Medusa NX but my favorite is the Roccat Kave. Heavy but solid, cable remote, real 5.1 sound, black'n'blue...

Whats your choice?
108  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Controls and Input HW on: Tue 26.01.2010 16:00:45
Don't need wireless bc wont waste money. I spend this then better for the Roccat Apuri:

Mousebungee with USB-Hub and cost 35-40€. msn002.gif But lights blue!  Roll Eyes

It seems a bit uncomfortable, but if you look where the palm and the finger contact the surface, its np.
109  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: DeadlySev on: Tue 26.01.2010 11:57:25
Hey Sev, nice to read some words from you. msn012.gif Only play some games with you, but remember you. Roll Eyes Hope to see you online, but one my little foxxxies is sick (bad cold, a molar "appears") and I sleep near his bed on the floor. crybaby.gif So it could take a while...
110  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Controls and Input HW on: Mon 25.01.2010 22:48:58
Heya, this is a Saitek (don't say eexs!) Mouse. Cyborg R.A.T. Full custom! From 50 till 130 € (most expensive is with wireless) Think I have to try it...

But it lacks more then the usual (thumb) buttons...

Edit by Vegas: fixed picture links
111  Guests Area / Videos / Re: bloody and vivera won vs one of the best tdm clans on: Tue 19.01.2010 23:45:16
Heya, nice fight! congratz

Indeed, I would see a screenshot from you, Gabry, against some highskillers in TDM after this comment. xxxshifty.gif Why do you wrote this? msn002.gif Doesn't make sense despite you'll try - nah!?

Hey skorp, why do you play with the german version, while even some english announcements sounds ridiculous? Try french! Or polish!  msn012.gif
112  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: PainSavour on: Sat 16.01.2010 16:47:03
What do you mean "have fun"? See how noobs carry orbs in opposite direction or shoot demer into wall and die?

113  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: PainSavour on: Sat 16.01.2010 13:34:49
Now our enemies can savour a dark pain!  Cool

Welcome aboard mate!  red fox
114  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Fri 08.01.2010 21:58:13

115  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: Warzywko on: Fri 01.01.2010 00:14:13
Hey Warzywko, meet you sometimes ingame and it seems you could be a nice skilled guy. But any misbehaviour against one of my mates is a disqualification to become dark for me. Esp if its my Lil Brother Bloody! Grin

I like to play with you furthermore, but I didn't think I would be enjoyed to see you wearing the dark sign in short time.

cy ingame
116  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Hardware on: Thu 17.12.2009 12:15:45
oh poor, poor dnc-mafia  Grin

NO! Now his hardware is black with blue lights and as I mentioned sometimes b4, thats the most important thing if you look for hardware. Grin
117  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Sat 12.12.2009 18:40:41
@Sova: Yesterday I told my sweety, that we do in fact simulate hanukka, bc we give our (bigger) son many little gifts instead of a lot on christmas.  xxxlaugh.gif

@Ltan: I like you and as I see you has a founded and differentiated opinion. I agree about rejecting of monopoles, but I refuse globalisation which is only made for exploitaition of people, decrease our level of living not for the raising of the third world but only for profit of cocksucking trusts!

So next time I'll kick your ass! If we see us ingame. xxxlaugh.gif

greetz foxxx

P.S.: Whats about Lilium and the global warming? Lives he on the seychelle islands?  Grin
118  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Fri 11.12.2009 15:12:49
btw: Did anyone know, that only 30 ys ago the whole scientific community, all "experts" believe in a new glacial period?


sry only german...
119  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: Cod3N4m3 on: Fri 11.12.2009 14:44:52
Hehe, there is another guy with the name [Tritt_in]Deine_Hoden  smile_rofl.gif

(engl.: [Kick_in]Your_Balls)
120  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Global warming... or not on: Fri 11.12.2009 14:06:01
Aha, all you can't explain is unclear, but the global warming fact is enough to blame the mankind and esp. the hightech-industriy for being evil... You're kidding me, friend?!

It's proven, that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. But CH4 aka Methan is four time better! And now? The fact is, there is no evidence for the leading role of this gases in the global warming - if this trend from different and contradictory theories is true. We need a global cataclysm like the ejection of the Perm Trapp to reach a exhaust of CO2 for big changes...

Understand me right: If you defame me as an ignorant only bc you see some glaciers melting down, you didn't realize, that this could me a local or temporarily effect! As you say: We couldn't explain the ice ages. Why should the mechanism different to rapid global warming? And why we should able to explain with the co2-theory the global warming, but not cooling of climate?

The main problem, you probably didn't get, is the dependence of the believing in the main axiom: The content of CO2 in the earth atmosphere is the only / main reason for global warming. People which didn't accept the posibility there could be a refutation of this theory are believers even if they call themself scientists! Doubt is the heart of knowledge. I'm not sure about this things, but I hate this followers, which supress other opinions and force people to change their life.

Otherhand I aggree, that the unleashed exploitation of nature and resources is one of the biggest problem of mankind. Chemical pollution is a completely different thing: We could proof the toxic effects. I'm against the globalisation, I reject the banking system and the monopolisation of resources. I guess, the deeper problem isn't the usage of oil, the problem is to burn this precious treasure of soil instead of using for chemical industry. Or do you reject chemistry?  xxxras.gif

If you rush against Sova and the comedian, think about humor as a weapon against the ignorance and arrogance. People feel so, this guyz only speak it out.

Last but not least: You got me with the Copper Age (now I know, for what they burning down Europe and causing this Global Warming I  xxxlaugh.gif). If you want a fight on this level - plz:

To your ice ages in midd age, I repeat:
No one can already explain these huge and long-resistend ice periods, if it was only about solar activity, there wouldn't be such a discussion.

Aaaha... The Catholic Church has also changed his belief as Gallileio revealed the theory about the solar system. The whole scientific society was excited and convinced about nuklear theory, quantum theory, ether,... what you want. LOL

And if you still think its ok to pollute the air with fuel engines, monopolized all over the world, I take you once to the workers in the coal mines in Bolivia, where their average life expectance is 21, and have to work for a slave salary for the mineral companies, diyng of cancer when they reach adulthood.

I guess it was few years ago as automobiles take coal for theyr steam engines. And the killer phrase from the poor guy who's dying for my rich life - cry in your bed about it!  Roll Eyes

Did I once say CO2 is the proven causer of global warming or anything like this?

And yes, I believe more the thousands of meteorologists, biologists, physicians and astrologers from the most famous universities with the best equipment than any Internet or TV conspiracy theorist.

What is now true? 1) It's not proven! 2) This guys say, it is proven! 3) You?

P.S.: When you're so shocked, why do you use bad things like internet, PC, mobiles, microwaves, TV, radio, squandering energy and resources only for your pleasure? xxxshifty.gif Take it easy, pal!
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