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481  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Wed 20.08.2008 21:48:16
Hey DuvelKa,

I've the same probs. Its sucks! Sometimes I can kill the UT-process with the taskmanager, sometimes I see a changing cursor while moving the mouse, but I cant find the kill button. And from time to time, only the hard reset restart the whole system.  :'(

The only information i found, was a topic in a forum, thats blames my gfx 4 this error. Its a PowerColor X1950PRO Extreme 512MB. Ummh, maybe i solve this prob, if i buy a X4870 in autumn.  Grin
482  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Try 2 be foxy! on: Mon 18.08.2008 13:06:08
UT3-Nick:          darkredfox

Clan:                _Darks_

About me:

I'm 38 ys old guy from Dresden (Saxony, Germany). I speak of course german, but also english, hope is'nt to horrible. (^_~) I've a son from 10 months, so don't be disturbed, if i leave shortly the battlefield. Mayby my little foxy is crying 4 my help. He's also the reason, that i play only at night...

My Games:

I play e-games since many years. I grown up with big ugly gaming machines and lame homecomputers with tiny displays. From Castle Wolfenstein to Doom i've played all classic FPS-games. After playing all Unreal Tournaments offline or on LAN against bots, i turned the safety off in 2008 and tried my luck online. It was very hard, but somehow i managed it, because Vegas recruit me 4 the {_Darks_} this month. \(^_^)/ My hard skills arent sweeping, but i fight 4 the team and if u see me - be prepared 4 nonorthotox actions. (?_?)

@VegasKill: Great work!
@Team: Viele Gr??e! Veel groeten! Many greetings!
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