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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Looking a clan or someone good to play with and learn.... on: Mon 27.02.2012 16:53:11
Hi all

My nickname is TSG-PromaG-XRT also known as a LoRd_FLeXuS_PL(long time ago).
I played especially Warfare and Deathmatch last time...I am 30 years old player :)
Living in Głuchołazy/Poland.Im working on warehouse - thats the part of my nickname - Promag Heli is a reach truck I driving in work :) 

So I looking a clan with good players from whom I could learn something.Especially if you all not need new members I want find someone who can take the challenge and learn me hammer jumps and other *flying* tricks.I will be very grateful for that.When watching a tricks movie on YT i see Wojci doing hammerjumps on sandstorm map.So I check his clan membership and found this site by this way.

From all your clan members I played only with PainSavour and Bloody.Bender - all games in Warfare mode.This two guys can remember me and the slaughter that sometimes I've done in this game mode... :)

Im not play vCTF or only one time per month but if someone learn me some tricks with jumping im ready to play on this game mode...
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