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1  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Necromantisme by v1v24 on: Tue 19.03.2013 08:52:09
Hmm, some nice frags, but the best one (not technically) is on 2:30. Even if it was a lucky shot. XDXDXD
I totally agree! Smiley
By the way this frag is even better than it looks - I'm just not correctly showed it Embarrassed : first, is not clear that enemy also received damage from the combo; secondly, he survived after received damage from snipe shot - and died in a second in the acid. Smiley
2  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Necromantisme by v1v24 on: Fri 08.03.2013 10:03:03
Nice desaturation effects!

Anyone using Sony Vegas should disable image blending, this video editor is badly configured by default: whenever you press pause, it looks like 8 images are combined. This is, because the source video has 200 fps and it is resampled to a 25 fps output.

These settings should produce clear frames without image blending:
Select the clips you want to modify, go to Edit menu > Switches > Disable resample.
Thanks. I specifically use 200fps for motion blur effect by combining frames with resampling. It provides an excellent smooth video and the feeling of all 200fps in the usual videofile with a frequency 25fps.
Single my fault - I'm not disabled resampling in slo-mo scenes - for example, airrockets: 0:51 and 0:54. At these moments, are clearly seen frames combined.
3  Guests Area / Videos / Necromantisme by v1v24 on: Thu 07.03.2013 08:37:15

UT3 Community Frag Movie

Download Beautiful Quality

(Length: 4.00
Codec: H.264
Framerate: 200 to 25 FPS
Resolution: 1280x600
Bitrate: 8192 Kbps
Size: 239 Mb)

Frags: Dealenx, Dimon_Shock, Lady*D, v1v24

John Cooper Clarke -- Evidently Chickentown
The Glitch Mob -- Vivaldi's Concerto in D Major, Rv 228: Allegro
Antonio Vivaldi -- Concerto in D Major, Rv 228: Allegro

Soft: UT3, After Effects CS6, Sony Vegas 12, RipBot
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