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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: I leave the _Dark_ clan to create a new one. on: Wed 31.03.2010 23:21:33
You finally make your own clan, i know it was planned for some time now.
I would be proud to become a member the Stormtroopers   Smiley
2  Guests Area / Hobbies / Re: Support Petition for free access to scientific transactions! on: Wed 11.11.2009 23:18:08
I dont get why some people are so critical on this topic  Smiley
The petition is only about the free publication of results, protocols and solutions from the scientific research in germany which were financed by the public budget already. Its about making it accesseble to anyone.
professional magacines can and will still exist to make articles about that easier for reading and keeping only the most interessting things. I will sign when i find my account-data ^^
3  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: DOM and DDOM ceremony! on: Sun 24.05.2009 19:11:06
I would love to see more ppl playing UT3-Domination as i played classic 4-Team iDOM in UT99 for a long time... There were the orange.net servers which were full and with 4 teams all the time, damn i miss that time  embarrassed

Today, looking at the serverbrowser, only one or two servers run UT3-DOM and its empty all the time, really sad. Classic DOM is a lot of fun and strategic/team based. And the current exsiting maps for it are really well done and have a good gameflow.
For those who dont know, its like TDM but there are 3 controlpoints on a map and when someone touches a controlpoint it will change to the team-color and the player+his team gets constantly frags as long as its not touched by another team.
You can decide for yourself if u want to conquer DOM-points or defend them, ususally u must do both because all teams know which controlpoint has which color.
4  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Wed 17.12.2008 23:45:35
Hi darks, I just registered here to say Hi! Nice website and community here i have to say!
I enjoy playing with all members here but im generally not joining or playing in clans, mostly public or just4fun :)

About myself, my name is Alex from berlin, germany, im 24 years old and working as software developer/IT administrator... I played a lot UT99 / HL / CS a long time (ago) and never liked the UT2kx series.
Beside playing, my hobbies are my webdevelopment (my website), creating maps in UT3 and hardware/linux in general. I also like to draw and customizing my bike etc...

This clan rocks, good luck for the future matches and nice to see you ppl around the servers.
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