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1  Guests Area / Screenshots / Custom server rank on: Sat 10.01.2009 16:52:27
Yo Maggaraz we owned at Warfare yesterday  W00t

But you owned a bit more^^
Of course we owned  xxxwink.gif

iCTF pic:

Bigger picture by clicking this sentence.

2  Unreal Tournament 3 / Homepage / Re: Player Statistics on: Fri 09.01.2009 17:58:46
if you click on the top of each column, the players are sorted by that criteria, for instance if you click on "kill:death", players will be sorted by how good their kill:death ratio is.
Makes it easier to compare Wink
Thanks didn't notice that.

You can try, but i won't be so easy, because i will play Kargo only from now  smiley-dead.gif
yeah that will be severe obstacle for you, Maggaraz  Crazysmile1
Maybe, maybe... but I won't give up easily :)
3  Unreal Tournament 3 / Homepage / Re: Player Statistics on: Fri 09.01.2009 15:57:25
Heehee thanks VegasKill  :)

damn, Radarfox has better kdr  tongue. gotta improve mine since the difference is ONLY 0.001  xxxlaugh.gif

arent i artistic?
4  Guests Area / Screenshots / Custom server rank on: Fri 09.01.2009 15:17:31
I've always believed that pure server has NO mutators at all. Here's quote from this site
Remember that including server mutators will take your server out of the Pure List even if you select your server to be Pure.
another link UnrealNorth.com
5  Guests Area / Screenshots / dm ownage pics on: Mon 05.01.2009 16:02:38
Here's few dm ownage pics. Just links 'cos I'm too lazy resize them.

all i needed was +1

i did quite well in some russian server


6  Unreal Tournament 3 / Say hi here! / Re: Say 'hi' here! on: Sat 03.01.2009 16:32:53
Hi all  :) I'm Markus (Maggaraz) from Finland and i'm newest member in this great clan.

something 'bout me: I'm 18 and studying my last year in my current school. When it ends i have to do my military service which is 270 days long  :( ,after that i try to get a place in Tampere University of Technology, hope i get there.

UT3: I've played since beta demo and im decent in all gamemodes, mostly i play warfare,dm/tdm,vctf,ctf and ictf.

I think thats all.

Oh forgot to mention that i speak/write finnish(duh), english and some swedish. and my fav music is black metal  Rock Rock Rock
                                                      moi kaikki     hi all                 hej alla
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