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121  RypelCam / Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Rypel Cam on: Tue 18.10.2011 17:56:31
i.e. you easily could miss the right time to hit pause ? ? ? internet explorer ? ? gnee??? ^^
I don't understand what you mean here ^^

"veteran movie director"  Grin i prefer the title that rypel gave to me : RypelCam Master  xxxlaugh.gif xxxlaugh.gif xxxlaugh.gif
122  RypelCam / Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Rypel Cam on: Mon 17.10.2011 17:22:02
I overlooked a flaw in rcam 3.09 before publishing it: the rotation of the first 4 camera points is not saved correctly. Consider that and set a couple of replacement cam points at the beginning of a project.

Yes Mister Vega Wink
I ALWAYS start(ed) my campath 5 seconds before the start of the real action since the version 3.07  msn012.gif

i go on the rypelcam.ini and change the TimedPathStartTime=400.998138 to TimedPathStartTime=390.998138 'it's an example)
C:\Users\XXXXXXX\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config
Other example, if your action is at the end of a demo, i take more time TimedPathStartTime=900.998138 to TimedPathStartTime=880.998138

& after i do the same like this so wonderful video  afrodd.gif  Grin

123  RypelCam / Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Rypel Cam on: Sat 08.10.2011 17:24:40
I just test the last version.
right clic mouse & your camera is near your player you have selected just before  afrodd.gif
Rolls do not work with timepath  msn004.gif
124  RypelCam / Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Rypel Cam on: Sat 08.10.2011 14:30:34
Looks awesome  afrodd.gif
camera properties (speed, roll, fov settings) operate slightly different
enabled roll for timed paths  afrodd.gif
Thanks MIster Vega  msn012.gif
125  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Fri 07.10.2011 16:43:55
LOL nices waves  Grin

Sorry it's in french but too much funny  Grin
126  RypelCam / Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Rypel Cam on: Wed 05.10.2011 16:52:29
My password with 13 caracters was alpha-numérique
So i give up ^^
127  Guests Area / Videos / The Best FPS in the World with Rypelcam : The Unreal Engine Virtual camera Syste on: Mon 03.10.2011 18:59:17
It's just a mini best of my channel youtube (with 1 new frag only by Piballou, the 1st frag)
Thanks to the players who are in this video  msn012.gif (Sorry for the others who have been killed  xxxlaugh.gif)

Enjoy  afrodd.gif or not...

128  RypelCam / Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Rypel Cam on: Mon 03.10.2011 18:06:34
YESSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, i will see an other video from you Vega Grin

For the website of Rypel, i know that gammo send all the old post we wrote in the past  msn012.gif
I can't again create an account ^^ i put 13 caracteres in the password & it tell me that :
"Your password is too short. It should be atleast 5 characters." Gneee?!?  Crazysmile1
I don't receive any mail.

Thanks Vega.
129  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: _DARK_ clan guest board!!! on: Mon 03.10.2011 17:41:03
OMG Bender noob? lol
I'm sure that the guy who did this so wonderful "ScreenShiot" (a "shiot" is like "WC" in french, i've got the pile...^^) has never do a duel with Bloody  xxxlaugh.gif
130  RypelCam / Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Rypel Cam on: Sun 02.10.2011 16:58:31
Rcam 3.09 will allow to set the recording fps in UTRypelCam.ini + multiply the video resolution for high-res images while playing at a lower game resolution.

Vega number1 ^^

Rypel, Creating a new account is currently not possible on your website & i cant login :(
131  Guests Area / Music / Re: The music thread on: Sun 02.10.2011 14:32:42
Who is your number one DJ ?  xxxlaugh.gif

132  Guests Area / General Discussion / Re: Unreal Tournament 4? :-O on: Fri 23.09.2011 18:08:45
i played on the 1st tribes, my 1st rocket jump in a FPS was here ^^
I playerd the 2nd tribes a little...

And i waiting for this one, i hope it will be good, i will test it and, if i like it, I will try  to make a new BKRT team on this game...
Wait & see...
PS : I hope that we will see rypelcam on it to, cause it was possible to use it in the old versions of Tribes

Take a look on this frag movie onTribes Vengeance  Cool

133  RypelCam / Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Rypel Cam on: Fri 23.09.2011 18:02:56
I suppose you used the last version of rypelcam?
I  didn't test it at this moment... Maybe it only work with a manual start (without time path numpad 3)...
134  Guests Area / Videos / Re: Public kills on: Thu 15.09.2011 17:21:25
Not bad for a n00b like U  Grin  msn012.gif
135  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: !!!Screenshots!!! on: Mon 12.09.2011 22:01:26
An other one  msn012.gif

136  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 Movie: the Fraggers Diary on: Fri 09.09.2011 16:21:36
What's there not to like?

It's smoother than B.Bender's ass.

It has really stylish editing.

It dared to be different with that obscure crazy cabaret music.

Good rypel/POV ratio.

Triple A in my book.  afrodd.gif


I agree with Good rypel/POV ratio used  afrodd.gif
BUT the music... i don't feel it with the movie...

You know what i mean  Embarrassed  xxxlaugh.gif
137  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 Movie: the Fraggers Diary on: Wed 07.09.2011 18:07:51
i think a have a lot of shit in my eyes  Embarrassed cauz i don't like this movie (again lol)  whistle no comparaison with john, dela or Vegaskill... this is my opinion  msn012.gif
Music make me think to a circus lol  Grin ... & the music is too much important in a frag movie... but there is no accounting for taste  msn012.gif
Good use of rypelcam  afrodd.gif
Good editing  afrodd.gif
But the music lol  Grin msn004.gif Grin
138  RypelCam / Tutorials & Discussion / Re: RCam discussion & Feature requests on: Fri 02.09.2011 07:40:38
Thanks guys, i will take a look of all that Vega said  msn012.gif
139  RypelCam / Tutorials & Discussion / Re: RCam discussion & Feature requests on: Thu 01.09.2011 01:36:53
Thanks for your answers RattleSN4K3 & Vega

I'm too dangerous with an avril, be careful  Grin
Well... i have a "bug" screen on this demo with or without the rcam...
I don't think that it is my skin cause i look other players & it is the same bug...
Maybe the map canalwafare UT3XPRO FSE? i don't know...
I need this awesome frag for a movie ^^'
140  RypelCam / Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Rypel Cam on: Sun 21.08.2011 12:27:31
Thanks Mister Vega for your advice & your help on rypelcam  afrodd.gif
Scientist.pac will take my sequences on rypelcam & add some effects on it Wink

A present for you Mister Vega  Grin :

You will see some NEW awesome fraps that you never did in UT3 (sure !!! ^^)... This is the reason why you see, since a few weeks, some BKRT in public doing ... lol unreal frags  msn012.gif
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