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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: =(D.V.)= clan website!! on: Fri 20.03.2009 21:17:19
ok it was [NE]Tourch.God...

but you cant blame me for thinking it was u guys with the stuff happening lately..

I apologise :)
2  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: =(D.V.)= clan website!! on: Fri 20.03.2009 20:15:01
all im saying is that u guys stop being so babyish...

anyway i hope who ever it was in your clan is happy for the perm ban on his GUID on all MPUK servers and Epic servers :D

these guys in your clan are spoiling your reputation
3  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: =(D.V.)= clan website!! on: Fri 20.03.2009 19:57:21
god u guys are fukin lame... ur so obsesed with me that u make an account called "chrissaw" when my names chrisaw u dumb fuks... ill be back shortly with an ip comparision and will hopefully get 1 of u perm banned on all Epic and Mpuk servers :D

4  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: =(D.V.)= clan website!! on: Fri 20.03.2009 19:50:16
this topic is about darkrobin... and im brought into it for no reason... i have nothing against u guys but u constantly attack people for things that have happened in the past... just forgive and forget n stop abusing me and basher for stuff that happened ages ago...

and why do u delete my posts lol there in response to what ever is said about me... so i dont have the right to defend myself but people can constantly slate me on here? wheres the fairness in that guys
5  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: chrisaw2009 argues with KG on: Mon 23.02.2009 23:55:27
I will also post a chat log when i get it off the admin...

Also looks like i wont be seeing you around for abit :( im sure ull find out why soon enough :D


just to show how nice your clan leader is:
23-02-2009 14:33   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   PWND
23-02-2009 14:33   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   whats your old nick
23-02-2009 14:33   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   HAHAHAH
23-02-2009 14:33   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   yourmother
23-02-2009 14:33   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   doesnt matter anyway lol
23-02-2009 14:35   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   whats ur old nick then "god"
23-02-2009 14:35   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   this is my own nick
23-02-2009 14:35   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   yer and ur old 1 is...
23-02-2009 14:35   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   this is my first
23-02-2009 14:36   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   never seen u on suspense before
23-02-2009 14:36   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   i love suspense
23-02-2009 14:37   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   it worked
23-02-2009 14:38   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   OWNAGE
23-02-2009 14:38   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   id love to no who u r
23-02-2009 14:38   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   why u wanna visit me?
23-02-2009 14:38   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   not really
23-02-2009 14:38   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   then y u ask?
23-02-2009 14:39   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   curious
23-02-2009 14:39   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   OWNAGE
23-02-2009 14:39   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   not really?
23-02-2009 14:39   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   ye
23-02-2009 14:41   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   ainsel it was right there
23-02-2009 14:42   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   its like 6 vs 2 you know
23-02-2009 14:42   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   :(
23-02-2009 14:45   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   poor guys
23-02-2009 14:45   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   you guys cant score against 1 red person XD
23-02-2009 14:45   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   is it basher
23-02-2009 14:45   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   ye it is LOL
23-02-2009 14:45   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   no
23-02-2009 14:46   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   im god
23-02-2009 14:46   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   no ur basher_king
23-02-2009 14:46   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   u change ur nick all the time
23-02-2009 14:46   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   no im dark_ut3_god -_-
23-02-2009 14:47   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   lag in ur mothers ass
23-02-2009 14:48   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   owned
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   owned 10 vs 1 yeah
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   gg :D
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   dark noob
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   fakking enlish noob
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   who ever u are
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   UK my ass
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   LOL
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   uk sux dick
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   u do
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   :D
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   gayboy
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   gtg now bb
23-02-2009 14:49   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   with ur ugly girlfirned
23-02-2009 14:50   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   shh u dick
23-02-2009 14:50   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   wheres ur gf?
23-02-2009 14:50   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   oo u havnt got one
23-02-2009 14:50   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   so white as a dead body
23-02-2009 14:50   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   LOL
23-02-2009 14:50   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   corpse
23-02-2009 14:50   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   at least no dead person
23-02-2009 14:50   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   show us a pic of ur bird
23-02-2009 14:50   VCTF3UT3   DARK_UT3_GOD   HAHAHAHAH
23-02-2009 15:05   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   lol
23-02-2009 15:05   VCTF3UT3   chrisaw2008   teams?
6  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: chrisaw2009 argues with KG on: Mon 23.02.2009 23:51:38
LOL i have just spoken to an admin who did an IP check against your K_G_ account and DARK_UT3_GOD...

states that you are him and that you were indeed giving abuse to people in a game this afternoon :) caught out you fool...

proof given below:

VCTF2UT3 13-01-2009 20:16 K_G_ ip56532431.direct-adsl.nl aff963eb0748bb3bc245635115a646d9
ip56532431.direct-adsl.nl   aff963eb0748bb3bc245635115a646d9   Netherlands
13-01-2009 12:42
VCTF2UT3 13-01-2009 12:42 DARK_UT3_GOD ip56532431.direct-adsl.nl aff963eb0748bb3bc245635115a646d9
ip56532431.direct-adsl.nl   aff963eb0748bb3bc245635115a646d9   Netherlands
7  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / chrisaw2009 argues with KG on: Mon 23.02.2009 18:46:39
and dont pussy around the fact that its you with "oooo prove it with IP comparison"...

you know its you so fucking sort yourself out... you dont see me descriminating about where your from... you should have more respect for people...

and ill be back later with some evidence of you using that account :)... Someone has been tracking you closely mate...
8  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / chrisaw2009 argues with KG on: Mon 23.02.2009 18:42:03
it has nothing to do with me being in r3gul4rs or not...

I no its him because when he left he was like WUAHAHAHAAHAHS like a lil nooby... I see him doing it all the time in the servers and he has seen my girlfriend so must have been registered to arcanes forum in order to see me and her...

Im not aiming this at the clan or any of the other members but he should not be descriminating against english people and be calling my girlfriend... I have respect for you guys as you are some of the best players in UT3 but he's a dick head
9  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / chrisaw2009 argues with KG on: Mon 23.02.2009 16:38:14
I hope this gets back to K_G_... I no you are DARK_UT3_GOD as I heard of some people I no :)

I dont apreciate you coming into a game with me and deciding to hurl abuse at people n start calling where there from... like saying "UK sux" and shit like that... who the fuck do you think you are...

and saying my gf is ugly LOL... your only jelous mate... have you got a picture of your girlfriend for me to see?... i bet you havnt got one

anyway in future I suggest you grow up and keep your opinions to urself as your mouth is going to get you in trouble :)  tongue
10  Guests Area / Off Topic / Re: Spam Board for all XD on: Mon 16.02.2009 12:42:59
lol wasnt sure where to post this but here we go :)..

played with duvelka this morning and he had the dark clan tag in his name, also i asked him was he a member and he said yes...

then i spoke to arcaneTSGK from regulars and he said he wasnt a member... so i just checked the members list and he isnt there either...

maybe you should speak to him :D
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