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121  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Which other games are you playing? on: Tue 08.02.2011 12:13:23
I don't know about Elder Scrolls, I've played the IV(Oblivion) and didn't really enjoy it.
The fighting seems a bit stiff and you don't have many options, also the spell use was strange to me(been a long time since I played it, can't really explain it anymore).
Also confused about how to get extra spells and stuff like that.

Then I played Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic and that one I enjoyed greatly. The fighting and spell use was much better there, but it wasn't in a open world.
Hoping it will be better in Elder Scrolls V, then I'll play it Smiley.
122  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Which other games are you playing? on: Sat 05.02.2011 17:06:15
I play borderlands. Now I know what M4rt1ni meant with weak end boss - he didn't even try to hit me until I had emptied the 8 lousy smg magazines. I hoped to enter the vault portal or something, but the ending credits followed. ...Should have done more side quests.

The add on is pretty challenging for my (minimum required) level 35 hunter (Sniper vs ninjas.), but there is lots of enjoyable new content. Finally a game to take use of the 460gtx's performance reserves. afrodd.gif

...and yes, a good single player game roxxx more than a buggy multiplayer.
But just for a week or two. Azn

Yeah, the end-boss sucked in the first game.
I've played this with Arcane(which was really fun) and the dlc's as well(except Moxxi, heard it sucked).

The zombie island dlc is good if you like killing zombie's and it's just pure fun, no real story going on there. Short but fun.

The Knoxx dlc was the best DLC and I think better than the original game. Great enemies, loved the new terrains and vehicles, intresting story, it was long, lvl cap raised and awesome weapons.
You have no idea how many times me and Arcane did the end boss for the weapons, also did the "hidden" boss Crawmerax(which normally takes 4 people to beat) several times. He gets easy after a while tongue, certainly if you are using Siren(the woman).

Now the last DLC, the one with all the claptraps was the worst DLC evah!
It was so short, the enemies were so easy(could be because we had the best weapons from the Knoxx DLC after doing those runs so many times) and the story sucked as well.

You can say that Borderlands was funny and the DLC's kept that going, but with the claptrap one I didn't even have a smile on my face. Wouldn't recommend buying the last one, only the zombie and Knoxx are good.

Games I'm playing now:
Recently started playing Counter-strike: Source again. Just missed it and I stopped playing because I got bored of it. Also a bit of TF2, Quake Live(free game), GTAIV and Teeworlds(free game).
Started playing Red Faction: Guerrilla and Prince Of Persia(the cartoon one) but lost interest. Maybe try again when I'm bored and have no other games left tongue.

Dead Space 2 looks like a decent game for people liking that genre, but I'm not that type of guy. Not that really into Horror games and certainly not in space tongue. Except Doom, cause that one is a classic and one of my first games. Also FEAR is a good game(hoping FEAR3 will not suck).

Games I'm really going to play this year:
Mortal Kombat
Crysis 2(not too sure about this one)
Portal 2
Duke Nukem: Forever
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Witcher 2(looks like a good game, never played the first one)
Brink maybe, gonna have to see how that one turns out

So yea, 2011 is a great year for gamers xxxw00t.gif.
123  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Bulletstorm on: Fri 04.02.2011 16:44:22
124  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Bulletstorm on: Fri 04.02.2011 12:27:35
Sorry to throw water on the fire, but Gears Of War 3 still runs on UE3. But it's running on the latest update of the engine(dunno why they start calling it UE4...). You may call it UE3.7 or something tongue.

And have you seen what the people behind Crysis have said before?
Lots of nonsense, they are people that pretend to have created the greatest games and sure have the fake ego to show it.

I don't know about you guys, but I only liked Crysis for the graphics.
The gameplay and story sucked, don't think it will be any different for Crysis 2.

UE3 is still the most powerful engine out there, just look at how many games there are created on that engine and being created on. How many on the Crytek engines? Like 8 games(Far Cry franchise, Aion, Never Ending Dream and the Crysis games)
It's not for nothing that developers say that UE3 is awesome and great for developing games on.

It has already been confirmed that Epic Games is working on UE4 and for the moment they say it will be done by 2012-2013. I think UE4 might be the reason the world will end blablabla.gif.
125  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: GeForce® GTX 480 on: Wed 02.02.2011 21:55:16
Well considering the mobo manufacturers have stopped shipping the motherboards with the faulty Sandy Bridge chipset and retailers are pulling them from their listings you can't even buy one anymore. Intel says they start manufacturing the new fixed chipsets by the end of February, but mobo manufacturers still need time after that to make the boards, so April is the earliest you can buy a new Sandy Bridge system if you don't have one already.

Intel set aside 700 million dollars for the replacement/repair but I heard they estimated it again to 1 billion dollars. Rather costly mistake to make it seems. AMD must be happy, but for consumers this isn't really a good thing. The current AMD CPUs are just way too slow compared to Sandy Bridge. They need to get Bulldozer CPUs out soon.

You say it's too slow, but you have to consider that the i7 series are not made for gamers. And if you compare price/performance you'll see that AMD comes out better that way. You may call me cheap but I prefer not to spend too much money on my hardware. Rather have some money aside for some other stuff  Smiley.

If you want to know, I own a Phenom II x4 965 that runs on 3,4 GHz.

Also the fact that AMD is focussing more on the mobile and laptop. With their Fusion-tech they will have a nice grip on that market for smart phones and laptops.

I haven't been paying much attention to the latest CPU's or GPU's so I dunno what's new for Intel, AMD or Nvidia.
I am noticing that they are busy releasing hexacores, which I think is too soon.
You have to consider that just now the developers are now supporting quadcores for their games.
126  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Bulletstorm on: Wed 02.02.2011 21:46:57
Idd! Rly good video. Its funneh cause its true :>  Grin

You know you can play it yourself tongue, only 700MB.
127  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Bulletstorm on: Wed 02.02.2011 20:24:32
ROFL, EA games and Epic Games decided to do a little advertising for their game(Bulletstorm) and made a parody game of Call Of Duty named Duty Calls: The Calm Before The Storm.

You can download the demo which is 700MB, if you don't want to download it and just see it on youtube:

Looks to be pretty accurate tongue.
128  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: GeForce® GTX 480 on: Wed 02.02.2011 19:36:02
It's not only about Intel, pretty much every mobo manufacturer is affected and so are all the PC manufacturers + customers. So it kinda sucks for everyone :(

It consists of Intel mobo's, so it doesn't matter if you own one made by Asus or MSI or whatever more there is. If it supports Intel CPU's and it fits the following description then you are screwed:

For the people wanting to know which mobo's that are:

It's the mobo's that support Sandy Bridge-processor or i3, i5, i7 core processor from the new 2000-serie from Intel. That is for both the laptops and the Mobo's(at this point I realized I have a laptop with an i3-processor *sigh*) with a 6-series chip but also mobo's with a P67- or H67-chip.

You also have companies lika VIA(lately rarely used anymore, everyone uses either Intel or AMD) that base their chips on Intel or AMD. So be careful with that and I would recommend going for AMD pretty much now  tongue.
129  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: What Graphics Card Do you guys have? on: Wed 02.02.2011 19:20:34
Just had to replace my Ati HD4890(which was only 1-2 years old) because of the cable of my fan on my graphics card which kept stopping my fan from working(internal).

When browsing the forums I read that this is a common problem with XFX(who knew...) and that you have to open up your graphics card and re-arrange your cable every month after that problem starts occurring!

So I ordered a new one cause I'm not in the mood to open it up every month. Just got in the mail today, my new card is a AMD HD6870 from Saphire. Looks to be a good card, better than my old one  Smiley.
130  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: GeForce® GTX 480 on: Wed 02.02.2011 19:13:53
The SATA 3Gbps ports on that mobo will also die within 2-3 years. Intel has admitted the fault in the SATA controller and motherboard makers have issued a recall for the faulty mobos, and new fixed mobos come in april at the earliest. Way to go Intel, only a billion dollar mistake.  afrodd.gif

Yea read about that, but they said they have money set aside in case something like this happens and have to replace a bunch of products.
This is why I'm happy to have gone with AMD xxxras.gif.

For the people wanting to know which mobo's that are:

It's the mobo's that support Sandy Bridge-processor or i3, i5, i7 core processor from the new 2000-serie from Intel. That is for both the laptops and the Mobo's(at this point I realized I have a laptop with an i3-processor *sigh*) with a 6-series chip but also mobo's with a P67- or H67-chip.

GTX460 doesn't go beyond 62°, idle 22°. Need additional heating. :'(

Maybe if you put 2 of them in SLI! afrodd.gif
131  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: GeForce® GTX 480 on: Wed 02.02.2011 15:31:11
Pro point about that 480(temps in °C):

You don't have to leave the room to cook something.
132  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Bulletstorm on: Fri 28.01.2011 16:08:08
You can't jump, jumping over obstacles is like in Gears Of War: you run to it and press the run button.
You can run and slide.

To be honest I don't miss jumping, it may sound as huge dealbreaker but it really isn't.
They could have made it more flexible and so by adding that you can jump, but I say try out the game first before judging. I've learned over the years that you can't judge a game by just watching vids and reading reviews, you really need to try it out yourself to see how it's like.

BTW, because there was so much disappointment coming from the PC-players that Crytek didn't release Crysis 2 MP demo on the PC they have now decided to release it on the PC as well(no-go for the PS3). So you'll be able to try it out yourselves.

Lot's of PC-players were angry for not getting the Bulletstorm-demo. But it looks like that Mark Rein(Vice President Epic Games) is pushing for a PC-demo. There wasn't enough time to get it done for the PC to launch with the Xbox360 and PS3.

So just be patient and you'll be able to test out the games soon :).
133  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Bulletstorm on: Thu 27.01.2011 17:06:55
Played Crysis 2 MP for a few matches.
It's fun but like you said, those things you see in the vid never happen lol.

That ground stomp thing, never had a chance to use it and I replaced it with something else.
Also the fact that people like to camp in corners with their cloak on and wait for you to come by so they can take you out with one punch.

In the trailer you can see a guy kick a car down to kill someone, that map isn't in the demo but I can't imagine anyone being so stupid that they will actually stand there while knowing someone can just kick that car down.
134  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Bulletstorm on: Thu 27.01.2011 11:28:28
I think you can compare Bulletstorm to Borderlands, you can play with a few mates and just play around a lot. But after a while it will get boring, like I said it's a game you quickly put in just you feel like playing a non-serious game.

If you're interested in having the highest scores of your friends then you can play this for a while longer, if not then you will probably throw it aside after a couple of weeks or so. People would probably play a lot longer if it had competitive MP instead of a co-op system. But no idea how you would make this kind of game competitive...

For the Crysis part, a demo has been released on the same day as Bulletstorm. The demo is Xbox360-only and is only MP with a few weapons, 1 map en 2 gametypes(TDM and a bit like domination from UT99 but the target moves). You don't have to pre-order the game to play the demo, you need an xbox360 and gold membership.

It's fun to play MP but they still have to fix a few bugs, lag is one of the major issues. It's hard to explain but if you played it, you would understand what I mean.
I would say that Bulletstorm has more replay-value, Crysis 2 MP is like COD but with those special powers. Also cloaked campers....... => nuff said?
135  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Bulletstorm on: Thu 27.01.2011 08:22:51
Played the demo a bit on the old 360 and I approve! afrodd.gif

It's fun and kind of challenging trying to come up with something you can do to your enemy so you can lol or just have a huge WTF!!!!!

If you want a challenging game where you need to run and hide cause you are about to die then you are knocking on the wrong door, this is a game just for fun that you pop in on a cold Friday night with your blanket and your hot coco  Smiley. If you want to finish this game without using your lasso or your kick then it will be a bit challenging but don't expect anything on that. It's more fun to use the lasso and kick but don't overuse it or it will get boring.

It's a good game from what I could play, the demo has 3 weapons:

Assault rifle(when you charge it, it burns right through your enemy)
Pistol(that turns into a flare gun when you use that charger thingie, if you bounce your character up in the air and used it charged on your enemy it sends him flying with the firework and you get a skillshot called fireworks)
Flailgun: 2 explosives on a chain that when fired onto an enemy it wraps around him and explodes when you press the fire button again(slices right through your enemies when you charge it)

They have gone pretty far with the skillshots, still trying to get the mercy skillshot(shoot the guy in the balls and when he is on his knees just kick his head off). It's more difficult then you think to get, I always seem to shoot him in the leg embarrassed, but I'm not the only one having trouble with it xxxras.gif.
Would have had more fun with the demo on the PC, the thumbstick always disappoints me when it comes to shooters(I hate it for aiming).

Game has been per-ordered since it came up in the store and I'm keeping it that way, I was already convinced with the footage I've seen and now that proves it :).

If you guys want, can give you info on the Crysis 2 MP demo that was released with Bulletstorm.
136  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Duke Nukem forever on: Sat 22.01.2011 15:10:43
Lol kinda funny that used stuff from a couple of months back when they showed the game again after a really long time(when they announced that Gearbox was now working on the game)

For in case you guys didn't see this.

Strange though how people are complaining about the graphics. Does that really matter with a game like this? Looks good enough to me!
137  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Bulletstorm on: Sat 22.01.2011 15:07:41
Really strange. Bulletstorm on GamesForWindows. UT3 on Steam. Gears of Wars not anymore on PC. Epic/Midway is really consistent  in publishing games  Crazysmile1

Just so you know, Midway has declared bankruptcy like 1-2 years ago.
Thought that would be noticed since Warner Brothers bought the company and is now releasing Mortal Kombat(you guys ever saw the Reborn short of Mortal Kombat?)

3 more days till the 360 gets a demo of Bulletstorm(together with a MP demo of Crysis 2) :).
138  Guests Area / Videos / Re: 2010 Unreal Engine 3 (trailer) on: Fri 21.01.2011 17:25:56
No idea what your specs are, but if want to see if your computer would be able to run that. Check out the specs I posted in the Bulletstorm topic, that game runs on the last version of UE3.
139  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Duke Nukem forever on: Fri 21.01.2011 17:16:40
Hail to the king baby, new trailer and the release date confirmed!

Release date: 3rd of May 2011

I recommend you watch this in HD!
140  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Bulletstorm on: Mon 17.01.2011 19:28:18
Dunno if it actually requires an internet connection in order to play SP.
Alot of games put internet connection with the system requirements even though it's not necessary to play SP, they just do it for the MP.

I do know that it will run Games For Windows Live, I thought you could create an offline account or am I mistaken?
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