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1  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Doh! Both my PC's are Toast on: Tue 07.07.2009 20:47:58
Thnx guys for the comments.

I already have surge protection for the power surge from the electricity sockets but didnt expect the telephone lines to get spiked. xxxras.gif xxxras.gif xxxras.gif

I will however look into this as and when the tower is returned!

On a more positive note, the laptop is not cost effective to be repaired & I have been informed this afternoon that I will be receiving a Brand New all singing all dancing laptop. Apparently it is so up to date  with regards to processor & Graphics card that ut3 can & will be played on it............. msn012.gif msn012.gif

I would also like to say to Vegaskill that it is always nice to include an element of danger whilst playing on UT3 but the downside is the 2 weeks that I have been unable to get online with UT3! msn004.gif msn004.gif msn004.gif

I think it is the ' yin & yang ' effect, opposite's etc..........

All I hope for now is news on the tower................ msn002.gif msn002.gif msn002.gif

see you all soon.

2  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Doh! Both my PC's are Toast on: Sun 05.07.2009 12:09:44
Why not buy thid one. Should have no probs with FPS here

Thanks BB & Infernal for your comments.

BB, I have that one on order already.......... xxxw00t.gif

Hope to see ya a ll online soon.

3  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Doh! Both my PC's are Toast on: Mon 22.06.2009 18:50:54
msn008.gif Better take that ethernet cable off next thunderstorm.

I've lost one hdd due to lightning, or at least it wasn't working after a storm.  xxxras.gif

Thanks Pain I will keep it in mind next time. I'm sure there are some surge protectors for phone lines though just to be on the safe side next time.

4  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Doh! Both my PC's are Toast on: Mon 22.06.2009 14:19:34
Only way in. All line jacks and filters are char-grilled.

Total cost around £2500!

5  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: Doh! Both my PC's are Toast on: Mon 22.06.2009 09:21:42
All the power sockets were unplugged but you don't expect the phone line to get hit by lightening.

In total 11 houses were knocked out. All of which had their Pc's fried.

Not to worry, we have insurance against such events.

In stormy weather, please unplug those internet feeds from the routers or buy some adequate surge protection.

6  Guests Area / Hardware / Doh! Both my PC's are Toast on: Sun 21.06.2009 23:44:14
Hi All,

Just wanted to update you on recent event's & to warn you all against that Old Mother Nature!

We were experiencing some freakish weather over the past week. This included some severe thunder storms where I live. Chrisaw will back this up as he is only less than 10 miles away from me.

On Monday we had some very stormy weather whilst I was at work. Unfortunately I thought the surge protector would be my saviour in this case but didnt expect what happened.  We had a very  close call with the lightening. This however, I must admit was a bit unfortunate. The lightning struck a street light  outside my neighbours house & spiked across causing a surge down the telephone / broadband lines. Whoops! xxxras.gif

As the power points are surge protected the telephone line is not. Its not something my provider doesnt  seem to hold as a priority! xxxras.gif

The surge came into the house, went directly to the router which was linked to both my laptop & Dell XPS gaming system xxxlaugh.gif via ethernet cable.

Even though both computers were off at the time the current was such that it seems to have cooked both computers  as well as the router msn002.gif

This is the reason that I have been absent from the ingame activities just lately. msn001.gif msn001.gif

As you can imagine it was a bit of a shock & I urge all of you to take precautions with your hardware & use me as a very costly example. msn001.gif

Please get some surge protection on all feeds to your PC's as this could happen to you!

Also, dont feel sorry as all is in hand & I will be back online soon.

Any recommendations for gaming Pc's including graphics cards processors etc would be helpful.

See ya all soon.


7  Unreal Tournament 3 / Joining _Dark_ Clan / Re: could join Dark on: Wed 10.06.2009 17:27:21
I've seen Predator quite a few times online & seems to be a good standard player.

Seen him/her on the 32 player servers.

Good luck to him/her

8  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: DarkRobin on: Sun 07.06.2009 21:43:08
Well said DarkRedFox

Here here is what I say!

This is a freedom of speech forum. He says what he likes & he says it very well!

9  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: $hadow Soldiers [2] vs [10] Dark, 25 may 09 on: Sun 31.05.2009 19:56:30
All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is way by far THE best video footage on UT3 I have ever seen!!!!

There has been some serious work gone into this & you are indeed a credit to your clan Vegaskill without a shadow of doubt.

I could of actually watched way more of this.

Very, very, very good work.

Im seriously impressed.

Regards. msn012.gif
10  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: $hadow Soldiers [2] vs [10] Dark, 25 may 09 on: Wed 27.05.2009 23:08:45
Congratulations Dark Clan

A victory well deserved. What goes around comes around. Revenge is oh so sweet!

Enjoy the sweet, sweet success of being where you guys belong!

Number One!

11  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Corrupt 2 disbandoned yet again..lol on: Wed 27.05.2009 22:52:10
f yeah!!!

I must admit I like to hang out on here.

Other UT3 forums just don't have the minerals if you know what I mean! LOL.

Sine the original R3gul4rs & Corrupt forums shut down this is the best by far!


12  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Corrupt 2 disbandoned yet again..lol on: Wed 27.05.2009 21:17:37
'its just a game'


i know these words. (arcane? :>)

Hehe Splitter,

It's been my signature on every post.....LOL
13  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Corrupt 2 disbandoned yet again..lol on: Wed 27.05.2009 21:14:23
LOL, I came here to get away from all this egotistical tripe!

I'll give chris his due he did give it a good shot & I have overlooked our differences to actually play & chat together ingame.

Unfortunately for Arcane he threw away in my opinion one of the best clans/forums within the UT3 community in my opinion. This cannot be replicated even at LOL. Once it has gone it's gone!

Anyway, just thought Id share my thoughts with you all but at the end of the day it is a shame it has come to this. Chris you did a good job while it lasted but exams come first.

14  Guests Area / Hardware / Gaming hardware advice? on: Fri 22.05.2009 22:40:54
I was gonna get a Mx518 as they are quite popular but started to sway towards the G5.

Still not sure, one is optical whereas the other is laser?

Which one of the two is better?

but thnx for the tip tho.

15  Guests Area / Hardware / Gaming hardware advice? on: Thu 21.05.2009 11:27:21
So True!

Its gotta be worth it as the one I use is a Dell basic mouse. msn001.gif

Probably costs no more than £5 at the most. embarrassed

Watch out you lot.  msn012.gif

 xxxlaugh.gif xxxlaugh.gif xxxlaugh.gif
16  Guests Area / Hardware / Gaming hardware advice? on: Wed 20.05.2009 19:49:38
Many thanks to Wojci, Atomrolf, Arcane, Chris, Foxy & Nightmare for the helpful comments.

Seems to me the G5 gets some serious votes but the Mx518 is still there when it comes to value for money.

Just need to see one in the flesh.

Doh! decisions, decisions.

I will let you know the outcome.

17  Guests Area / Hardware / Gaming hardware advice? on: Tue 19.05.2009 13:29:28
Looks like a close call between the G5 & the Mx518.........

Thnx guys.

Just need to see the Mx518 in the flesh tho.

Any thoughts on the Kone? Like the looks & feature's.
18  Guests Area / Hardware / Gaming hardware advice? on: Mon 18.05.2009 18:38:35
OMG.................... thats just not right. A round keyboard xxxlaugh.gif xxxlaugh.gif

Been out today to the local shops etc & had a mess around with the logitech's.

Want to try some more before I decide.

Gonna try the mx518 that CS advised on.

Thnx again.

19  Guests Area / Hardware / Gaming hardware advice? on: Sun 17.05.2009 19:59:04
Wow, so many different ones to choose from.

Ive heard of the kone before but never really seen one but thanks for all the info.

Like BB has said its down to your own personal choice. I will review all of the one's that you have mentioned & make a decision.

Thanks again for all the help guys. Much appreciated :)
20  Guests Area / Hardware / Gaming hardware advice? on: Sun 17.05.2009 15:55:21
Thnx for the suggestions guys. Need to read up on both & make a decision.

I will adjust the game settings etc & see the difference BB.

Thnx again BB & CS.

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