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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Unreal Tournament 4? :-O on: Sat 20.09.2014 17:32:49
Well i don't know if you played the last version, there is no sprint, and there are wall dodge. You actually can wall dodge as many times as u want in a row.
About that single tap dodge, i don't even use it, no need when you're used to UT

Indeed its not awesome for the moment, but calm down, its not even an alpha, let them try many things Wink

And yeah i'm pretty curious to see what this toxikk will be !
2  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: Unreal Tournament 4? :-O on: Thu 18.09.2014 23:31:04
Hey guys!

glad to see that forum is still online and still kinda active Wink

Just to say i downloaded the last prealpha version yesterday and playing it from time to time (as "tyr"), hope seeing you guys soon =)
3  Guests Area / General Discussion / Re: Tribes: Ascend on: Fri 04.05.2012 20:16:33
Thats indeed a bit difficult to shoot while moving with the BTX1 rifle but not impossible. Then i didnt try yet the phase rifle, its fucking expensive =(
4  Guests Area / General Discussion / Re: Tribes: Ascend on: Fri 27.04.2012 14:58:34
I guess u saw the "ranked match", "coming soon"... What exactly do u think it will be?

A ladder for clanwars? Or each players can play a ranked match alone? Maybe a bit like League of Legends...

Nvm it could be fun to try some clanwars (but if D3 eat all my freetime =P) and i don't think there will be enough Bks on the game... (4 atm)
Some of you could be ok for an hypothetical "dark knights" or "UT3 gamers" clan ? Wink
5  Guests Area / General Discussion / Re: Tribes: Ascend on: Wed 25.04.2012 12:24:57
U can do same kind of stats with the 1st sniper rifle trust me. IMO phase rifle sucks anyway =P
6  Guests Area / Screenshots / Re: A classic Headshot manta on: Sat 21.04.2012 10:51:33
Didnt see that post, u hide it to me mmh? An advice, don't play that game with me devil !!

I pwn u even in german !!

7  Guests Area / General Discussion / Re: Tribes: Ascend on: Sat 14.04.2012 10:23:00
Hey guys Wink

I download the final game and it looks fun ftm, but why the fuck do weapons and classes cost soooo much XP ?!

Nvm my nick in-game is tyrwot, Have I to read the 8 others pages to find all of your names on this game? ^^'
8  Guests Area / General Discussion / Re: Tribes: Ascend on: Mon 14.11.2011 19:47:14
i'm sure i'm gonna be faster than him  xxxlaugh.gif

And I'm sure I gonna be faster than you =P
9  Guests Area / General Discussion / Re: Unreal Tournament 4? :-O on: Sun 13.11.2011 19:18:04
This game looks good, i think i'll try it too, wanna rocket-jetpack-jump-taking-a-vehicle-in-the-air-and-score!

(You maybe should create a real topic to this game mmh? ^^)
10  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: Dark n00b on: Thu 10.11.2011 21:47:41
You got no chance, we have Toad !! =P
11  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: ESL vCTF ladder on: Fri 06.05.2011 12:46:04
Pff you're desperating... sorry to try to play clanmatchs...
12  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: ESL vCTF ladder on: Thu 05.05.2011 17:17:07
Or the return of ClanBase? I heard that there will be a new admin for ut3  whistle
13  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: ESL vCTF ladder on: Wed 04.05.2011 09:17:42
too bad... =(
14  Guests Area / Jokes, funny pictures! / Re: Jokes, funny pictures, put all this stuff here! on: Thu 28.04.2011 12:17:38
15  Guests Area / Videos / Re: The ULTIMATE european VCTF ClaN WaR on: Wed 20.04.2011 17:57:38
OHH cmon tyrwot, this is obvious an hater video

is everything black or white for you?
I mean, im not in an extrem and you in another
you think it is only a hater video, and you think i think it isnt at all.

I don't 100% agree with Devil about that, but well, you are maybe searching a problem where it might not be.
The fact he did it just to attack you is maybe not so... "obvious"

or why would he make a video of 2 years ago? against a clan that he always hated?? and about a match, that he already made a video of!

He will soon use some others old demos.
Lol actually we don't "hate" you, just your gamestyle, this match is a good exemple with the dark on deemer.
Hum i'm curious, show me the video he already mades with this demo...

Dont be hypocrite, you are only defending the video and who made it. Wink

As you defend a clan in which you were not yet ? ^^
Hypocrite? if you knew me, you would know that im not at all, but a debate need two sides mmh? =)
I'm thinking what i say.

and why u keep saying that the other 2 recent matches between us are fake?? these had to be cb matches if you remember, but werent confirmed due to cb problem

Pff you already know the answer, we didnt wanted to play with terro clan, some Bks just wanted not to come. But well you were there so we played just to say we played. We did not know that you would be so proud of this victory, we didnt care, that wasnt ranked.
But well i think i'll create and abbreviation just for you gabry : twyw, think what you want.

now stop arguing..
I can't =P

So guys stop thinking the video is only to make terro rage,

Devil was maybe just bored of the terro speech and wanted to remind them they are not on top of the world;  and he wanted to do this video since a moment (there are some great actions wich justify a video i think), so i guess he thought it was a better way than words.

16  Guests Area / Videos / Re: The ULTIMATE european VCTF ClaN WaR on: Tue 19.04.2011 21:07:24
And I agree with Vegaskill, it's not the editing that just turns this vid down. It's the reason why this vid was made.

Actually there is a long time Devil wanted to do a video of this match.
We only won 3-2, so i don't think that terros feel humiliating by the video, he didnt made it to say "Bks are fucking better than terro"

Some of you are disappointed that he did this video to make them rage.
And now he is disappointed that you think it was only to make them rage.

is just funny to see you keep making videos about us, 2 years old match,i wasnt even in terrorists.. that was about when i started playing ut3 Wink

If the video was with another clan, would you say such arguments?
Why do you (Gabry) feel attacked while you were not there? did he does anything to insult you personnaly?
If you weren't playing ut at that moment, why are you reacting?

anyway we saw the more recently matches between us, and we boot know who won

Excuse me gabry, but thats really stupid to repeat that all the time, first because you know that this result is fake,but especially because you fuel tensions !

Sad to see how a lack of understanding can undermine relationships between players...
17  Guests Area / Videos / Re: UT3 fragmovie: Runaway by CentuRionis on: Wed 13.04.2011 09:25:12
nice, some good frags ! =)

except th 1st one with stinger -_-
18  Guests Area / Movies / Re: What was the last movie you watched? on: Wed 13.04.2011 09:20:53

there are some greats special effects, but i've been disappointed:
the film is so predictable, you see there isnt any challenge, everythings looks so easy...
And the fact there are cute girls isn't enough to not be bored
19  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Crysis 2 on: Sun 10.04.2011 10:13:51
Yep portal 2 looks great,
me, christallis and maybe eypo will get it =)
20  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: ESL vCTF ladder on: Sun 03.04.2011 14:28:24
still only Bks and PtE on esl...  whistle whistle whistle
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