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1  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: It's Happening! Unreal Tournament 4! on: Thu 08.05.2014 19:55:32
Sounds pretty good:

-PC, Mac and Linux only (at least for start)
-Free, not F2Pay (although some community mods might be paid content (of whic Epic takes a cut))
-Epic will make the core deatmatch and the community will add on top of that

And the bad:

-Development just starting
-Community development usually takes ages
-When will it be "ready"? These days there's so many shoddy alpha early access releases and personally I don't really like it. How can a competitive community form if the released "game" is borked and changing constantly?

2  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / It's Happening! Unreal Tournament 4! on: Sat 03.05.2014 11:41:09
The day we never thought would come is finally here!


Thursday, May 8 at 2PM EST there will be a twitch stream about the future of Unreal Tournament!  xxxw00t.gif

3  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: For anyone playing the BF3 BETA on: Fri 30.09.2011 17:53:49
Origin nick is PainSavour (who would've guessed).

Still a complete noob though, I don't really play modern warfare fps games much, but I do enjoy the 64p conquest with vehicles.  afrodd.gif
4  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: Arrange clan wars against Dark! on: Sun 19.06.2011 12:39:32
Yeah, I'm not active now. Still waiting for the pre-order of my mouse that's delayed for a month or so... I've uninstalled UT3 since I can't play it atm.  xxxras.gif
5  Unreal Tournament 3 / Clan Matches / Re: Mmmmonster UT3 vCTF match. on: Sun 08.05.2011 16:56:37
Sounds nice, though I can't play tomorrow. My MX518 seems to have broken and I'll have to wait until my new mouse arrives.  :'(
6  Unreal Tournament 3 / Dark Clan & Unreal Tournament 3 / Re: ESL vCTF ladder on: Tue 05.04.2011 10:11:48
I'm good to go.  finger
7  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: What Graphics Card Do you guys have? on: Tue 29.03.2011 21:45:29
Wondering if that actually makes a difference, having a higher refreshrate.
With my montitor the max is 60Hz on my resolution(1680x1050).

Also think my fps is a bit too low for the specs I have(I run the game on maximum):
Sapphire AMD HD6870 1GB
AMD Phenom x4 965 @ 3,4GHz
4GB DDR3 1600MHz

The max fps I get is about 100(when looking to the floor it goes up to 150) and I get drops to 40 sometimes :/, I have no fps limit set up in UT3(no limit, no smoothing, no v-sync).

Bad drivers maybe? Maybe the drivers of my old card weren't completely removed and it's causing trouble?

120 Hz does make a difference. Personally I've noticed it most in close quarters when I have to turn a lot, keeps things smoother.  Also 120 Hz monitors have smaller input lag too, or at least my monitor has a zero lag mode. It's a small advantage though, nothing big.

I wouldn't say 100 fps for 6870 and max settings a bad fps, but of course it depends on what game type you're playing. IIRC my fps sinks in 32 player warfare to 40 or so at worst, but in BTA it usually stays 100+ I think I have a cap at 160 atm so don't know how high it would go. And I have a 955BE@3,6Ghz and an unlocked 6950 clocked to 890 Mhz.

8  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: 27-inch IPS panel on: Sun 13.02.2011 20:44:16
I guess, its Pain herself. Grin

btw, Pain, u could use a backplate für your monitors and mount them together on a rack. Yo, its not possible to move them, but its stable and not so expensive like this: http://mobil.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/973430_-lx-lift-stand-fuer-3-monitore-2-breitbildschirme-33-296-195-ergotron.html


Yes, I keep a sexy picture of myself as my desktop background.  Crazysmile1 It's just a wallpaper I found when I was looking for some 5760x1080 wallpapers for Eyefinity. Too bad there's such a limited selection, it's hard to find good quality pics of that resolution.

Triple monitor stand would be nice, but all of them just cost too much and there's practically no selection available here. I'll rather save my money to replace that last tn-panel.

9  Unreal Tournament 3 / Maps / Re: VCTF-Facing Worlds 3 on: Sat 12.02.2011 15:25:10
Might be something people actually would like to play, small and simple that is.  xxxras.gif

I never liked CTF due to translocator so Facing Worlds was pretty boring too, but maybe with VCTF it could work better.
10  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Which other games are you playing? on: Sat 12.02.2011 13:10:38
Some PC DX9 gameplay footage with a controller. Not much spoilage afaik.

Hopefully this will run better better than original Crysis, otherwise I really have to drop the settings down for eyefinity.  xxxlaugh.gif

11  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: 27-inch IPS panel on: Fri 11.02.2011 20:48:04
I watch my movies from the 32" Sony, I have it hooked up to my PC too.

8:00 it was -30C, 16:00 -12C and now it's back to -23C.  afrodd.gif
12  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: 27-inch IPS panel on: Fri 11.02.2011 17:33:19
Here they are.  afrodd.gif

I wish I had a better desk though, that hand-me-down is a bit too small but it's the only place I can fit those babies atm.  Grin
13  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Which other games are you playing? on: Thu 10.02.2011 03:02:40
Dark Messiah was a fun game to run through, but it was mostly just a an action adventure in the land of spike racks without a proper plot or rpg elements. Oblivion on the other hand was much more of an RPG, but I just couldn't stand the the console interface and cheesy dialogue and characters. The game had a lot of other faults too but most of those could be modded out. I'm really hoping Elder Scrolls V will be a better game.
14  Guests Area / Other Games / Re: Which other games are you playing? on: Sat 05.02.2011 13:49:10
I have several games I try to play, UT3 is still among them. I've played a lot of JC2 since I got the eyefinity setup, but now I'm done with it. I also occasionally play Minecraft too. Dead Space, Metro 2033, GTAIV should be next. Later on DA2, DX:HR and Crysis 2.  afrodd.gif
15  Guests Area / Flash Games / Re: Gem Craft - browser game on: Thu 03.02.2011 18:35:46
Minecraft is a great game, though there's only classic mode on the browser. At first it might be a bit offputting considering the graphics, but it certainly proves you don't need great graphics to make a great game.

Minecraft has several fun let's plays on youtube:
16  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: GeForce® GTX 480 on: Thu 03.02.2011 00:03:48
You say it's too slow, but you have to consider that the i7 series are not made for gamers. And if you compare price/performance you'll see that AMD comes out better that way. You may call me cheap but I prefer not to spend too much money on my hardware. Rather have some money aside for some other stuff  Smiley.

If you want to know, I own a Phenom II x4 965 that runs on 3,4 GHz.

Also the fact that AMD is focussing more on the mobile and laptop. With their Fusion-tech they will have a nice grip on that market for smart phones and laptops.

I haven't been paying much attention to the latest CPU's or GPU's so I dunno what's new for Intel, AMD or Nvidia.
I am noticing that they are busy releasing hexacores, which I think is too soon.
You have to consider that just now the developers are now supporting quadcores for their games.

While i7 might not be "made for gamers" it is faster in games that require cpu power. Now most of the graphics heavy games benefit little from more CPU horsepower, so in those cases it doesn't matter if you're using AMD or Intel CPU, as long as it's sufficiently fast, because the graphics card will be the bottleneck. But in games like GTAIV, CIV5, Total War series CPU plays a bigger part and in those games the Intel Core processors are clearly better than Phenoms. Sad but true, especially since I have a Phenom II 955.  msn012.gif

AMD might be trying to get more mobile market share, but if you look at laptop sales Intel dominates it and AMD CPUs aren't really in favor in laptops, they suck more power and give less performance. AMDs strongest suit is desktop CPUs and the hexa-cores you mention, but as you say, there's not a lot of use for six cores at the moment because of lacking software threading. AMD's hope will be in Fusion and Bulldozer, but it remains to be seen how well they end up doing. It just looks like all Bulldozer is good for is well threaded applications, but 8 cores don't do a lot of good in games at the moment.

For Intel this chipset problem is probably more of an embarrassment. They've already paid billions in the past year or so to AMD and Nvidia and I think there was some other entity too I don't care to remember right now. Obviously they have a near monopoly on the x86 market and make billions in profit every quarter regardless of paying a few fines now and then.

17  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: GeForce® GTX 480 on: Wed 02.02.2011 21:12:09
Well considering the mobo manufacturers have stopped shipping the motherboards with the faulty Sandy Bridge chipset and retailers are pulling them from their listings you can't even buy one anymore. Intel says they start manufacturing the new fixed chipsets by the end of February, but mobo manufacturers still need time after that to make the boards, so April is the earliest you can buy a new Sandy Bridge system if you don't have one already.

Intel set aside 700 million dollars for the replacement/repair but I heard they estimated it again to 1 billion dollars. Rather costly mistake to make it seems. AMD must be happy, but for consumers this isn't really a good thing. The current AMD CPUs are just way too slow compared to Sandy Bridge. They need to get Bulldozer CPUs out soon.
18  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: GeForce® GTX 480 on: Wed 02.02.2011 18:47:09
The SATA 3Gbps ports on that mobo will also die within 2-3 years. Intel has admitted the fault in the SATA controller and motherboard makers have issued a recall for the faulty mobos, and new fixed mobos come in april at the earliest. Way to go Intel, only a billion dollar mistake.  afrodd.gif
19  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: 27-inch IPS panel on: Fri 28.01.2011 18:00:17
There's an old pic of my rig in the graphics topic. Actually here's the pic:

Since then I've changed the graphics card to a PowerColor 6950 (unlocked to 6970) and also the cpu cooler is a Scythe Mugen II. Oh and I have 4x2GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM. Otherwise it looks pretty much the same. I might take some new pics when the new monitor arrives next week, now my desk is a bit of a mess.  xxxlaugh.gif
20  Guests Area / Hardware / Re: 27-inch IPS panel on: Fri 28.01.2011 11:59:20
They're in landscape at least for now, I can only pivot one of them. I'm replacing the 24" model now and I'm thinking of buying a pivotable 120Hz monitor at some point so only then can I try it in vertical mode. It just seems to me the central display would be a bit thin in pivot and the bezels quite long, but it would certainly help in the fov department.
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