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 on: Sun 25.02.2018 17:43:26 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by VegasKill
A short RypelCam scene made with automatic camera speed.
Enable timedpath in the menu or with the "timedpath 1" console command.

Good luck, KF1 clans  smiley_x0.gif

 on: Sun 25.02.2018 16:28:35 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by VegasKill
Download RypelCam for Killing Floor 1 (retail game, 2009), attached to this post.

 on: Sun 03.12.2017 15:31:37 
Started by Bloody.Bender - Last post by VegasKill
Not a lot going on at Epic Games? Last thing in a long time I heard from Epic Games is that they sue a 14 year old for cheating. Embarrassing move, IMHO.

 on: Thu 09.11.2017 19:43:55 
Started by Bloody.Bender - Last post by Kayni
this game feels so wrong and uncompleted at the moment and i dont think they finish this game ....

 on: Sun 03.09.2017 18:14:39 
Started by Mordsspass - Last post by Xirios
@Up copyright   msn011.gif

 on: Sun 03.09.2017 18:12:33 
Started by Xirios - Last post by Xirios
This game changes all time (and ID resets regularly player's statistics and equipments Roll Eyes) Maps are really nice. But it isn't old, love Quake. In QC we have skills like in Overwatch, rune's challenge (Doom4), codex pages (Assassins'c Creed; are hidden randomly in jugs) rankeds, levels & chests (League of Legends). Free game gives only Ranger for play, for more champions we must pay real $. But QC is playable, queue DM/TDM is +/- 1 min.   

 on: Mon 21.08.2017 18:22:23 
Started by Xirios - Last post by VegasKill
this definitely looks better than ut, but I'm currently just on intel graphics xxxlaugh.gif

 on: Sun 13.08.2017 07:29:13 
Started by Xirios - Last post by Xirios
Plays someone this game? Actually i play QC (prefer this than UT4 alpfa  whistle msn001.gif). If someone sometimes wants play together tdm (in 1v1 i sux), can send invite. I have login like here.

Hmmm, I see there are some troubles with sounds in this corner (my PC?). In YT i hear them normal.

 on: Thu 06.07.2017 19:47:36 
Started by Mordsspass - Last post by DEVIL_77

 on: Thu 06.07.2017 19:38:01 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by DEVIL_77
Do not stop your studies bloody !!! cause i'm got some regrets... i stop mine and after a lot of years i can't win more money because of my low qualification... it's harder... but i make it and will get more cauz i've got the pile ...  xxxlaugh.gif Grin xxxlaugh.gif afrodd.gif Grin xxxlaugh.gif Grin whistle

You !!!  playing CS GO ... interesting... can you show me that with a video maybe?  msn012.gif

I remenbered that i played too CS older versions but that was more that 15 years now ... Desert eagle and artic snipe were my best combo Wink 1 shot 1 kill ...

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