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 on: Wed 01.03.2017 02:52:21 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by grepCat
RypeL created a new RO2 RypelCam which runs on the new Rising Storm multiplayer.
Download it here.

New commands:

- seekToFrame 'frame' 'speed' -> more reliable than the seekto command with timestamp. The Time in the demo often is way different in different viewings of the demo, the framecounter is always the same and accurate.
-'F'-Key: As close as i could get to a pause mode so far. The issues of the pause lies within RO2 and atm seems unlikely that i could fix it.
- DepthOfField 'enabled(true/false)' 'FocusDistance'
- WriteColladaFile true false -> creates C4D file in C:\...\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\User
- FOV changes in the campath should be working now (select a campoint with 'Num+'/'Num-' and the hit 'O' to switch into fov mode and then hit 'Num7'/'Num8' to change fov for that campoint. 
- Moving in pause mode works now

In timedpath mode you can also use the dynamic slowmo feature. For that i recommend recording the camera first with fraps or so with the RCam hud turned on so that you can see the framecounter. Then you can plan at what framecounts the game should speed up or slow down. Then you can make a "slowmo script" in the RORypelCam.ini by adding something like this to the end of the ini (example):

What this would do is it would start of with demospeed 1.0 (= normal) at frame 296 but then transition to speed 0.15 from frame 296 through frame 320. Then from frame 320 on it speeds up again to reach speed 2.0 at frame 360.
If you, for instance, wanted to keep the speed of 0.15 from frame 320 till 340 before speeding up again you would then do it like this:
So there always need to be as many of 'TimedilationframeTimedilation' as there are 'Timedilationframe'.
(If you want to deactivate the scripted slowmos again without deleting them from the ini altogether the easiest way is just changing the first Timedilationframe to something very high no demo would ever reach, like changing 296 to 29600000)

Rewind ... does work! Though i have only tested it briefly yet, not sure if there are sideeffects in RO2. In UDK it works decent but crashes when you rewind past a point where a vehicle or flag was destroyed/vanished. Not sure yet how stable it is in RO2. You need to do a change to the ROEngine.ini to make it work:
In the ROEngine.ini search for
and replace that with
You could potentially play arround with this numbers, but these are the UDK defaults. The command for rewinding is 'demorewind' wich with each press rewinds by like half a second. Keep an eye on the framecounter displayed in the RCam hud while rewinding to get an idea how far you rewinded and how far you need to rewind to get to your point of interest again, as the freecam will most likely jump into places/back in time away from the action aswell wich can make it a bit confusing. The freecam not staying in place like that is in the UDK version aswell and its a sideeffect of the rewind i cant do something against.

First I want to say thank you for this awesome camera mutator, it will really help in a ro2 project I am working on.

Also, I am not sure how to have the weapons show in first person. The UI says the binding is 'l' but it is not working.

Rewind I am still testing different settings, but as of right now it causes random fps spikes during normal playback.

 on: Tue 28.02.2017 21:15:45 
Started by Mordsspass - Last post by Xirios
My last soundtracks created in FL Studio.

 on: Thu 23.02.2017 21:58:24 
Started by DEVIL_77 - Last post by VegasKill
ESL had only 3 players participate in 2 Toxikk tourmanents. lol Crazysmile1
Ded game is ded. Better wait for UT4 and hope it won't flop that hard.

 on: Wed 01.02.2017 22:52:32 
Started by DEVIL_77 - Last post by VegasKill
If you don't like the new UT movement, you may give Toxikk a try (free demo with some maps and all weapons. Full game comes as a 15Eur DLC with more maps + server browser.
Download demo from steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/324810).

There are quick ways to move with dodge-jumps and wall-dodge-jumps and the game runs smooth even on old hardware (When Toxikk stutters, it does so on modern processors or gpu as well).
Here is a video that shows the movement. https://youtu.be/xjVmUhmnvVU

The game has just one little problem, it pulled off a classy "UT3 launch". Resulting in a rapid drop of players and an ever since dead game.
So there will be exactly 0 servers to play online for you guys, I'm afraid, since a skill rating system will prevent you from joining the only populated servers, which are reserved for low skill players.

Lately Toxikk is listed on ESL (https://play.eslgaming.com/toxikk/europe/) and there are duel tournaments going on for the EU region. There seem to be like 6 good players from EU, which is not that bad after all. You may remember Anubis or Y@tJA from UT3. The rest may be quake and counter strike players, idk. Chatouille won the first tournament, with a great movement and aim, item timing and map knowledge.
Stream of the ESL tournament: https://youtu.be/fNbzz5magdk?t=27029

@ Bloody: Free players can't participate in the tournament. If you're interested in the dlc/full game, send a PM

 on: Wed 01.02.2017 20:53:42 
Started by DEVIL_77 - Last post by Xirios
So, we'll see.
Probably UT4 is complete in 25% at this moment Roll Eyes I belive that finall version will be with some vehicles mode.

 on: Wed 01.02.2017 12:37:45 
Started by DEVIL_77 - Last post by Bloody.Bender
I was checking UT4 from time to time but for me it feels like a UT99 remake with new textures and a sliding feature and I'm not a big fan of UT99. Apart from that my PC is too bad to run it smoothly on +60 fps  embarrassed xxxlaugh.gif

It isn't very active either and progress is very very slow...

 on: Tue 31.01.2017 12:38:11 
Started by DEVIL_77 - Last post by VegasKill
Dark Clan is active in UT4?
L1ghtmyf1re and Radarfox were still actively playing UT3 for a long time, but idk about UT4. Maybe someone from BKrT can answer that? ScientistPac seems very active in the new UT and makes frag movies as well.

 on: Sat 28.01.2017 20:58:03 
Started by Bloody.Bender - Last post by Xirios
I started play yesterday UT4, to see what it is. Nothing special at this moment.  Unreal 1 death's sounds, ut2k3 taunts, maps like 2k3 too with modern engine. But no old Unreals climate xxxras.gif Only 2 models to choice. Boring new modes. I thought in 2015, when i back to UT in 2017 i'll see finall version of the game Roll Eyes 

 on: Thu 26.01.2017 19:29:25 
Started by DEVIL_77 - Last post by Xirios
Hello. I started play UT4 alfa today (new PC  tongue). This game looks like crazy, a little Overwatch, a little ut2k4. I hope i'll  start play active maybe for a month. Was N/A in League of Legends much time too, want start play first it.

Dark Clan is active in UT4?

 on: Thu 05.01.2017 22:28:07 
Started by DEVIL_77 - Last post by VegasKill
Too old for this shit? Don't know for now, but I'll probably be when UT launches in a few years. msn011.gif

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