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 on: Sun 15.11.2015 16:54:25 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by Xirios
Looks like ok. A bit like... Half Life?  msn011.gif

 on: Sun 15.11.2015 15:41:17 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by m4rt1ni
Finished the game about 10 mins ago. It was decent, in this case story>gameplay. Would make a good sci-fi movie Wink

 on: Thu 12.11.2015 20:19:57 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by RypeL
VirtualDub converts images to video with the default frame rate of 10fps. You can change this to any framerate you want in video>framerate.

other suggestions?
It is easier to handle and will give you audio for your movie aswell, if you use any screen capture software like AMD GVR, Shadowplay, Fraps or similar.

Someones still making a TO movie ? Really ? Cool stuff bro afrodd.gif 

Well about recording it: As far as i remember it we used MovieUnreal to capture screenshots at a fixed framerate. Its actually contained in the downloadlink of the first post in this thread. Open up the MovieUnreal2002.zip in there and you will find a Readme that explains its usage. So it was really about using demomanager+rypelcam+movieunreal+virtualdub.
Though these days you really can use any video editing program other then virtualdub to transfer the screenshots to video. Virtualdub was mostly used for that as it had a speedadvantage when PCs were still shit at video editing so that the Virtualdub performance mattered.

Also you can use Fraps or likewise to record and that will be easier then using movieunreal, though capturing screenshots still can give you a better quality. With MovieUnreal you can also capture more then 30 fps per second so that you could create smooth slowmos with it. Also MovieUnreal doesent care if you are recording on a toaster or a monster PC. You could still set it to record 200 fps per second, it would just take longer on a slower PC. With Fraps you will have to lower res etc if your PC cant handle recording at realtime otherwise.  But ya: it doesent record sound. So sound was always a problem and needed to be recorded separatly. ... ah ye, fun times  Grin


 on: Mon 09.11.2015 00:59:31 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by Bloody.Bender
Looks nice. If my pc can handle it I'll probably give it a shot.

 on: Wed 04.11.2015 17:38:59 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by VegasKill
A word of warning, this is WAY less scary than the creature-trailer suggests. The plot is great, though. afrodd.gif

 on: Wed 04.11.2015 16:54:07 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by RattleSN4K3
F.E.A.R meets BioShock? Looks good.

 on: Thu 29.10.2015 19:08:06 
Started by VegasKill - Last post by VegasKill

 on: Sat 24.10.2015 19:27:33 
Started by Mordsspass - Last post by Xirios

 on: Thu 22.10.2015 19:09:44 
Started by Mordsspass - Last post by DEVIL_77
 msn008.gif xxxlaugh.gif afrodd.gif Grin

 on: Sat 03.10.2015 13:43:07 
Started by Mordsspass - Last post by DEVIL_77
I like what this man make Wink

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