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Author Topic: Unreal Tournament 4? :-O  (Read 22971 times)
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« Reply #120 on: Thu 09.11.2017 19:43:55 »

this game feels so wrong and uncompleted at the moment and i dont think they finish this game ....
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« Reply #121 on: Sun 03.12.2017 15:31:37 »

Not a lot going on at Epic Games? Last thing in a long time I heard from Epic Games is that they sue a 14 year old for cheating. Embarrassing move, IMHO.

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« Reply #122 on: Sun 10.02.2019 14:36:59 »

I used to play sometimes UT4 ... well... and i'm still waiting for vehicules... So see you in 10 years lol Wink


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« Reply #123 on: Mon 11.02.2019 16:51:40 »

I played some UT4 until I got banned in BTA for stealing HP bubbles (that drop off players after you kill them). Some guy was whining a few times cause of that - which resulted in a ban for me. After having me, doing all the work and deal 195 hp damage to the enemy player and then having my teammate killing him by dealing the last 5 hp damage.   :>

I got banned for that.. in a game with a community of 10 players.  afrodd.gif
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