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Author Topic: Myself getting owned!  (Read 629 times)
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« on: Thu 26.08.2010 17:57:47 »

nice frag from scientispac
and nice editing 2
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« Reply #1 on: Thu 26.08.2010 18:09:06 »

2 minutes and 19 seconds for 1 frag O_o

Lucky 3x wasn't even lucky! And DUUUDE! You are flipping your mouse around like shit no wonder why you can't see where the enemy is going XD

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« Reply #2 on: Thu 26.08.2010 18:58:43 »

Maybe he'd better say that was him who was unlucky for the 3x Grin
Maybe a little bit long &too much slowly whistle
No rypelcam?  msn004.gif  xxxlaugh.gif
But it's an awesome lucky/skill frag ^^  afrodd.gif
& you can do better !!!  msn012.gif


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« Reply #3 on: Thu 26.08.2010 19:36:48 »

I just saw this movie. Cool flak afrodd.gif Maybe scientispac send this demo to Bronzorn's fragmovie?
« Last Edit: Thu 26.08.2010 19:38:06 by Xirios »

Waiting for UT4 full version...
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