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Author Topic: Necro Flagrun ( Quality test with 1080p )  (Read 553 times)
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« on: Fri 27.08.2010 02:55:20 »

ok here i tested the quality with 1080 p :D. The vid stucks sometimes , but thats only when i change the speed of the Rcam (
@vegas vielleicht weist ja du wie man die Rcam speed changen kann ohne das es so hängt Tongue

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« Reply #1 on: Fri 27.08.2010 11:20:06 »

Just use the Timedpath and it should work without problems. You don't have to do anything then Tongue

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« Reply #2 on: Fri 27.08.2010 11:24:11 »

Imo You could HUD turn off :)

Waiting for UT4 full version...
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« Reply #3 on: Fri 27.08.2010 11:41:13 »

@Basher: use num1/2 for 0.2x speed changes.
Or arrow left/right for timed paths - don't forget to unbind the movement from those keys to eliminate the shaking of the camera.

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