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Author Topic: PtE and Terrorists  (Read 614 times)
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« on: Fri 15.04.2011 12:46:43 »

Hello :D
Terrorists have idea to create movies of the final,normal movies that everyone likes.
We can create movie of Kargo...
PtE can you make movie of Necro?(PtE vs Terrors the jolt's final).
Dont Sleep people lets make two best videos of the UT3 ! :D
Soooorry for my english

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« Reply #1 on: Fri 15.04.2011 18:52:28 »

lol. Pte can you hear us?
Let's do it =D  Crazysmile1
Sorry for my english =D
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Where's the gum?

« Reply #2 on: Sat 16.04.2011 00:11:19 »

Sorry, but there is no interest what so ever to make a vid about this match.
You can still make yours if you want to, call it practice and experience.

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