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Author Topic: 2k's Rocket Scientist  (Read 1015 times)
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« on: Sun 18.03.2012 13:27:27 »

 If you like Rcam then you will love this video; it has some fantastic Rcam work and a lot of it. Vegaskill has produced a powerful and easy to use tool for filmmakers to exploit. 
You would think that a frag video exclusively featuring Air Rockets would get repetitive. I tried to achieve a balance between frags, music, atmosphere and pacing. I wanted a sharp and polished 7 minutes of uT3 frag heaven.

Featuring a pounding soundtrack that perfectly captures the ebb and flow of the action. It’s a movie full of Air Rocket frags, very cool fX and a ripping pace. 
I went for a quality encode and slick packaging in various formats; what more can you ask for!

You can download the full package at www.kaoshq.com , this link includes the very cool 1080p version, plus 3DTV version, plus Unused Footage movie and other goodies like funny Bonus and more stuff…  I hope you all like it…  Cya! 

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« Reply #1 on: Sun 18.03.2012 14:04:05 »

Quote from: 2kfromkaos
When those balls of steel clanged together they sounded like HELLS BELLS...
Loool! xxxlaugh.gif

Top quality and very nice work with RCam and twitch. Congratulations to this kick ass movie!!

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« Reply #2 on: Mon 19.03.2012 18:39:12 »

"A UT3 movie"  msn001.gif

Effects, quality and music afrodd.gif

Waiting for UT4 full version...
Mr. Massacre
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« Reply #3 on: Wed 21.03.2012 22:52:25 »

An awesome intro !!  afrodd.gif
Great music  afrodd.gif
Cool effects
i like the sounds you add  afrodd.gif
Great air master rockets  Grin
02:27 excellent effect, i have try this effect too with my editor a few weeks ago  Grin
02:46 i laugh ^^
04:01 to the end rocks too much, excellent

But it's not enough... do your next video with avril missiles lol  xxxras.gif  msn012.gif


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« Reply #4 on: Wed 21.03.2012 23:26:17 »

i have to agree with them. Intro was the best.
Most of the effects were cheesy, and some frags avarage ( triprox to floor and some others )
Deserved a more epic music in my opinion, but overall pretty good  afrodd.gif
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« Reply #5 on: Fri 30.03.2012 13:52:34 »

"You can download the full package here, this link includes the very cool 3D TV version of the movie." (http://www.kaoshq.com/)

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