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Author Topic: New Community UT  (Read 680 times)
Doublekill Member
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« on: Sun 27.04.2014 21:07:19 »

What the title says ^ there is a group of people working on a new game using UE4 and it will be very similar to UT.  I really hope this works out since it could be promising.  Right now it's called "Open Tournament"

Check out some of these links about it:


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« Reply #1 on: Mon 28.04.2014 12:11:31 »

The UE4 gravity in the movement comparsion video seems a bit low to me (takes too long to land when dodging downhill). Maybe it is based too much on the UT2K4 movement style, where you could go insanely far with the "dodge-jump" or double jump.

The rest looks fine, but it is still a lot of work for a community UT, even if this fps template from Epic is said to be a good starting point for any kind of fps games. I'm curious about the progress of this project over the next 2-3 years.

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« Reply #2 on: Mon 28.04.2014 13:02:38 »

The complete project seems like a spontaneous idea. There is no concept at all. That's the biggest problem of Open Tournament - the lack of coordination and project structure. Too many high-skilled individuals (with different backgrounds) but no conceptional plan at all. No guideline. No rules. No directions.

Some guys are working very fast on their own creations. For instance the maps and weapon models. So much effort in tweaking masp but the core game is not even in alpha state. Weapons are not discussed. It's still unknown (or not written anywere) what weapons will be used as defaults. The last information I have about the weapon set does contain the Ripper/Razorjack and the Assault Rifle. Both weapons are so spammy. I would consider these as incompatible for a mondern UT.

PS: The core dodge was done by me at the beginning. In my project build, I was using the original UT3 values. UE4 uses a different unit scale. Every aspect of dodging (and jump in general) is tweakable. One dev tried to find the "correct" values in the early stage. The current implementation/configuration is a bit different to my original one. So yes, the dodge and jump distance needs (another) optimization.
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